Tips for Finding Skilled Independent Theater Performers

To perform in a musical theater production, you need to have a variety of skills. In the beginning of their careers, many actors, dancers, and singers have a lot of natural talent or expertise and minimal formal training needs. Despite this, musical theater is still a young genre, and many actors have spent years honing their craft there. A successful production depends on finding actors for hire. An agency will put you in touch with local actors who just might earn you a Lifetime Achievement Award, whether you require talent for your horror movie, a professional comedian for your comedy show, or a smooth-talking dreamboat for your commercial. 

When hiring an actor, there are a few things to keep in mind. Find a performer who can demonstrate his skills well first. Ask performers to read lines from your play during a casting call. Employing an actor with production experience is a good idea. Are you creating a television action-adventure series? Hire an actor who has experience performing in such a production. Request to see the actor’s resume after that, then get in touch with some of his references. Create a contract with all payment information and the actor’s unique requirements at the end. Read on for advice on locating skilled independent theater artists.

Develop Strategy

Why shouldn’t data also influence recruiting decisions? Data drives business decisions. Find out how many applicants make it beyond the resume screening process first. How many of those applicants make it through phone interviews? Personal meetings? Once you have a complete picture of your hiring funnel, keep paring down the figures to uncover possibilities to improve the job description, hiring channels, and interview procedure. This will help you locate better candidates more quickly.

Hiring Funnel

Your interview process should eliminate individuals who lack the necessary instincts for the position, whether it is through a phone screen, the initial interview, or a marketing test. Create a funnel to swiftly weed out candidates who are the wrong fit while advancing the good ones into interviews with senior leadership and possible teammates. You can make wise recruiting decisions more quickly if you put prospects in front of people who can ask probing questions. Nothing is a guaranteed formula. Sometimes the need to fill a position outweighs the desire to hire the best person, which results in hiring mediocre employees. When this occurs, unqualified candidates become unqualified workers, costing the business more money than if the position had been vacant for a week or two longer. Stop this cycle by establishing a scalable hiring procedure and providing managers with the tools they need to adhere to it consistently.


Young marketers desire a speedy ascent. To reward ambition and keep your finest talent, establish an aggressive promotion culture that emphasizes both title and money. Not only will you keep the finest employees, but other employees will notice the speedy promotions and know that they too have the same prospects.

Be Transparent

Make all information available to candidates, including funding, team composition, and salary. The better talks you can have during the hiring process depend on how transparent you are. More job seekers are discussing pay in public thanks to the growth of Glassdoor and similar services. Companies suffer as a result of their refusal to take part in that dialogue. Be open and honest from the beginning so applicants know what to anticipate in order to avoid similar issues. Don’t miss out on qualified applicants because your hiring procedure is inconsistent with the brand of your company.


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