10 Easy Ways to Get Good Marks in Class 6 Maths Exam

Maths is an interesting subject as it involves the application of the right formulas for solving the questions. Consistent practice and understanding the concepts can help the students in scoring good marks in class 6 Maths. They have to follow a few strategies to make Math easier. They can refer to different books to practice for their Maths exam. They can read this article to find 10 easy ways to get good marks in the class 6 Maths exam.

Ways to Get Good Marks in Class 6 Maths Exam

You can take on a little extra work each night to really cement the math skills

  • Time management
  • Eat healthy food
  • Set daily targets
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Practice sample papers
  • Work on weak areas
  • Understand the basic concepts
  • Pay attention in class
  • Revise consistently
  • Help your friends

Time management

Time management is important. Hence, students should make a timetable for studying. They should make a daily routine for their study time. Also, they can take frequent breaks in between to relax their mind. They can divide their time so that they can get time to study, play, eat, sleep, and do other chores. 

Eat healthy food

Eating healthy food is important for children. Healthy food gives energy to their brains and helps them study properly. Eating healthy food also increases their concentration and helps them to recognize Maths formulas easily. 

Set daily targets

Students should set daily targets for getting good marks in Maths. Children should assign themselves tasks including revision of important topics. They can keep increasing their study time daily by 10-15 minutes. This will help them to cover all important topics before their Maths exam. They can try to achieve their target daily so that they can finish their complete syllabus on time, before the exam. 

Yoga and meditation

Yoga is useful for increasing concentration. Children can practice a few yoga asanas every day to keep their minds fresh. Yoga not only helps to increase memory but also helps in relieving stress in children. Children who have weak or poor concentration should practice yoga and meditation every day for half an hour. This will improve their concentration and will also help them to apply their mind in solving different Maths questions. 

Practice sample papers

If students want to get good marks in the class 6 Maths exam, they should practise as many sample papers as they can. By doing this, they can understand the paper pattern as well as the important topics. They can practice more on the important topics to score good marks. They should try to practice all their NCERT book questions given at the back of every chapter. They can check NCERT Maths book class 6 chapter 1 solutions in the NCERT solutions for class 6 if they do not understand any questions. Solving sample papers will also help them to improve their speed and accuracy. It helps them to manage time and finish their paper on time.

Work on weak areas

Students should try to find out their weak areas and concentrate more on them to score good marks. They should practice more on their weak areas. If they are not able to understand any particular topic, they can tell their teacher in the class and discuss it with them.

Understand the basic concepts

In Maths, it is important to understand the basic concepts. Many children try to mug up the formulas, which is not a good thing. They should clear their doubts so that they can understand the basic concepts and formulas and apply them properly. They can write down all the important formulas on a piece of paper and revise them daily.

Pay attention in class

Children should pay attention in class so that they can understand what the teacher is trying to explain. If they are not able to see the blackboard from their seat or facing any problem in their class, they should talk to their parents. They should make notes of important points told by their teacher in the class. Making short notes will help them in revising before exams quickly.

Revise consistently

Students should try to revise their concepts consistently. Revising Maths every day is a key to get good marks in the class 6 Maths exam. They can revise important topics every day. This can help them score high in their Maths exam. Consistent practice will make them perfect in solving Maths questions.

Help your friends

If a student is good at certain topics in Maths, he/she should help his/her friends in making them understand those topics. Students can learn from their friends if they are weak in any topic. Group study is also an important way to get good marks. Discussing questions with friends can help them to remember and revise the concepts.

General Tips To Study Maths In Class 6

Students can make a timetable and try to practice one sample paper every day. This will help them to keep a track of their performance in Maths. If each day, they start scoring higher than the previous days, it means they are improving. This will also help them identify weak areas so that they can focus more on them and improve their performance further. 

It is not difficult for any student to score a perfect 100 marks in the class 6 Maths exam. All they have to do is to practice as much as they can. They can try to solve sample papers and previous year papers. Solve all the questions given at the back of the NCERT book. Students can also buy extra books for practice. Solving a sample paper daily will not only improve their speed but also improve their understanding of different concepts.

Students can find a lot of assignments on the internet. They can also ask their teacher about different books to practise for class 6 Maths. Parents can also buy Maths books online. There are different sources from where students can get assignments and sample papers to practice for the Maths exam. For example, students can try “Grow with Composite Mathematics” by C.S. Sarna, “Learning Mathematics” by M.L. Aggarwal, and “Excel in Mathematics” by Nikita Chawla.

Different Topics To Study In Class 6 Maths

Children will study different topics in class 6 Maths. Some topics are introduced in class 6 such as Algebra, Ratio and Proportion, and others. Children should focus more on these new topics. The number system is important because half the syllabus in class 6 Maths is covered by the number system and its properties. They will learn about prime factorization, how to calculate LCM and HCF, and whole numbers and their properties.

Geometry is another important topic in which children learn about the different geometrical shapes and their properties in class 6. Students will also learn how to draw angles of different measures using tools.

In class 6 Maths, children find it interesting to learn about finding the area and perimeter of different figures such as square, rectangle, triangle, and circle. It is covered under Mensuration. 

Thus, class 6 Maths is very interesting as students learn many new concepts that are important for higher studies.

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