How to get through the CompTIA Security+ exam in first attempt?

Cyber security is referred to as the protection of computer systems from the test or damage to their hardware, software and electronic data. The cyber attacks are growing all over the world I’m this is the main concern of many organization. And this is why it is much important and necessary to have cyber security in their computer systems in order to protect their valuable and important data,  files and information. There are many certified cyber security professionals who are in high demand as the cyber crimes are increasing.

What is CompTIA Security+ Certification?

The CompTIA Security+ study exam Certification is an assurance that individual has mastered all the necessary and latest skill and concepts that are the foundation to start a career in the field of cyber security.

The features that this certification includes are :

This course is designed to impact the core knowledge for efficient cyber security skills, this is a widely accepted certification all over the globe, this is a certification that shows and individuals fundamental knowledge in the cybersecurity field and the professionals with “COMPTIA SECURITY+ TRAINING” are the most preferred choice by any organization because they are highly skilled and not only they solve the problems related to cybersecurity but they know how to identify such security in advance and make the an organization successful.

The security plus certification is an entry level exam but this exam is not as easy as it seems. There are many criterias for the exam but still CompTIA recommends the individuals to have the A+ and network+ credentials with them And also have 2 years of prior experience in IT administration having experience of conducting penetration testing, identifying threats etc.

 Tips to prepare for the exam and pass it in the first attempt

1. Knowing the exam domains :

The very first step to start your preparation for the exam is to have detailed information about the syllabus and the exam pattern of this certification which makes it easier for you to know what type of questions you can expect in the exam. The “COMPTIA SECURITY PLUS CERTIFICATION” exam has six domains Which is included in security plus certification curriculum. The six domains are : Domain one – attacks,  threats and vulnerabilities covers 21%. Domain two – technologies and tools covers 22%. Domain three – architecture and design covers 15%. Domain four – Identity and assess management cover 16%. Domain five – This management covers 14%. Domain six – Cryptography and PKI covers 12%.

2. Planning effectively

When you plan for the preparation of the exam it becomes an important step to earn the certification. Planning is very important for self-learning, And without self learning you cannot achieve anything.

Your planning must include few important things:

  • Do have a consistent practice of each domain,
  • Each domain must be allotted time as per the level of difficulty, If you have a good amount of knowledge in a particular domain do not ignore it later on,
  • keep practicing a lot of online practice materials which are available on the official sites of CompTIA.
  • The “COMPTIA SECURITY PLUS CERTIFICATION” has its exam objectives which can guide you throughout your preparation to clear your exam in the first attempt.

3. Getting knowledge from different sources :

One of the most effective and best way to gain knowledge about the domains and other exams related queries Is to interact with like-minded people all with the people who have already cleared this exam. You can also go for the security plus communities which are available over the internet, These communities will help you to get interact with like-minded people and with other experienced professionals for better understanding.

“COMPTIA SECURITY PLUS ONLINE TRAINING”  is also an effectively way for all the individuals who cannot give much focus on the physical classroom training. These trainings will upgrade your skill and get you connected with other professionals in the field. With some expert guidance all your doubt and queries can be sorted out. There are also boot camps for security plus training Where you can learn about the course in a much better way.

The CompTIA Security+ Certification is not easy to acheive But with the right preparation and guidance any aspiring individual can ace it. The individuals who want to crack this certification in the first attempt should keep all these above mention points in head and Work on their preparations accordingly.

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