Why is it important to refer to NCERT to score 90%?

The National Council Of Educational Research and Training, in short, known as NCERT, has been a part of our educational system for a very long time. Books published by NCERT continue to be used by every student at the primary and secondary level, whether preparing for the exams held in their schools, Board exams, or other competitive exams like NEET, JEE, UPSC, etc.

NCERT books continue to be the most preferred resource for preparation due to various reasons. The books have been more helpful to students than any other study material. If you have ever referred to other resource books, you may notice that most of the material in those books has been taken from what has been provided in the NCERT books.

Scoring 90% in the exams is a common goal for all the students, be it in either internal or external examinations. While scoring well depends on crucial factors like regular practice, hard work, and determination, it is also important to know the significance held by finding the most appropriate and helpful study material to prepare from.

Students often end up wasting their precious time of preparation by looking for extra resource books and study materials while one of the best resources is ignored by them. It has become very crucial to understand the importance of studying from the resources that help you enhance your understanding and help you save time for more practice as well.

Here are 10 reasons why NCERT is the most preferred and important resource during preparation for students who wish to score 90% and above in their exams:

CBSE prescribes NCERT Books

The Central Board of Secondary Education has been prescribing NCERT Books for all students in classes 1 to 12. Both public and private schools affiliated with CBSE have been advised to refer only to NCERT books for teaching as well as framing question papers.

NCERT follows CBSE Curriculum

The NCERT Books have been prescribed by CBSE for a very long time now, mainly due to the reason that the books have been designed and published strictly according to the latest curriculum provided by CBSE for each class.

Designed by Experts

The NCERT important questions and books have been designed by a team of highly experienced subject experts after researching the variety of topics that are a part of the books. The material is hence, very well researched before it was approved to be taught in schools.

Accurate Information

The material in the NCERT books carries high accuracy and is precise about all details since it has been designed and approved by experts and researchers

NCERT Books are preferred by teachers

Teachers in school not only prefer teaching from NCERT books over any other resource books or study materials but also suggest students rely majorly on NCERT books during their preparation for exams

NCERT Books contain detailed and all-inclusive Content

Books published by NCERT contain material that is very well explained and in detail. Each concept or topic has been picked up by various subject experts to make sure students get to learn every relevant piece of information that is crucial for building their basic understanding according to each standard

Published in an easy language

The content available in NCERT books has been framed in a language that is easy to understand for all. Students shall not face any difficulty in understanding any topics that are a part of the books.

Contain questions for practice

After reading the chapters in NCERT Books, students can find a number of questions and exercises to assess and revise everything they learned. The NCERT Questions are often framed in a language that is twisted and complicated to understand. Solving such questions helps prepare students in a more strategic manner as these questions can also be given in the exams

In-text Exercises

NCERT books have been designed in a student-friendly manner to make learning an interesting process. There are interactive activities and exercises provided in between chapters to help students learn in a fun and easier way about various concepts.

Contain key points for revision

The pattern of the NCERT books also includes providing important key points and highlights at the end of each chapter in all subjects like Social Science, Maths, Science, etc. These points summarise everything important that has been discussed in the chapter to help students have quick revision before they move on to the next chapters.

Ensures clarity of all fundamental concepts

Subject experts make sure while designing the NCERT books that students are taught about the fundamental concepts from the basics in each subject. These concepts are discussed and explained in-depth to ensure that clarity of all the fundamental concepts is achieved.

Referred for Board Exam Question Papers

Question papers for all internal as well as externally held Board exams are framed strictly on the basis of the NCERT Books. Especially for the board exams, it is ensured that the question papers stick to having questions framed from the material available in the NCERT.

Exemplar Problems for Maths and Science

For classes 9 to 12, NCERT came up with the concept of Exemplar Problems for the subjects Maths and Science. These consist of extra questions and problems that require higher-order thinking skills. The aim of solving these problems is to enhance student’s understanding of the methods and formulas taught in the two subjects.

Saves time during preparation

Since NCERT books have been designed in a language that is easy to understand and learn, it can help in saving precious time during preparation for the exams. NCERT questions help students in quick revisions of the chapters, further saving time.

NCERT books can be your best friend during your preparation. Students need to recognize the importance and benefits held by the books published by NCERT. These books are advantageous not only for school-going students but also for those in college or appearing for various entrance exams. Take help from NCERT books and you may find achieving your goal to score 90% easier than you expected!

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