How to Host the Perfect Fundraising Event

Hosting the perfect fundraising event is no small task. It takes great organizational skills and dedication to your overall goal. You need to offer great perks and entertainment for your guests while also focusing on raising a set amount of money. There’s a lot of lead-up to these events with the need to marketing and putting together a guest list. Whether you’re hosting a golf tournament or putting on a show, here are some general tips and tricks to help you host the perfect fundraising event.

Nonprofit and small organizations everywhere rely on fundraising to do the important work they’re committed to doing. Fundraisers come in so many shapes and sizes. From selling cookies or candy bars at a local bake sale to throwing a gala for hundreds of people, there are so many different ways you can try to raise money. If you work on the fundraising team for a major organization, chances are you’ve thrown your fair share of events during your time.

Offer great prizes & perks.

The goal of any fundraiser is to get people to spend money. You want to offer fun prizes and great perks that people will want to invest in. Many fundraisers will include some sort of auction where you bid on big-ticket prizes or a multitude of smaller items. As you’re planning your fundraiser, look for different products you can offer for everything up to the top prize.

Prizes can be as creative as you like. Maybe you work somewhere that promotes CBD usage and new CBD products. You can choose to auction off topicals, capsules, or gummies, or even give away a promo code to the highest bidder. CBDMD coupons can go a long way, especially when people are looking for discounts and coupon codes. Whether you’re giving away CBD oil, pet products, or vacations, it helps to have prizes that people actually want to spend money on.

Find ways to pay for those great prizes & perks.

Now, you aren’t going to raise much money if you also have to pay for all the prize coverage. Oftentimes, you can find sponsors that are willing to donate different goodies for you to auction off. This helps increase your profits when you don’t have to pay for the big prizes.

For example, if you are throwing a golf tournament, it can be fun to include a hole-in-one competition where the golfer who gets a shot closest to the hole wins a big prize. With hole in one insurance, you won’t be stuck paying the prize value. Instead, the insurance company will cover the cost. This is a great way to protect your earnings for your overall event.

Make Guest list For Fundraising Event

You can’t have a fundraiser event without guests. You need to market your event and cast a wide net for your target audience. Look for people who believe in your cause and are going to want to open their wallets to donate. By cultivating this great guest list, you are setting your event up for success.

Commit to a fun and creative theme.

The best events always have a theme. Come up with a fun theme that guests can enjoy and dress up for. It will also help if you can plan a show-stopping moment for everyone to look forward to. This will help you plan a true event rather than a measly get-together.

Set a fundraising goal

Fundraisers are all about making money, plain and simple. It can help you plan a better event when you know exactly what your fundraising goals are. Set a bold number that will help motivate your team and your top supporters to work even harder to help more people.

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