How to Choose The Best Springform Cake Pan?

Description: A springform cake pan is the best solution if you’re constantly having problems with cakes sticking on the baking tins. The cake pans are available in different shapes and sizes, with some made from metal, non-stick materials, or silicone. 

Have you, at some point, invited guests over and wanted to surprise them with a savory cake and ended up with a mess? You aren’t alone, most of us have gone through the embarrassment of setting the table, but the cake won’t come off the pan without crumbling into pieces. The good news is that a springform cake pan can solve all these problems. 

What is a Springform Pan? 

A springform pan has lockable sides and a base. Once you make your cake, you can always snap open the sides, leaving your cake intact at the bottom. It’s also possible to pick your cake using a spatula and to place it on another tray. 

Spring forms exist in different varieties, sizes, and shapes. It can, therefore, become daunting to identify the best for your needs. What’s more is that other than baking using a conventional oven, you can also use your pan in an air fryer. Springform cake pan for air fryer produces crunchy dishes without using a lot of oil, making it a healthy option. 

Here are some of the different types of springform cake pans suitable for different recipes. 

But first, let’s look at some of the things to consider when choosing a pan. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Springform Pans


Safety is an important consideration when choosing a pan. You don’t want to buy a product that will emit dangerous fumes while baking. Some non-stick pans are notorious for releasing fumes when exposed to high temperatures during baking. 

Ease of cleaning 

You’ve had enough trouble buying all the ingredients for your springform pan vanilla cake or a chocolate one. You then took enough time to mix, knead, and bake, and the last thing you want to bother you is the cleaning process. 

We recommend non-stick pans if you want a hassle-free cleaning because the crusts don’t stick on the surface or the sides of the pan. 


Some pans can leak moisture to the cake, especially when baking using water baths. Pans that leak can mess up your oven with batter and other ingredients. Of course, you don’t want to go through the hassle of cleaning your already greased oven while you could be enjoying your baked delicacy. 

If you doubt whether you pan can leak moisture, we recommend that you wrap your pan with an aluminum foil before placing it in the oven. Better yet, you could make sure that your pan is leak-proof before buying it. 

Types of Springform cake pans

Silicone cake pans

The silicone pans have drastically changed the baking game, especially when dealing with runny batters and cakes. Probably you’ve had people complain that springform pans leak moisture. Well, that could be true, but it gets better when using silicone pans. 

Silicone springform pans have a ring that easily releases, leaving the cake intact. However, you may experience a unique smell coming from your oven when baking using silicone pans. It’s also worth noting that the smell is harmless. 

Non-stick pans

This springform cake pan type is ideal for cakes such as cheesecakes that tend to stick onto the baking tins. For the savory pies, the non-stick allows bakers to set the cake without much effort. 

Dark and light pans

The springform pans are either dark or light. Usually, a light pan reflects heat and thus takes longer to bake. On the other hand, dark pans absorb heat and require a shorter time to cook. Therefore, if you’re making cheesecakes often, you should go for the dark springform pans because the cakes tend to bake for longer periods compared to other cakes.

Glass based and metal spring form pans

Whether you have a silicone or metal pan, the base is an important consideration depending on the springform cake pan recipes you prepare often. The pans can either have a metal base or a glass base depending on your preference. 

Glass based pans are good but can at times leave your cakes with the taste of metal. Springform cake pan with glass bottom is especially preferred for savoury cake recipes because they don’t alter the taste. 

Shapes and sizes

Most springform pans are round-shaped, but these days you can find heart-shaped, square, and even rectangular pans. This implies that you can have fun baking your favorite cakes in different shapes. 

The springform cake pan sizes are many, and you can choose one that suits your needs. You can buy a 6-inch pan or a 7 inch one if you want to bake small cakes. However, if you have a large family and need to bake big cakes, go for the 9 inches or 10-inch pans.

 It’s important to note that if you want the large-sized pans, the 10 inch one is a better choice because it takes a shorter time to bake compared to the 9 inch one. 

Did you also know that it’s possible to get a springform cake pan set with all the different sizes and shapes? Yes, you heard that right. With such a set, you can experiment with all shapes and sizes, depending on your family needs. 

Conclusion: In a nutshell, when choosing a springform pan, you should consider the materials used to make the pan, size, shape, whether it’s dark or light, and its safety. Non-stick pans are the most common because they’re easy to clean, and they don’t batter your cakes. Pans with glass bottoms are also preferred over metal ones because metal bases can alter the taste of your delicacy. Did you learn about springform cake pans from this article? Feel free to share your opinions or thoughts on the topic.

Author Bio: Richard Browny is a journalist for Kitchen Trends magazine. He is a single father of a girl, and he is a fan of kitchen appliances, which makes his life more straightforward. After testing the kitchen appliances, he reveals all the cons and pros of new products.

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