How To Make an Older Bathroom Look and Feel New Again

Some bathrooms seem stuck in time; they do not go out of style due to their timeless fixtures and colours. However, some bathrooms look like they were left behind because their fixtures are old and the mint green colour of the fixtures is no longer appealing. If you have an older bathroom whose looks are no longer appealing, here are a few tips and tricks to help you make it look and feel new again.

Update The Fixtures

The first place to start should be the fixtures. While some fixtures may still function as intended and look great in your bathroom, some of them have to go. This is especially true for leaky fixtures or fixtures whose colours have turned.

Changing the fixtures can make your bathroom look better and make it feel new due to the fixtures working as expected and the noticeable disappearance of the pools of water previously caused by leaking fixtures.

If you have an older bathtub, you can have it resurfaced if you would not like to replace it. This will brighten it up and peel back some of its years.

Deal With The Walls

Many older homes have wallpaper in the bathroom. If the wallpaper is no longer as glamorous as it used to be or has started to peel, it is time to get it removed. It is always a good idea to let a professional deal with the wallpaper, so they can remove all of it without leaving some of it on the walls.

After that, you can paint the walls. Try to go with brighter colours that brighten up the bathroom and make it seem larger. Also, try to go with mould resistant paints because, although they are costlier, they are easy to clean and last longer because they are not damaged by mould.

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Update The Tiles

If your tiles are severely damaged, it would be a great idea to have them replaced. Another reason for having them replaced is if they look out of place once you start changing your bathroom’s look. There are lots of designs to choose from. Just ensure that you get a professional to install the tiles so you can be sure that they have been installed properly to avoid water damage.

An alternative to replacing the tiles, especially if you do not have a large budget to work with, is to have them painted. Although the paint will not last as long as replacing the tiles, and you might have to repeat the procedure in a few years, it is a great alternative.

To ensure the paint stays, use an oil-based primer. If you do not know how to paint your bathroom tiles, it is always a good idea to get in touch with a contractor. The added benefit of hiring one is that they will assess the tiles and make recommendations on the best course of action; whether to go ahead with the paint or to replace the tiles.

Replace the Radiators

Many older homes come with traditional bathroom radiators used to heat the bathrooms. Many of these radiators might have been installed decades ago. If your small bathroom radiators do not work, you could replace them to make your bathroom feel warm and comfortable again. Note that when you decide to replace them or switch an ugly modern-style radiator for traditional bathroom radiators, you need to check that the radiator you choose is of the right size so it can heat the bathroom adequately. Although the new radiator can be the same size as the old one, the old one might not have been adequate, which will necessitate the size verification.

Work With the Existing Colours

Sometimes parts of the bathroom may be painted in a colour that stands out but that you do not want to paint over. In that case, you can find a way to work with the existing colours. Adding curtains or rugs that are the same colour can make the bathroom feel more coherent and not as disjointed as it otherwise would.

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Update The Toilet Seat

The toilet seat might have yellowed or cracked over time and may need replacing. Also, there is no place for a padded toilet seat unless someone in the house needs it. You have some options when it comes to replacing the toilet seat, including choosing between oak and pine toilet seats or going with the traditional plastic toilet seat. If you can, also go with toilet seats that have lift-off hinges, as these make it easier to clean the toilet bowl.

Switch Out The Mirrors

There is no need to keep that Victorian-era mirror. If the mirror is framed, you can find another frame for the mirror and then put it back on the wall. If this is not possible, you can get rid of the mirror and purchase a new one that matches the style, decor, look and feel of your new bathroom.

You can also add more than one mirror, especially if your bathroom does not receive enough natural light. The additional mirrors bounce light inside the bathroom, making it appear brighter. They also eliminate the need for switching on the lights during the day, which can help reduce your energy costs.

Make it Functional

Many older bathrooms do not have things we deem to be essential today. For example, many of them do not have adequate towel storage or storage space for other items.

For towel storage, you can always add wall-hung towel racks at an appropriate height. This will leave enough space open while providing adequate space to store the towels.

If the bathroom does not have adequate storage space, you can always add some storage cabinets for things like extra towels and toiletries. If you decide to use containers for things like toothbrushes, ensure that they match the rest of the bathroom.

Although the problem a lot of people have with older bathrooms is their look and feel, some practical aspects need addressing. Fixing all the different issues in your bathroom can make it look and feel new again and make a difference in how you view and use it.

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