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Huge Titan: Attack on Titan is a popular Japanese anime based on the manga by Hajime Isayama. The series follows Eren Yeager as he serves as an adoptive member of the Survey Corps and later joins up with an international team to take down the Titans who pose a massive threat to humankind’s freedom. The first season aired from April through September 2013, and it was followed by two other seasons that showcased several plot twists and gave us plenty of amazing action-packed moments. The fourth season will consist of 12 episodes which will be released evenly over 6 weeks starting January 9, 2022.

What is a Huge Titan? Rod Reiss Titan size explained AOT

The Huge Titan is a character in an anime and manga series called Attack on Titan. It’s one of the nine titans, and it serves as a major villain throughout the entire first three seasons of the show. This massive character is known for its gigantic size and its ability to generate explosive bursts of steam from the back of its neck.

  • What Is A Huge Titan:
  • Who is Huge Titan Actually

What Is A Huge Titan:

The Colossal Titan emits steam from its body as it undergoes a shift in size to become the Huge Titan. This titan can suddenly manifest itself after the breach in Wall Maria, but the Colossal Titan is said to have first surfaced in the year 845. The Huge Titan possesses incredible abilities and characteristics, some of which are outlined below.

Who is Huge Titan Actually:

When we talk about huge titan it refers to Reiner. It is a member of the Nine Titans and the main antagonist of Attack on Titan’s first three seasons. This Titan is famous for its immense size and extensive control over emitting steam, as well as its ability to manipulate the force of its own transformation. Armin Arlelt will be handling transformations with this character moving forward. The Colossal Titan originally appeared in 845 during the Wall Maria Fall when it was unleashed upon an unsuspecting Survey Corps.

Everything about Huge Titan You Need to Know

  • Energy Emitting Ability
  • Physical Features
  • Unique Steam Emission Ability
  • Drawbacks
  • How Did They Come Into Existence
  • Steam Emission
  • Explosive Transformation
  • Size

Energy Emitting Ability:

Titans are large creatures and they have the capacity to generate a lot of energy when transforming. Bertholdt was able to use his transformation energy to generate a wind blast that knocked the soldiers over the Wall. The colossal titan is a very powerful titan and his transformation was large enough to cause devastation to Shiganshina. Bertholdt’s transformation was powerful enough to wipe out a large number of soldiers from scout regiment.

Physical Features:

Unique Steam Emission Ability:


How Did They Come Into Existence:

Steam Emission:

Explosive Transformation:

Size & Comparison:

  • Colossal Titan (Height – 200 & 240 Meters)
  • Ymir (No official height record)
  • Rod Reiss (Height – 120 Meters)
  • Bertholdt’s Colossal (Height – 60 Meters)
  • Armin’s Colossal (Height – 60 Meters)
  • The Wall (Height – 50-60 Meters)
  • Zeke’s Beast (Height 17 meters)
  • Lara Tybur’s War Hammer (Height – 15 meters)
  • Reiner’s Armored Titan (Height – 15 meters)
  • Annie’s Female Titan (Height – 14 Meters)

The king of the Reiss family and titans is known as Rod Reiss. The height of this giant character is generally higher than that of any other character that we’ve seen on screen so far (overcoming the 19 meters tall Gazzilla). Here are some exclusive interesting facts about him:

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