5 Advanced Technology Trends Everyone Must Know in 2021

Technology trends are constantly evolving with each passing day. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Internet of Things (IoT), we’ve witnessed brilliant tech transformations and how. 

Every day, new technology is making the rounds, making the other technologies obsolete. Developers and scientists are continually investing and working on the existing technology for the better. But with the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, one thing is clear that technology has broken all boundaries and become a critical part of our lives. 

As the entire world prepares to take a step towards recovery with advanced medical facilities, we must stay updated with the latest technology trends. Let’s now look into the technology trends in 2021 that will shape the lives of humanity. 

5 Biggest Technology Trends To Keep An Eye For In 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Even a few decades ago, the concept of Artificial Intelligence was alien to us. But with each passing year, AI is getting more and more powerful and significant in all sectors. Although AI was initially used for security and customer service, most companies have started experimenting with AI to generate real-time data, improve business activities, and enhance customer experience. 

A report predicts the AI market will cross over $57 billion in 2021 and $190 billion by 2025. As trending technology, AI programs are developed to mimic human intelligence for more critical functions like medical diagnosis, speech recognition, or weather forecasting. 

The use of AI as personal assistants is now widely popular among most of us. Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Netflix, and search engines like Google and Safari greatly depend on AI application. Developers are consistently working on creating AI-based academic tools such as a spell checker or essay generator, or chatbot to enhance student’s educational experience. 

From the job perspective, it’s more of a win-lose situation. While AI automation may create 70 million job opportunities in data science, testing and programming, it may also wipe out 23 million jobs. Software developers with a niche for AI have the chances of securing better jobs and earn more than developers who don’t. 

Extended Reality (XR) – Virtual & Augmented Reality (AR/VR)

While augmented reality (AR) gives a user a view of the natural world through computer-generated images, virtual reality (VR) places the user into a computer-generated environment. Extended reality is the amalgamation of augmented and virtual environments. 

Previously you used to view the gaming environment, but now you can be in it! AR improves the virtual environment with sensory stimulations, and VR gears give you the feel of being part of the 3D gaming world. The US Army and Coast Guard use VR for training activities. 

Although such technologies were predominant in the gaming industry, they now play a massive role in improving user experience and offering endless opportunities to all sectors. 

Due to the sudden school closures across the globe, statistics assignment help experts, entrepreneurship assignment help experts and parents and other educators turn to Ed-Tech to make learning engaging and effective for students. Doctors are using this technology to obtain accurate diagnosis reports for proper treatment.

Both AR and VR have significantly grown over the last few years, and the transmission will reach a new height. The market is expected to go over $209.2 billion by 2022, creating more job possibilities in the tech sector. 

5G and improved internet connectivity 

5G mobile internet connectivity opens the door to super-fast download and upload speeds. Even though it’s available since 2019, it’s only restricted to hi-tech cities and limited areas. While 3G improved internet browsing on mobile devices and 4G improved streaming speed and bandwidth, 5G aims to enhance connectivity by 10 to 100X than previous networks.

2021 may be the year when a 5G internet connection is made available for a greater mass with cheaper data plans and excellent connectivity. This super-fast internet facility would enable us to browse the internet, stream online videos and media without any interruption, and make the transfer and collection of data much faster and easier.

Meaning, services that greatly rely on advanced technologies such as AR/VR or other cloud-based gaming environments can be accessed anywhere. Also, such network connections make cable wire connections, tethered to a specific area, redundant. 

With the super-fast speed of data transfer, businesses can complete their work faster and become more efficient. If you consider expert predictions, the number of 5G connection will see a massive boost, with the figure crossing the one billion mark worldwide by 2023-24. Now only time will tell 5G connection’s impact on various sectors, including the tech world.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Simply put, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected devices connected by Wi-Fi and can share data within their environments. Each of the devices is associated with a chip that makes exchanging and collecting information on the internet quicker. 

In a world where we are fighting against a deadly virus and relying on tech tools and devices to stay connected, IoT can play a significant role in transforming the way we live, work, and socialise. 

IoT has simplified our work-from-home situation. With AI-powered tools like Siri and Alexa, we can only hope for such automated devices to manage our regular work efficiently. 

Experts predict the IoT market will hit close to $1.1 trillion. 2021 may witness hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare bodies make a colossal investment in IoT to overcome the current healthcare challenges. Virtual doctor visits or online appointments have hit close to one billion marks and will continue to go upwards. 

Businesses too can use IoT to collect real-time data to analyse various business sectors and improve their customer service. 

Cyber Security 

A lot of you may wonder what cybersecurity is doing in a list of top tech of 2021. Well, it certainly deserves a place on the list due to the growing security concerns. With advanced technology comes advanced cyberattacks.

In this digital age, data is the most crucial asset of a company. Whether a company is a small firm or a large enterprise, a data breach can cost a company millions of dollars, not to mention the legal challenges. Social media giants like Facebook had to deal with lawsuits for a data breach.

Cybersecurity has become all the more essential because of the current remote working setting. Workers’ identities and devices in new, unsecured working environment remain vulnerable to cyberattacks as hackers have advanced hacking skills.

Hence, 2021 is another crucial year for the cybersecurity departments to tighten their security using the latest technologies. 2021 will also increase the demand for jobs in this sector by 3X compared to other tech sectors. Cybersecurity tools will only be on the rise to secure personal and professional life in 2021.

Wrapping Up

Technology is continually evolving, and it will continue to do so. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we human beings have become incredibly dependent on technology to function virtually. From conducting an online marriage ceremony to virtual doctor consultations, technology has taken a pivotal role in our lives. 

Advanced technologies such as AI, VR/AR and IoT have significant potential to make the world a better place to live in. Only time will tell how cybersecurity experts and other business sectors use these technologies to create robust security measures and ensure all industries’ safety and business activities. 

Lastly, new technologies will continue to advance and create lucrative job opportunities. All aspiring software developers and computer programmers should consider learning about these advanced technologies to take a giant leap in their careers. 

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