How to Troubleshoot HP Envy 4500 | All in one Troubleshooting [Fixed]

HP offers a great number of printing products that work incredibly on a day to day use. It fulfills every need of users whether it’s printing, scanning, and faxing, you will get everything with this brand. It offers various series of printers and HP Envy 4500 series is considered as the best printer device in the market. 

The HP Envy 4500 series mostly known for its 3 in 1 inkjet printers options and gives pocket-friendly printing with high print quality. This series has launched two major printers HP Envy 4500 All-in-one and HP Envy 4520 All in one. Both are very much similar in features, price, and also face some kind of technical errors. Here in this blog, we will give you tips to troubleshoot common errors in HP Envy 4500 printers.  

HP Envy 4500 with Troubleshooting
HP Envy 4500 with Troubleshooting

Common Errors in HP Envy 4500 with Troubleshooting Tips

Before we dig down the list of errors and solutions on how to Troubleshoot HP Envy 4500 Printer here is the list of Errors that we will discuss:

  • Error Messages While Printing
  • Printer Driver Issues:
  • outdated Drivers issue
  • Paper Stuck Problem
  • Printer Prints Black Page
  • Missing Cartridge Error
  • Wireless Network Connection Problem
  • Missing Drivers

Talking about issues both printer users reported the same issues and the good thing about these printers is that most of the troubleshooting steps or technique works on both devices. 

Error Messages While Printing: HP envy 4500 Troubleshooting

Error messages may arise due to the cartridge, there might be several causes that triggered the error messages like you have installed the wrong cartridge or it is not compatible with the device. However, Compatibility Error or Ink Cartridge Error can be resolved by following underneath troubleshooting or preventing steps.

  • To get rid of any dirt or scum, softly clean the parts with a free cloth.  
  • Shut down the printer and unplugged every cable from the wall socket and wait for a few seconds to turn off the machine completely, then reinstall the cartridge. 
  • Cartridge section requires lots of care and a clean place because any kind of dust or dirt can hamper the printing process. 

After performing the above steps cartridge issues still, issues might be with your cartridge. Try to replace it with another cartridge. 

Printer Driver Issues: HP envy 4500 printer driver Troubleshooting

hp envy 4500 drivers issues are common problems that arise in almost every printer. It occurs due to outdated drivers, the Operating system fails to update the device, and some compatibility issues. However, it can be resolved by a few DIY tips. To get rid of the hp envy 4500 printer driver issue by performing the underneath steps:

Check for the latest update: HP envy 4500 Troubleshoot

 In order to find the latest update, go to the settings and navigate the Device manager or go to Windows notification center. 

Download and Install Driver from the Official Site

Drivers are the main component of any device, especially in printers. Hence, always download driver for hp envy 4500 from the official sites of HP and you should check for updates from time to time. If you found any update regarding the driver for hp envy 4500, download it immediately and install printer driver hp envy 4500 by following on-screen instructions. 

Reboot Your Computer

After downloading and installing the drivers, next you should try to reboot your device for the smooth functioning of drivers. 

Paper Stuck Problem

Paper gets stuck is also termed as a common problem that every user of a printer faces. Follow the below-given steps to fix the paper stuck issue in HP Envy 4500. Now it’s time hp envy 4500 troubleshooting by Following Steps.

  • Start the HP envy 4500 printers to troubleshoot.
  • Install the ink cartridges in the containers accurately.
  • Now lift the scanner.
  • Take out the ink cartridges from the box and check for the papers.
  • Check the print heads as well and printer rollers.
  • In case you find any dirt or torn paper eliminate it carefully.
  • Open the tray and take out the papers.
  • Ensure that no paper is torn or spoiled and reinsert it.
  • Try not to squeeze the edge guides too much.
  • Fit the edge guides appropriately and close the input tray. 

Your problem of paper stuck would have resolved after it

Wireless Network Connection Problem

A wireless connection problem occurs when it fails to make a connection with the device. There might be several causes which ground this issue, but you can fix it by setup your hp printer with wireless network again.

Here are some steps which will help you to fix this issue:

  • In case your router is not linked to the active wireless network, then connect it.
  • Connect your computer and printer to the same wireless network using the WPA password.
  • Pick the wireless network connection as a connection mode when your computer requests.

Printer Prints Black Page

Printer printing black is a common issue with HP Envy 4500, in order to resolve it, check your default printer settings and ensure that it is not set to print black and white only. If it is the case, try to change the settings. 

Missing Cartridge Error

A “missing cartridge” error refers to the situation when the cartridge is not installed correctly. You can resolve this by placing the cartridge properly. Follow the underneath steps to do so. 

First, ensure that you are using the right cartridge for your machine. Also, ensure that you are installing the accurate cartridge in its equivalent color slot. A black cartridge will not work if you insert it into the tri-color cartridge box.

Prevention Tips

Keeping your Envy machine healthy, you should clean it properly and check for the dirt from time to time. Always use the compatible cartridge for the smooth functioning of the device. 

Missing Drivers

It is very frustrating when you see that your printer is showing some errors. When you start not seeing HP printer driver error, it is very frustrating and troublesome. If you feel the same way and are looking for a solution, then you will come to the right place.

Here’s how you can solve this error on your printer.

Let’s get started.

First, you need to open the device and printer from the control panel and select the printer you want to resolve the error.

Then, you have to remove the printer from the list by clicking the Remove Device option.

Once you have removed the device from the list, you must connect the printer once again. After that go to the official website and download the HP printer driver for the model of printer you have.

HP ENVY 4500 printer driver Supported Windows Operating Systems

File nameSizeDownload
Full Feature Drivers and Software for windows.exe110.07 MB[download id=”5309″]
Basic Driver for Windows XP Vista 7 8 8.1 and 10 32 bit.exe32.65 MB[download id=”5283″]
Basic Driver for Windows Vista 7 8 8.1 and 10 64 bit.exe34.33 MB[download id=”5306″]

Then, you need to open the downloaded driver file and install it on the computer. Now, you have resolved not to get the driver an error and you will be able to print the documents very easily.

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