Email Marketing: Top 15 Email Gift Guide Examples That Converts During the Holidays

One of the most highly converting marketing campaigns is email marketing. It is simple, cost-effective, and takes minimal resources to put to work. But unlike direct marketing, the success of email marketing is not directly measurable, sure you can see if any user clicked on the email or not, but you cannot measure the change in perception of a user when they click on the email. A properly drafted email will create an everlasting impression upon the customer and may also influence other potential customers. Last year more than 120 billion dollars were spent by consumers shopping on e-commerce websites. Email marketing forms an integral part of this e-commerce ecosystem, so to maximize upon this trend you need to get it right the first time itself, or else your competition will take away market share.

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Here are some email marketing gift guides to get you started:

1.Connect With People: 

You could connect with people in a lot of ways but the most meaningful way to connect with them over email is to tell them a story. People love to connect with stories. Use interesting graphical images and designs so that people actually read through the email and connect with your story. Use pictures of happiness for a better conversion rate. Also if possible start with a popular product of yours then slowly graduate to the heavy stuff. Also remember to not flood the inbox of your customers with long big stories. Try to choose a story with an interesting tagline and cool smiling pictures so that they promote your popular products while also providing a joyous feeling to your customers.

2. Offer Related Gifts Buying Guide

People especially during the holidays tend to forget about buying certain gifts for certain types of people. You could run a campaign targeting these people. Say you are sending people who bought a cake maker from you recently, spoon recommendation, or maybe people who bought keyboards from you you suggest to them mouse. The idea is to encourage people to buy gifts which are related to their main product. These types of emails are highly helpful to people and can impact their choice quite meaningfully.

3. Last-Minute Shoppers:

These are a special category of shoppers who like to shop as they go. They are usually forgetful about any gift or item and when they remember it at the last moment they buy it. Two things matter most to these types of shoppers i.e shipping speed and cost of the item.

While last-minute shoppers often turn to physical stores due to delivery concerns in this high season, it doesn’t mean you can’t target procrastinators with your emails. Also, another useful item that is trending these days in this category of shoppers is virtual gift cards. These virtual gift cards are a great solution and are a win-win for all. They can be purchased instantly and used instantly too since the delivery mostly happens over email or phone.

4. Know your target audience:

Utilize your big data and find out which holiday sale your customers need. Many email campaigns fail to get traction due to this reason. They were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. You can’t be selling the National Flag during Christmas and jingle bells during the fourth of July. Knowing when to sell what can be helpful for you and prevent wastage of time and resources. Selling winter wear in winters and summer clothes in summer is a very simple logical way of marketing, selling people what they want and when they want it.

5. A strong subject line:

A subject line in an email is the first thing a customer or anyone for that fact sees in an email, this little one-liner is what makes them click on the email. Brainstorm upon this idea for a while with your team and then decide a worthy subject line. You can write anything in the body of the email but the subject should be a good one, otherwise, the entire campaign will be a waste. Using an emoji might be a good idea if your target audiences are predominantly a younger generation. Campaigns vary according to location too, like suppose you wrote the subject in french when your customers all speak English. Choose a subject line that can connect with your customers and thus make a meaningful impact.

6. Create a sense of urgency:

Create a situation where the goods will be available for say only the next 24 hours or the deal goes off in a few moments so hurry up stocking up on these. This artificial sense of urgency has been working on since the time consumers started buying goods and services. It is a quick way to get rid of surplus stock and maintain a good cash flow. Entice your customers by offering them a relaxed but urgent selling offer, like for example you could run a campaign about offering free delivery for all orders till today midnight and they can be returned later too for an extended period in case you don’t need them.

7. Try To Optimize The Colors:

Use of bright colors is always appreciated but remember to use some darker hues too. A lot of people associate bright colors with colors of the younger generation, so if you use too much of them then slightly older people will not click on your email. If you are marketing a product which only young people will buy then that is fine but if your product line-up includes some products which older and younger people both can use then it is advisable to mix and match the colors so that the overall tone remains positive for all ages of people.

  1. Try to Promote Family Happiness Theme:

Holidays are such a time of the year when people love to spend time with their family. Work and other important events are what most people spend the entire year chasing after, but Christmas is a time where people want to forget about all those things and just focus on family. Capitalize on that and make an email template on this theme. You could make a well designed email with a smiling family picture or you could very well make a story kind of a thing too. The story should be related to the central theme i.e family happiness.

9. Promote Relevant Deals:

Holidays are a joyous occasion so try to capture this theme. Promote relevant deals in your holiday newsletter. For example- Holidays are usually held in a colder season so try to promote winter related products or maybe you could even point out some tips to stay healthy in these cold winters. Try to stay central to your product when writing the tips.

10. Promote Stocking Up:

Since the holidays are in the winters you could design a campaign centered around this theme. Like you could suggest your customers to stock up on goods because of more harsh winters coming ahead. But mind you this will only work if the weather forecast is actually for a harsher winter. Also this depends on the type of business you are in and also your geographic location. So keep these things in mind.

11. Promote The Sale:

Every retailer and e-commerce company will do this only. They will promote their ongoing holiday sale. So how to make your campaign stand out. There is a simple trick. Promote the sale but with a personal touch. For example- If you are a seller of cosmetics then try to send promotional mails for your products in a different way. Like you could send an offer to buy lipsticks and make up accessories, an advert promo email for your wife, girlfriend, etc to the guys in your list and send a normal buy your favorite advert email to the girls and women in your mailing list. Like this, make the emails specifically targeting your audience.

12. Grand Gifting Ideas:

A lot of people wish to buy something big and grand for their relatives as a Christmas present. Capitalize on this festive wish and give them an option to do so. Package several smaller items of your product line up in a big bouquet style box and promote this in the email. People sometimes also feel that however expensive an item they buy, if it’s a small size one then they will not be appreciated. So by packaging several small items inside a box you will make their wish come true this holidays.

13.Focus On The Eve:

A lot of brands target their customers by starting to send them the holiday emails a day or two early. This is done because people would be busy on the day of the holiday so by sending them in advance the brands can expect a better conversion ratio from their buyers. You can do this too but remember this is not the actual holidays campaign rather think of it as the teaser before the final show begins.


14. Mysterious Story:

People love solving challenges and reading mystery novels. So to better capture this try to not indulge too much information about the sale. Tell some bits here and there but not too much. Remember your goal here is to make people excited about the sale by giving as little information as possible.

  1. Treasure Hunt:

This is one of the oldest tricks in email marketing. All you need to do is start a treasure hunt campaign. You could start your email with people finding hidden clues in the email and then the right winner will get some fabolous discounts and freebies. Or you could also start with a short personalized survey which only those people will be able to answer if they know details about your company’s products. Like these, brainstorm more ideas and then come up with an intuitive treasure hunt email campaign idea.


Stories, Treasure Hunt, Happy Family, Gift cards, relevant sales are some of the popular email gift guides that convert highly especially in the holiday season. But to properly execute them you will need the help of a professional company which specializes in digital marketing.


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