How SERP API Helps To Build Marketing Automation Solutions

Have you noticed how your click-through rate varies from your website’s first page to the second page?  One of your website pages gains the highest CTR of about 36 per cent, and the second-page gains only 0.78 per cent of the CTR. By this, you can see how ranking is important for the websites.

The SEO specialist and marketers require automation solutions to increase productivity and prevent time-consuming tasks. The only fuel to fire their website with higher ranking’ is SEO, which offers a continuous supply of data-driven tools to meet this demand.

SERP API is your only asset when you are looking for marketing automation solutions. This article will guide you on building your marketing automation solutions with the help of SERP API.

What Is SERP API, And Why Is It Important?

If you start collecting the SERPs data manually, you will require enormous resources. It will cost you more money and is also time-consuming. To save efforts and time, companies turn to SERP API providers for accurate SEO data.

In other words, API helps to integrate the search results directly into the applications, and your development team will be released from the data scraping process. They can devote their valuable time to empowering tools with useful features and creating an interactive interface.

WhatsMySerp can provide you with accurate SERP data to offer monitoring solutions. The SERP API offers the data from Organic Search, Local Pack Search, Images, News, and many more.

Top Five Marketing Automation Solutions To Build With SERP API

Now that we have discussed what SERP API is and how does it help, it is time to discuss the possible marketing solutions does it offer?

Rank Tracker

Do you know that 50 per cent of traffic comes from organic results to the websites? Therefore, marketers need to grow their website visibility through SEO. To be placed higher in the ranking line, they turn to the rank tracker, a requisite SEO tool and foundation of SERP analysis.

Rank Tracker is necessary to perform multiple functions. It is essential to conduct keyword research, get an insight into competitors, and track SEO success. 

With SERP Regular function, you can have the rankings of particular domains from paid and organic search for any language, country, or keyword in Google And other Search Engine Results.

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Author selection

Enhanced Rank Tracker

Featured snippets can double the click-through rate of organic listings. Research shows that featured snippets have six per cent more clicks than the webpage ranked number one.

The organic listing is further pushed down, and the business targets the zero position making their SEO team’s priority. For that, they require an enhanced rank tracker that can include more elements to preview the SERP snapshot and result page.

SERP HTML helps equip the tool with exceptional visual capabilities by fetching a snapshot of the result page. Furthermore, SERP Advanced helps build such tools that show the featured elements and data on paid and organic search results. For example:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Answer Boxes
  • Shopping
  • Carousels
  • Local Maps and Pack
  • Featured Snippets

News SEO Tool

The news websites receive massive traffic from search engines. Google News sends about six billion clicks in a month across the world. However, with rapid developments worldwide, it becomes difficult to record content ranking in News and Google search by publishers.

SERP API can provide you with accurate data in real-time on the article listed for a specific keyword in the Google Search News tab.

  • The time it is published
  • Article URL
  • Result Snippet
  • Title
  • Position
  • Domain

Also, Google Organic SERP Advanced can offer a valuable set of data from Google SERPs on the following:

  • Video element via source, URL, title, and rank
  • Image element via alt tag, URL, title, and rank
  • Twitter element via positing date, tweet message, URL, title, and rank
  • Top Stories element via date, title, domain, source, and rank

Local SEO Tool

The importance of the local market is increasing day by day. The search result for ‘near me’ is growing with 150 per cent more speed and local intent by 46 per cent among all the Google searches.

To attract more customers, SEO experts include locals in their research. Where ordinary rank trackers can monitor the paid and organic listings, the Local SEO tool helps provide an accurate ranking from the maps.

With SERP API, the app you use to search for local businesses can provide an accurate ranking from Google’s local pack.

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Image Rank Tracker

When customers search for a product, they tend to view images first and then contact the company. Among all Google searches, about 12.5 per cent of results are shown in the image pack. Therefore, for B2C and B2B marketers, visual content is crucial for their SEO strategies.

With Google Images SERP, you are provided with the below-mentioned information on the images when you search a particular keyword in Google Image Search:

  • Alt Tag
  • Source URL
  • Rank in elements group
  • Position
  • URL, where the image is hosted
  • SERP Rank
  • Subtitle & Title

Final Thoughts

To understand the analysis and scraping of SERP data is challenging. However, to build the marketing automation software, there is no better approach than SERP API. It will eventually reduce the resources and cost required for the development. WhatsMySERP SERP API provides you with a variety of SERPs data to integrate with your application.

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