Why You Should See Cybersecurity from The Strategic Lens?

The memories of that day are still vivid in my mind like it was yesterday. It was 27 June 2017 when more than 80 companies from Ukraine and other parts of the world came under a cybersecurity attack. When their employees turn on their computers, they are greeted with a message saying, “Your files are encrypted.” The cyber attacker asked for a bitcoin payment to decrypt these files.

Before businesses could even figure out the gravity of the situation and react, the damage has already been done. Malware has reached that server. Everything from communication, file, and customer data, and even the manufacturing systems are all brought to a grinding halt. The result was an economic loss of $10 billion.

Despite the increasing frequency of such incidents, most companies are still unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with such cybersecurity attacks.  They don’t have cybersecurity systems or DDoS protection in place. Even though most executives consider cybersecurity as important but what they do not realize is the damage these cybersecurity attacks can do to their business both at a financial and operational level. This happens because business executives do not really see cybersecurity from a strategic perspective. 

In this article, you will learn why your business should stop seeing cybersecurity from an operational lens and start seeing it from a strategic perspective.

Clear Direction

The first thing you need to do is to create a cybersecurity strategy. This will help you secure your critical assets and business processes. Additionally, it will also allow you to take full advantage of strategic opportunities that come your way. Most importantly, it will give you a better idea about what your strengths and weaknesses are so you can bolster your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. With a well-thought-out cybersecurity strategy, you know exactly what your goals are and what are the steps that you need to take to achieve those goals.

Give you a Competitive Advantage

As mentioned before, most businesses look at cybersecurity from an operational perspective. This means that if you start seeing cybersecurity from a strategic angle, it will automatically make you stand out from the crowd and give you a competitive edge over your competitors. Despite its advantages, most businesses never pay attention to this. Due to this, they not only become the target of cybersecurity attacks every now and then but also miss out on an opportunity to distinguish themselves from other players in the market.

Improve Cybersecurity Resilience

In today’s cybersecurity landscape where hackers are one step ahead of security professionals, it is not about whether your business becomes the target of cyber-attacks or not but about when your organization will become the victim of one of these attacks. That is why it is important to boost the cybersecurity resilience of your organization. 

Here are some of the ways you can adopt to improve the cybersecurity resilience of your organization.

  • Invest in endpoint security solutions: like identity and access management
  • Increase cybersecurity awareness of your employees
  • Protect your DNS connection
  • Regularly back up your sensitive data
  • Evaluate how effective your incident response plan really is

According to Stephane Nappo, Global Chief Information Security Officer at Société Générale, “The five most efficient cyber defenders are Anticipation, Education, Detection, Reaction, and Resilience. Do remember: “Cybersecurity is much more than an IT topic.” He further adds, “Threat is a mirror of security gaps. Cybersecurity threats are usually a reflection of our weaknesses. Businesses need a vision for digital and behavioral gaps in order to ensure consistent cyber-resilience.”

Enhance Organization Capacity to Learn

When a business with a cybersecurity strategy is affected by a cyberattack, they learn from it as the weaknesses are made evident. Numerous studies have shown that executives that have a cybersecurity strategy can enhance organizational learning and offer new opportunities to capitalize on. 

Unfortunately, things are a lot different for cybersecurity leaders without a cybersecurity strategy. Moreover, cybersecurity strategy can also pave the way for process improvement, innovation, external collaboration, and partnerships as well as leadership development.  When a business adopts a strategic approach to cybersecurity, it will open doors for closer integration and collaboration of IT and business teams, which would benefit the business in the long run.

Stay Proactive

One of the biggest mistakes business makes is they wait for cybersecurity attacks and then react to it. Instead, they should adopt a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Since most businesses see cybersecurity through their myopic vision, they suffer even more. You should be expecting the best but should be well prepared to handle worst-case scenarios. Having an incident response plan is also critical. There is nothing worse for a business than to see their employees looking at each other with a confusing face with nobody knowing what to do in a crisis. An incident response plan saves you from that kind of situation.

Change Your Mindset

If you want your business owners to look at cybersecurity from a strategic point of view, you will first have to change their mindset from threat-driven to opportunity-driven. They are used to analyzing cybersecurity from an operational standpoint. Yes, it would not be easy and the change won’t happen overnight but if you stay consistent and tell them about the benefits of seeing cybersecurity from a strategic perspective, they will surely think about changing their approach to cybersecurity. After the shift, they will stop seeing cybersecurity as a lose-lose investment that they previously did.

Overcome Bias

Irrespective of how much you improve the processes and tools, they are still managed by humans who are subjected to different types of biases. Most executives will set different strategic priorities based on the specialty. They tend to divert funds and make investments in areas that they are experts in. This narrows down their vision and limits the possibilities for an organization while leaving vulnerabilities exposed throughout the organization. Executives are better off defining cybersecurity issues based on the potential impact a cybersecurity attack could have on their organization.

How does your business approach cybersecurity? Share your approach with us in the comments section below.

Robotics: Fiction vs. Reality

Robots are an iconic part of popular culture. Stories like I, Robot, Blade Runner, RoboCop, and Star Wars have enthralled people and taken over the public imagination for decades and decades. While some fictional representations of robots are positive and aspirational (think Pixar’s Wall: E and Optimus Prime from the Transformers franchise), other representations are more paranoid and paint robots as a threat. 

In truth, existing robots are much less dramatic, and most are simply used to assist in carrying out work functions! 

What Are Robotics Really Used For?

Many different industries use robotics—from basic robotic arms to fully autonomous drones—to carry out various tasks more efficiently, quickly, and safely than humans can. 

For example, the manufacturing industry is one that has really adopted the use of robotics for a variety of functions. Robotic arms on production lines can increase efficiency, and automated forklift trucks can transport large volumes of goods in a safer way than human drivers can. 

It is not just manufacturing where robots can carry out potentially dangerous tasks so that humans don’t have to. Drones are used extensively for military purposes, and bomb disposal robots are often used by law enforcement agencies so that the lives and safety of human workers aren’t put at unnecessary risk. Automated robots can also monitor potential crime scenes and carry out “patrols” in order to detect issues and report them to human police officers.

Robotics also plays a significant role in agriculture, where automated machines can fertilize crops, spray pesticides, plant seeds, pick fruit, and carry out many other farming tasks. This can increase production and efficiency by many times.

Robots are also being used in the hospitality industry, from robotic chefs that produce pre-programmed recipes to smart refrigerators and dishwashers. 

There are very few industries that have not been influenced by the field of robotics in at least some small way!

How Could Robotics Shape the Future?

There is clearly a huge number of uses for robotics across many different industries. While this technology is currently extremely expensive and limited to only the most advanced businesses and organizations, it is certainly likely that the use of robotics will dramatically increase over the next few decades and become a part of all of our daily lives. After all, just think what happened with computers—the huge computers used to carry out pioneering scientific research a few decades ago have been overtaken in power many times over by the smartphones most of us now carry in our pockets!

For the owners of large companies that can afford robotics, the potential future applications of robotics could be hugely beneficial. However, a potential disadvantage that robots may bring is that of replacing human workers—if robotics technology follows that of computers and becomes many times more powerful and less expensive, the number of jobs available for human workers could dramatically decrease. In the future, different economic models may have to be tried to tackle this problem. Robotics is a hugely promising technology for society, but it will have to be used in the right way!

What are the differences between real robots and fictional robots?

But the difference between real and fictional robots is the level of consciousness, autonomy and physical look. Many fictional robots are shown to acquire emotions and other human capabilities as in the movies Chappie, Transformers and Terminator.

Is Robot A science fiction?

What is Robot Science FictionRobot Science Fiction is, as its name indicates, Science Fiction that has a central theme of roboticsRobots, Androids, and Artificial Intelligences are related types of technology that are significant to Robot Sci Fi. A robot is an artificial device, or being, that is mechanical.

Does robotics have a future?

According to a Forrester report, robots will eliminate 6 percent of all jobs in the U.S. by 2021. McKinsey’s assessment is even more expansive — they believe that by 2030 one-third of American jobs could become automated

What is the difference between a robot and a machine?

Robots are self-governing machines capable of making decisions without an external trigger. A machine, on the other hand, has to be operated by a human to act. For example, some robots have rain sensors that trigger them to perform a pre-programmed instruction like turning on an umbrella

What 5 characteristics do most robots share?

Intelligence. Human intelligence is derived from the elaborate and interconnected network of neurons within the human brain. …
Sense Perception

Who was the first fictional robot?

In Lyman Frank Baum’s children’s novel Ozma of Oz, the first-ever introduction of a humanoid-appearance mechanical man that would satisfy the later “humanoid robot” definition occurred in 1907 

Unique Gift Ideas for kids: Best Gift options 2021

The first things that pop into anyone’s head when they hear about kids’ gifts are toys, candies, playsets, gaming consoles, and cute stationary or art supplies. But kid’s jewelry is last on the list. Many people think that kids and jewelry do not go hand in hand as they are carefree, as they should be, and are not responsible enough to look after expensive jewelry.

But despite these reasons, kids, especially little girls, love dressing up and tend to express an interest in jewelry and owning pieces. Kids wearing jewelry is not a new trend. Many different cultures love to adorn their children with jewelry and different accessories from a very young age. They also signify milestone moments such as first birthdays, first communions, and religious festivities. However, one needs to be very mindful of the kids’ safety and well-being before purchasing accessories or jewelry. Any jewelry comes with its own sets of risks such as choking, rashes, and irritation. It also should be age-appropriate and tasteful.

Here are a few dos and don’ts while picking up jewellery as a gift for kids. 


  1. Pay close attention to the metal. It is important to make sure that the metal chosen does not cause any allergies or rashes. When making a purchase, it is advisable to opt for sterling silver, fourteen karat gold, gold plated jewelry, or platinum. While platinum may be a tad expensive, another option is enamel jewelry. It is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors and shapes. They include stones with different colors and shapes and are a lovely option for kids.
  2. Consider how active the child is while purchasing jewelry. If a child is very active and fidgety, then a lightweight earring or a bracelet that can be securely clasped can be a good option. This is important because though children love particular types of jewelry such as charm bracelets, they may not be a practical option if they are very active as they get caught in other items or clothing.
  3. Less expensive is the way to go! Children being children are prone to misplacing or losing a lot of jewelry. We have all lost something or the other! This is why it is important to consider less expensive stones such as cubic zirconia. One can replace them after the child grows up.

4 Ways to make Mom Feel Special


  1. Kids’ gifts should be kids friendly. Do not gift adult jewelry. Kids’ jewelry is special as they are not over the top. Kids should not be wearing heavy dangling earrings or statement necklaces as they make the kids look older. The jewelry and accessories should be age-appropriate and tasteful.
  2. Avoid jewelry with sharp, pointy ends as they can get into clothing or poke and hurt the child. Some jewelry with jagged edges can also irritate the skin. 
  3. Check the material of the accessories before purchasing. Young children, when compared to adults, absorb harmful chemicals such as cadmium, nickel sooner. And these toxic substances are often present in jewelry. Hence one should be very careful about the material of the jewelry. Furthermore, one should not give accessories consisting of small charms or trinkets to toddlers or infants as they tend to put them in their mouths. 

Hopefully, these dos and don’ts will help while choosing the best gift for the kids!

Author bio: Helen Harry is a freelance writer and extremely fond of anything related to Digital Marketing and Business. She is writing Technologies as well as fiction, likes good music, loves her cat, and eats too much. More than anything, She loves to share the knowledge of Technology. 

Best Gifts for New Parents

If you’re visiting the hospital because your family member or friend just welcomed a new addition, then you most likely will go with a gift. It feels odd to visit without anything in your hand. After all, welcoming new life is always a momentous occasion that always calls for a celebration. If you need some inspiration, take a look at the following suggestions. This list contains popular baby gifts, as well as presents for proud parents. 

Say It With Flowers

Show your joy with hypoallergenic flowers. Carnations, daffodils, hydrangeas, and orchids assure that you don’t have to worry about itchy, watery eyes and runny noses. These flowers are the least allergy-causing, making them the perfect gift. A pretty bouquet will lighten up everyone’s day because the vibrant blooms elicit so much happiness. Give it with a note and gift card so the parents can buy what they like for the baby. 

Try a Live Plant

If you want something creative, give an actual living plant (The Best way to Choose Flower in Market). A small succulent in a pretty bowl makes the perfect gift. It doesn’t require maintenance, so the new parents don’t have to fuss over it. They’ll love this because the little tiny cactus can grow with their little one.

Another great low-maintenance one is a fortune plant. This thrives indoors and requires only a little attention. Besides, the meaning behind the gift assures that the new family will receive bountiful blessings. And of course, don’t forget a thoughtful gift card so they can buy stuff for the baby. 

Give a Baby Layette

This baby set stays on top of baby gifts registries for a reason. It includes everything that babies need, like blankets, bibs, socks, soft shoes, and burping cloths. Since it comes in a coordinated set, it is both fashionable and functional. The new parents will certainly appreciate it because babies are fussy creatures that love to make a mess. Hence, parents need a lot of extras for changing. This thoughtful gift will be much appreciated!

Purchase a Backseat View Mirror

Most new parents forget this functional mirror. If you want to have a better driving experience with a little one, this mirror is a MUST. For anyone with an infant, the law dictates that babies must sit in a rear-facing car seat. If you want to see your baby as you drive, this mirror assures that you can see your baby anytime.

It hooks into the seat securely with sturdy straps so that it won’t get out of place with unexpected bumps. Best of all, this mirror is shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any accidents. This thoughtful gift provides peace of mind for new parents when they are on the road. 

Give a Phone Mount For the Stroller

Finally, go the extra mile and give a stroller phone mount. Most new parents forget this gadget. But any veteran mom or dad will tell you that this is a must-have. Attaching this mount to your baby’s stroller assures you can readily access your phone no matter where you are. 

Whether you’re jogging or walking around in the mall, this handy-dandy mount assures you can access your phone easily. It comes with a very sturdy clip that will securely mount your phone into the stroller handlebar. It doesn’t require any complex installations, just clip it, and you’re good to go. With a new addition, the parents will most likely use this mount for at least three years. It is indeed a thoughtful and functional gift that most new parents won’t think of buying for themselves. 

Author bio: Helen Harry is a freelance writer and extremely fond of anything related to Digital Marketing and Business. She is writing Technologies as well as fiction, likes good music, loves her cat, and eats too much. More than anything, She loves to share the knowledge of Technology. 

SSL Certificates – The Future of Blockchain & SSL Certificates in 2021

With the increase in cyberattacks, online users always confirm their validity before giving their confidential information. SSL certificates are a sign of authenticity that ensures that their data on this site will remain safe. But SSL protocol also has security problems that are pushing people to find its alternative. Let us discuss the importance of SSL certificates and their drawbacks, too; then, we will explore who can have the best chance of replacing them.

Importance of SSL certificates

If you are running an online business, then providing security to your customers is one of the most crucial tasks. If your business requires a client’s personal information (like user Id, email, passwords, banking details), then the need for a safe platform further increases. A secure site helps improve your relationship with your customers that in turn, increases sales and revenues.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates help you protect your site from the reach of attackers via encryption. These certificates utilize public-key cryptography to safeguard all the communication on your site. SSL or TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificates are issued by trusted certification authorities that ensure no one intercepts and reads the data shared on your website.

A website with a valid SSL certificate has a padlock sign on the browser’s left side, and it starts with HTTPS instead of the traditional insecure HTTP protocol.

Ø History of SSL Certificates

In 1994, Netscape launched the first SSL protocol to protect web users from known security threats. SSL ensures that all the data on an HTTPS site is encrypted and away from malicious actors’ reach. Its updates keep coming to address all the security flaws found in the earlier released versions.

Almost all the websites implemented SSL certificates to secure their data and customers’ confidential information, but they were prone to many cyberattacks. So, SSL certificates were unable to protect the users and the website owners from attackers fully. Therefore, the TLS protocol was introduced to cope with most cybersecurity problems, but it also has its flaws.

An SSL-enabled website takes more time to load the webpage due to extensive encoding/decoding processes to set up a secure connection. Earlier SSL incarnations were prone to multiple cyberattacks, and malicious actors could steal the data of the customers and the website’s resources.

Another major problem with SSL/TLS certificates is that they are granted by CAs (certification authorities). These CAs check the organization entirely, it’s right to use the domain, its physical address, and more before issuing an SSL certificate to the applicant.

The principal value addition is that the CAs circumvent the risk of being compromised due to their reputation in the online community and take the best security measures possible before issuing the certificate. However, there is always a risk of giving one to the wrong person or organization coincidentally.

The users trust the websites with SSL certificates and can be deceived easily. For instance, a client submits its confidential details to buy something from a site but ends up being a victim of bad actors. The website was somehow in the hacker’s hands during the certificate issuance process.

Since the introduction of the very first security protocol, there have been security problems. SSL launched multiple updates to tackle the security issues, but even the improved SSL versions could not provide complete protection to users and the websites. SSL v3.0 was the last version restricted by Google due to many security vulnerabilities in this security protocol – it seems to be safe, but you always must look for better protection.

Nowadays, TLS v1.3 is being used by almost all websites, and it is considered one of the best security protocols with regular updates to provide maximum protection. But it still has some weaknesses that push people to find its alternative and many individuals think that blockchain is the right replacement for SSL/TLS.

Ø Blockchain as an Alternative to SSL

As SSL/TLS security protocol cannot provide complete protection and is prone to multiple cyberattacks, people turn their faces towards blockchain. Though blockchain also has come under fire due to many security breaches. Those security problems were caused by cryptocurrency complications and not due to blockchain.

Blockchain has more security features than SSL/TLS and has minimum security vulnerabilities in technologies available so far. When blockchain is implemented in the online world, it supplies better authentication of the organizations involved without any password requirement to handle the framework behind it.

SSL/TLS utilizes encryption to safeguard the communication between the user and the server, but it has failed on many occasions. Blockchain does much better than this as it scatters all the data in a distributed ledger. This assists in avoiding any data leakages.

Unlike SSL certificates, blockchain technology does not rely on any third party to issue the certificate. For a framework to be successful, the entities involved must trust the decision-maker. But it seems impossible for blockchain as no CA or human interaction is involved.

However, there are chances of SSL and blockchain integration. Indeed, many blockchain-based SSL certificates have already been launched. These certificates do not need any CA for issuance, so they provide better authentication and protection. The distributed and decentralized design of these certificates makes it impossible for hackers to launch an attack. REMME and DNSChain are famous examples of blockchain-based SSL certificates.


SSL certificates have been providing security to users and websites since 1995, but they have multiple security problems. Blockchain offers better protection than SSL, but it lacks human interaction to confirm the organizations’ identity, so it is too soon to say blockchain will replace SSL. At this point, we can say that it can replace SSL only by overcoming its vulnerabilities and developing technical consistency to maintain digital security and decentralized confidence.

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Rooftop Party: 7 Amazing Tips on Throwing the Best Rooftop Party

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, Australia. It is a modern yet laid back city with a lot of attractions for tourists, and Rooftop Party is one of them. You can spend your day on the pristine beaches of Sydney. The city transforms into a vibrant form with bars and pubs for all types of entertainment during the night. There is a pub or bar at almost every other street corner. If you want to experience drinking with an unhindered view of the city at night, you can go to a rooftop bar in Sydney they are the best for Roof top Party atm. 

If you enjoy hosting a party for your friends, your next party should be on a rooftop. There are a lot of rooftop bars in Sydney that you can rent for an exclusive event. However, it is important to make the event memorable so that your friends will talk about your party for years to come. Here are some of the steps to create the best rooftop party that your friends can possibly experience.

Find a Great Venue For the Rooftop party

Sydney has a lot of rooftop bars that you can choose from. It is best to choose a venue that you can rent cheap. Some rooftop bars will allow you to use their bar exclusively for the night, provided that you spend a specific amount for consumables.   

Spread the Word Out

Next, you should invite people to your party. Get the word out, however, do so in a creative manner. You may use social media such as Facebook to invite people and ask them to RSVP. Likewise, you can add fun to your invitation by creating a treasure hunt style invitation where your guests must solve the clues to get your party’s exact location. 

Create a Signature Drink

You can ask the bartender of the rooftop bar to create a signature drink for the occasion. It is also best to match the drink with the season. For example, if your party falls during the summer, create a signature drink that is fresh and fruity. Likewise, come up with a catchy name for your drink. 

Display Sweets On Counter With Eye-catching Colors

Decide on the Food

Like the drinks, you should also match the food served in the party with the season and the type of event you are planning. For example, if you are planning for a formal standing party, your food should be easy to eat, such as hors d’oeuvres, which can be eaten with one hand. 

Add Decors

More often than not, the rooftop bar in Sydney that you will be renting will already provide a very nice ambiance. You will also have the cityscape in your background. However, you can still add some decorations to customize the place according to your party theme. 

Select a Theme

Make your guests wear costumes or have them wear clothes belonging to a different era. Adding a theme to the party will encourage your guests to be creative with what they will wear. 90’s themed parties always work even if you and your guests were only six at that time. 

Add a Wow Factor For your Rooftop Party

Make your party memorable by adding a surprise to the event. If you have the budget, hire a celebrity DJ to mix the sounds so that the dancing will continue the whole night. Likewise, if you have a 90’s themed party, invite a celebrity from a famous 90’s TV show. 

Rooftop parties are a notch above other parties literally and figuratively. Follow these above suggestions to throw a party of a lifetime at a rooftop bar. 

Author bio: Helen Harry is a freelance writer and extremely fond of anything related to Digital Marketing and Business. She is writing Technologies as well as fiction, likes good music, loves her cat, and eats too much. More than anything, She loves to share the knowledge of Technology.  

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SQM Club : Discover Hidden Facts and Figures 2021

Sqm club Introduction :

The Sqm club was founded with the mission to reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality. We have plenty of superhumans who still cares about our beloved planet earth. They are trying to protect the heart environment with everything they have got. Sqm club is one of those groups. They’ve made it their mission to be environmentally conscious in every aspect of their lives and to promote this same kind of awareness to others.

SQM Club History: 

SQM Club History:

It all started in 2010 when a group of friends decided that they wanted to do something about the terrible air quality. They were aware that there were programs out there already, but none so powerful and encompassing as sqm club. Their main goal is to help their country protect the environment by preventing CO2 emissions and improving air quality!

Sqm club Target Audience:

As part of sqm’s many initiatives, our members work with schools around Germany educating students about environmental conservation! Participating schools receive rewards for reducing their energy consumption during sqm campaigns! In addition, sqm club also awards those students who have been especially active in protecting the environment! The sqm club has been effective in reducing CO2 emissions by over 50% in the past five years through their constant work.

Sqm club EffortsThe sqm club’s efforts are not just limited to reducing CO2 emissions, however. They also have a lakes program that is currently working on improving water quality in Germany. With sqm’s help, several lakes have been further protected from urban development and pollution! This organization is truly one-of-a-kind with its innovative ideas and dedication to helping the environment!

Sqm club Efforts

Sqm club Efforts
Sqm club Efforts

The sqm club’s efforts are not just limited to reducing CO2 emissions, however. They also have a lakes program that is currently working on improving water quality in Germany. With sqm’s help, several lakes have been further protected from urban development and pollution! This organization is truly one-of-a-kind with its innovative ideas and dedication to helping the environment!

SQM Club Achievements

SQM Club Achievements

The El Ancla Amateur Soccer Association (Asociación de Fútbol Amateur de El Ancla – AFEA) is the premier soccer league in Chile’s Salar de Atacama region. The 2019 season brought a new champion to this roster: SQM Club, a member of the Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile group.

In its debut AFEA tournament, SQM Club conquered five rivals – including both finalists – to win the championship title and earn promotion from the second division. Topping its list of achievements was a 4-1 victory over Lastenia for the championship crown. In addition, SQM Club won the senior, children’,s and women’s, divisions.

Overall, SQM Club tallied 29 points (15 wins and four draws). Its goal differential was 49-20 after 52 matches.

Taking second place in the senior division was Defensor Sporting with 16 points (12 wins and two draws), followed by Deportes Copiapó with 14 (eight wins and three draws) and Deportivo Linares with nine (four wins and five draws). In the fourth position was San Marcos de Atacama FC with seven points (two wins and five losses), which also finished fifth in the junior division.

Why Should You Join This Club?

The sqm footprint calculator/carbon calculator. Sqm club helps to accurately measure the carbon footprint (emissions) for each member so they can see how their own actions impact climate change. Sqm club does this by providing tools that make measuring easy, giving members information relevant in helping them reduce environmental impacts while maximizing opportunities for sustainable development within sqm communities themselves!

The sqm lab community

Sqm lab is built upon the idea of improving our world and promoting open-source culture and knowledge sharing. sqm lab is the perfect community to learn how to reduce your sqm footprint while maximizing opportunities for sustainable development within sqm communities themselves!

Sqm club’s sqm carbon offset projects

sqm club conducts sqm carbon offset projects such as tree planting and installing solar panels on top of sqm buildings to reduce environmental impact while maximizing opportunities for sustainable development within sqm communities themselves! Learn more about our sqm carbon offset projects here.

Join SQM Club today, it’s free! Join now! It takes less than 5 minutes using Facebook or email. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can join by sending an email with your name, phone number(optional), and school year to sqmlab@gmail.com with the subject “SQM CLUB – My name”.

Club Sqm believes

An sqm club is a group of volunteers who believe that climate change is real and should be fought aggressively. The sqm club believes that if we all make small changes in our lives, combined with technological advances, we can save the planet while still enjoying modern lifestyles.

Club Sqm believes
Club Sqm believes

The sqm club has an office just off campus at 6271 Alain Street. All are welcome to stop by during business hours Monday through Friday or after 5 pm on Thursdays for workshops usually hosted by sqm president Andrew Opalko (seen here demonstrating how to wash dishes).

sqm club meetings 

sqm club meetings
sqm club meetings 

The sqm club also holds weekly meetings open to everyone where members discuss strategies for eco-friendly living and organize events like the annual powderpuff games so more people feel comfortable participating in environmental issues.

sqm club social media

The sqm club has an email list and a public Facebook page. If you would like to join sqm, either visit the office or follow sqm on social media and we will send you more information.

sqm club needs support: 

The sqm club greatly appreciates any donations of supplies, time, or expertise that anyone who cares about the environment is willing to share. We are currently short on pens so if you have some extras please bring them by the sqm club office before 5 pm most days of the week (except Thursday when we ask that all volunteers show up by 6:).

We are always interested in new members and would like volunteers throughout campus to join us in our battle against climate change. Every little bit helps so if you give even just a few hours per month it will make all the difference in sqm’s ability to act on climate issues!

SMC believes that sqm needs

– pens

– people with media experience (media training is available)

– attention when something important comes up so sqm can respond quickly

– materials or expertise that sqm needs to do its job

Sqm club is an online platform that helps sqm members to calculate and track their carbon footprint. It does this by providing tools for this process which are designed with ease of use in mind, giving you information that will be useful to YOU as well.

Sqm club have one simple goal

Sqm club has one simple goal – to help sqm reduce their emissions. Sqm club makes it easy to find sqm members nearby, allowing you to swap sqm with any other sqm member. ( sqm clubs are all about swapping sqm .)

Sqm club have one simple goal
Sqm club have one simple goal

– Find sqm clubs nearby using our map

– Search for sqm groups near you using the sqm group directory

– sqm clubs hold meetups to swap sqms, find a sqm club near you

– sqm swap ideas

To help sqms use their sqms effectively, sqm club provides tools for calculating and tracking emissions.

Sqm Club Working Globally

I know that you’re wondering, “What is the benefit of being a member of this club?” Well, sqm stands for ‘shakemap’ and it’s basically a radar image. These images are where I get my sqm data from.

Sqm Club Working Globally

The sqm data gives me an accurate reading on how much carbon dioxide has been emitted in a certain area because when it comes to sqm readings the higher the reading, the more carbon dioxide has been emitted in said area.

In other words, people with sqm equipment at their homes can measure their individual carbon footprint (emissions). And if everyone did so, we would be able to calculate how our whole species was emitting. Right now, only about 15% of the world owns any sqm equipment, so we can get a fairly accurate reading of how much the world is emitting.

Some Exceptions

You may find that sqm readings are not always accurate and it has its limitations, but to get an accuracy level of about 95% I believe would be pretty good and you could use sqm accurately at your home. You can also tell sqm to take sqm readings every hour over a course of 24 hours and compare the results. Or perhaps sqm will pick up something like solar panels or wind turbines – both of which emit no carbon dioxide (emissions).

Carbon Footprint Calculated?
Carbon Footprint Calculated?

I know that if people become aware of their individual sqm data then they’ll do what they can to reduce their individual carbon footprints (emissions) as well as encourage others to do the same.

If more people become aware of sqm then more sqm equipment will be sold and more companies selling sqm equipment will spring up around the world, which is a really good thing because it means that we’re on our way to finding out how much our whole species is emitting. And when we know how much our whole species is emitting we’ll be able to better manage and conserve resources and reduce carbon dioxide (emissions).

I think sqm readings can give accurate results if everyone at least tries using sqm readings in their homes or workplaces. By doing so we can find out just how much each person emits individually and this would help us save resources such as petrol, electricity etc., which in turn would be good for the environment.

As you can see sqm data is important to me and that’s why I’m encouraging everyone in this sqm club to use sqm readings in their homes or work places so we can find out just how much our whole species emits every day! I believe when we know, it’ll be easier for us to save resources and reduce greenhouse gas (emissions) emissions because each individual person will know where they stand individually instead of having to guess at it!! Using sqm has helped me to better manage my carbon footprint (emissions) but if everyone did it then perhaps many lives could be saved.

How Will The sqm  Club Help Me?

The sqm club is a company that helps people manage their carbon emissions (production of CO2). One way it does this is by helping sqm club members (people who join the sqm club ) measure their total CO2 production, both directly and indirectly. The sqm club uses innovative technology to help sqm club members track and monitor how much they are producing.

If you would like to find out more about how the sqm company can help you and your business, please visit sqmLoyalty.com where you can print off an application form. Alternatively, call us now on 555-555-5555 for a free consultation with one of our consultants.

How Will My Carbon Footprint Calculated?

By means of activities such as driving a car, flying on a plane, or owning a home, you create a carbon footprint, which is defined as the total amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) you have produced. The products you buy and consume will also impact your carbon footprint, so our carbon calculators take that into account as well.

SQm club Carbon Footprint Calculated

How is my footprint calculated?

Our carbon calculator asks for information about how you live both at home and when travelling; it uses this to determine how responsible an individual you are towards protecting against climate change. The data collected during the process goes into detail about your travel habits like if you drive, fly or use public transport regularly. This section looks at what makes up most people’s carbon footprints; they include household energy usage, travel, goods and services.

The environmental impact of your house Accounts for around 29% of your footprint. Carbon emissions are partly due to the total area of the home you live in, as larger homes generally have higher carbon emissions per sqm . However, this is not typically a major factor in most people’s footprints.

How much energy do I use at home?

energy do I use at home

Accounts for around 22% of your footprint. The amount you use will be affected by how much time you spend at home, but also the appliances you own and how often you use them. Some appliances are more efficient than others; this makes it possible to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint without drastically changing our living conditions. Our calculator takes into account many aspects of your home life, including the number of people living with you, how much energy appliances are used and what fuel you use to heat your home.

How many flights do I take?

Accounts for around 20% of your footprint. The environmental impact of flying is two-fold. Not only does it create emissions during the flight itself, but also generates significant levels throughout its production cycle. This includes digging up metal ore to make engine parts and burning fuel in factories involved in aircraft manufacture. If you fly frequently, this can quickly contribute towards increasing your carbon footprint; however, there are ways to reduce impact through offsetting or by taking steps like leaving bigger gaps between flights wherever possible.

What about my food?

Accounts for around 19% of your footprint. The foods you eat can have different carbon footprints depending on where they are sourced from, how far they need to be transported, and the impact of the farming process itself. Growing food is an energy-intensive business that produces greenhouse gases, while importing food over long distances often requires the use of fuel-hungry transport methods. How much waste do I produce?

Accounts for around 11% of your footprint. Food waste accounts for around 20% of household rubbish in the UK, so it’s important to consider this effect when working out your daily CO2 emissions. Different areas may also see other alternatives used – such as composting – which has a lower environmental impact than throwing things away; again our calculator helps you work this out.

What about the things I buy?

Accounts for around 10% of your footprint. The carbon emissions generated by producing and transporting everyday items like clothes, furniture, and electronics will also quickly add up over time. Buying products that have a low environmental impact can make a big difference; taking steps to reduce how many items you buy – and choose more sustainable alternatives when possible – is another way to positively affect your carbon footprint.

How much travel do I do?

Accounts for around 18% of your footprint. As well as domestic air travel, this section also takes into account the amount of driving you to do, both locally and for longer distances such as holidays abroad or moving home. We all lead busy lives so it’s important to find ways to reduce the impact of this factor; try car-pooling, cycling or taking public transport when possible.

How much should I contribute?

How much should I contribute?
How much should I contribute?

Accounts for around 7% of your footprint. An easy way to understand what might be a suitable target for you is to consider the UK average – which according to government statistics from 2014 was around 11 tonnes CO2 per year [1]. You can then work out how quickly you will reach this total and may want to adjust accordingly. How do I compare with other people?

Accounts for around 5% of your footprint. These percentages are based on an average UK citizen’s carbon footprint in 2015, though many different factors can affect these numbers depending on age, profession and home situation. Try considering what the carbon footprint of someone in your industry may be, and how these figures change when moving to a new area or country.

How do I go about reducing my impact?

Accounts for around 11% of your footprint. The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to try and live in a more sustainable fashion – focusing on everyday choices that can help you achieve this goal quickly and easily without drastically changing your lifestyle. This could include switching to low-energy appliances or using public transport when possible; taking steps like this will make a difference over time.

7 best ETFs to buy in 2021

ETFs mean exchange-traded funds that have tremendously become popular. And the reason for its popularity is that it allows many investors to own a mixed set of securities at low cost and stocks quickly. It also lets them be exposed to market areas such as industries, countries, or asset classes. In the stock market, the easiest way to invest in them is ETFs; ever we have limited knowledge and experience.

Based on ETFs’ best performance in 2020, Essay writing service UK researched and found the 7 best ETFs in 2021 to buy.

How to work ETFs

A group of assets hold ETFs funds, such as bonds, stocks, or others. ETFs’ share trade like a stock an interest acquires in the investors’ holdings all funds by just one share buying. To start and get into the market not required a big investment, but it just involves the acquisition of one share that may be in the range of $20-$200.

A leveraged ETF is another type of ETF designed to provide exposure double or triple to the underlying investment. And the aim is to track stock’s daily performance. If 1 percent goes up stock, then supposed ETFs 2 or 3 percent go up, depending on the fund type. But for beginner investors, this type of ETF, not the best securities.

Learn how buyers use market intelligence

Is a good type of investment is ETFs

ETFs have expense ratios very low; for each $10,00 invested a few dollars, that is the cheapest funds cost. In massive investments to determining what we own, they use present indexes.  

Another advantage for investors is that ETFs have made commission-free for most online brokers. It means we can get into the market or out without trading fees paid. Over individual stocks, another benefit is that ETFs do even better making for cost-conscious investors.

7 top best ETFs for 2021

On the basic recent performance kind of exposure and expense ratio, the top best ETFs are:

  1. (QQQ) Invesco QQQ Trust
  2. (VOO) Vanguard S&P 500 ETF
  3. (VYM) Vanguard High Dividend YieldYield
  4. (PEJ) Invesco Dynamic Leisure and Entertainment ETF
  5. (GDX) Vaneck Vector Gold Miners ETF
  6. (VB) Vanguard Small-Cap ETF
  7. (VIXY) ProShares VIX Short-Term Futures ETF

(QQQ) Invesco QQQ Trust-top tech ETF

A recent performance in 2020: +48.4 percent

The expense ratio of QQQ: 0.20 percent

Only Nasdaq stocks non-financial own the Invesco QQQ trust. That is with big a top tech ETF that probably we familiar already with it. Because it is the largest ETF that is massively liquid, either it is not too expensive.  For every 10,00 invested annually, fund costing is $20. With the solid and best performance in 2020, it is the best ETF for 2021.

(VOO) Vanguard S&P 500 ETF- top S&P 500 ETF

A recent performance in 2020: +18.3 percent

The expense ratio of VOO: 0.03 percent

The S&P 500 tracks by the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF  that for the largest American companies providing diversified and broad-based portfolio. In low cost investing of  ETF, leaders sponsored funds. The fund and Vanguard itself has in assets hundreds of billions. In 2010 was opened funds and had an annual cost razor-thin for every $10,000 invested just $3. And in 2020, its reliable performance reflects an overall gain in the market.

(VYM) Vanguard High Dividend Yield- top high-dividend ETF

A recent performance in 2020: +1.1 percent

The expense ratio of VYM: 0.06 percent

High Dividend Yield index of FTSE tracks by Vanguard ETF, which American stocks include that high-dividend yield paying. These funds under management have tens of millions, that highly liquid making it. And in this business, most reputable names sponsored the funds. In 2006 was founded the funds and charges for each $10,000 invested just $6. So this payout not too much.

(PEJ) Invesco Dynamic Leisure and Entertainment ETF- top leisure and entertainment ETF

A recent performance in 2020: -10.3 percent

The expense ratio of PEJ: 0.63 percent

In 2020 the funds of this ETF was down, greatly due to coronavirus. And the pandemic of coronavirus hits hardly many leisure and entertainment companies. But as the vaccine of this virus rolled out so in 2021, these funds turnaround again, which holds a hotel, leading media, or restaurant companies. These funds’ expense ratio is high as relatively this ETF small, that charges for every $10,000 invested $63.  But in next, it hopes returns better.

(GDX) Vaneck Vector Gold Miners ETF-top gold ETF

A recent performance in 2020: +23.7 percent

Expense ration of GDX: 0.52 percent

In a time of uncertainty, investors often turn to gold and the best way to play with it instead of itself shiny stuff owning gold miners. When prices of gold rise, then it will become the largest advantage of owning miners. So about all of this, ETF offers funds. This ETF is the largest gold miner that annually charges for each 10,000 invested $52.

(VB) Vanguard Small-Cap ETF-top small-cap ETF

A recent performance in 2020: +19.2 percent

The expense ratio of VB: 0.05 percent

For investing, an attractive place is small-cap stocks, 1400 positions around it hold that broadly making it diversified. But the expense ratio of its very low. For each $10000 invested it just $5 costs. In 2004 the fund was funded and more than 8 percent returned annually in its 15 years first. In 2020 its performance was the strong performance that reflects in the stock market smaller companies.

(VIXY) ProShares VIX Short-Term Futures ETF-top VIX ETF

A recent performance in 2020: +10.9 percent

The expense ratio of VIXY: 0.87 percent

In the fund world, unusual is ETF because it allows profit to investors on the market volatility except for specific security. If it moves higher volatility, then values increase of ETF, generally inversely moving in the stock market direction. So any long-term trade or investment, this short-term investment or trade is better. However, it has to roll regularly derivatives contracts, costing overtime fund money. The fund is liquid despite few assets and in line with its expense ratio in this niche space with others, for each $10,000 invested annually costing $87. In the stock market in 2020, volatile performance led to an ETF decent performance.

In the stock market, the safe ways and easier for investors is ETFs. Because they immediately offer diversification, except for this, how can they invest? So this is the best investing field for investors that will rise more in 2021.

How To Show Hidden Files and Folders On A Mac

Like all other operating systems, the macOS also has important hidden files and folders. On Windows 10, you can make your hidden files in File Explorer. Although it’s easy to find, it makes it easy to make changes and commit mistakes. 

Mac prevents this by hiding these files well, and it isn’t easy to find a way to view them. However, there are times when you need those files to fix a problem and clear out all the old cache, logs, and junk files. Read on some ways to solve your problems when you can’t find hidden files. 

Use Your Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the quickest ways to show your hidden files on Mac is by using your keyboard shortcuts. All you have to do is press the Command + Shift + Period keys at the same time to show your hidden files. The files will appear more transparent than your regular files. 

You can hide the files if you press the keyboard combination once again. Once you’ve pressed this combination, all the hidden files will be present in all folders of your Mac. Unfortunately, this feature is only available if your Mac runs with macOS Sierra or above. 

Find Hidden Files Through the Terminal

Another way to fix why you can’t find hidden files is by using terminal commands. The terminal is a Mac command-line interface included in your macOS. It allows you to perform actions and control your Mac by using command prompts. 

To open up the terminal, open up the Spotlight search bar or use Command + Spacebar. Type in “Terminal” and press enter or double-click on the search result. You can also launch the terminal by going to the “Utilities” window. 

The next step is to copy the following command and paste it into your Terminal app. Here is the command: 

  • defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles true

Press the Enter key once you’ve pasted the command. Then, type in “killall Finder” to restart Finder so the effect can take effect. Another alternative is to hold the Option key and right-click on the Finder’s icon in the Dock. 

Click on the Relaunch option, which also refreshes your files and folders. To hide the files, simply replace “true” with “false.” One of the main advantages of using the terminal is that you can hide any file or folder. 

Enter “chflags hidden” and press the space key to add the path of your chosen file or folder. All you have to do is drag the file or folder from Finder into the terminal window. Make your files or folders visible by repeating the steps above using “chflags nohidden.”

Show Hidden Files With AppleScript 

AppleScript is a language created by Apple to automate repetitive macOS actions. It can interact with apps and use Finder to automate the tasks for you. The AppleScript can do simple tasks, such as copying files from one folder to another. 

It can also do complicated tasks, such as creating a real estate catalog. Open up your Spotlight search bar and find the Script Editor tool. You then copy and paste the following script on it to give yourself access to hidden files.

Then, you click on the Run button to execute the script. A dialog box will appear to choose between the two options: show files or hide files. You can save the script as an app so you can use it for future use. 

Look in File Managers

Still can’t or don’t know how to show hidden files on Mac? Try using third-party file managers to show your hidden files and folders. Apps like Forklift and DCommander can show hidden files in the interface of the apps. 

You won’t have to use commands or keyboard shortcuts to find your hidden files. Some file manager apps have features like hidden file finder, which can help less tech-savvy users. Ensure you understand the file manager well so that you won’t damage your files. 

Why Are There Hidden Files and Folders? 

Hiding files and folders prevent administrators and computer manufacturers from accidentally deleting them. It also prevents others from damaging any system-related files and folders. Some files get marked as hidden since they do not need moving, deleting, or changing. 

This is to protect the device and the user to cause irreparable damage to their devices. Accidentally tampering with these files means that you’ll need to take your device to professional technicians, and it will also void your warranty with the device.

Businesses hide their files to have a smooth transaction with partners and customers. You won’t notice these files at all, even if they perform essential tasks. These are sensitive files that can cause errors in your computer if you remove them. 

If you want to access these files, you have to be extra careful when handling them. Try not to move or change the files unless you know what you are doing. 

Again, tampering with these files can cause harm to you or the business you’re engaging with. It can cause all transactions within the brand to go awry and cause major setbacks. These can also tamper with the client’s sensitive data, causing a breach in security and disgrace the business along the way.

How to Show Hidden Files on a Mac

Can’t find files on your Mac? Well, now you can by using the keyboard shortcut, terminal, file managers, and AppleScript. Start with easier methods before using command prompts or scripts. 

Remember that these files are automatically hidden for a reason. They are part of how your computer runs and processes the tasks that you do on your computer. Only access them when you need to fix them, or you’ve accidentally hidden a file or folder that you need.

Do you want to learn more about how your Mac works? Check out more tech guides at techlobsters to learn all you can today!

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Recruit and Keep Your Database Administrators Happy

As of late, we can see that DevOps’ implementation is on a continuous hype, and the organizations are battling to secure a highly efficient and competent application on the technology market. One category of specialists we tend to forget is the database administrators (DBAs) who work so hard behind the scenes to battle the technical issues related to escalating numbers of DBMS platforms that the developers deploy.

DBAs have it the toughest way. If you consider developers as James Bonds in the technology worlds, DBAs are the Qs who work quietly in the background to create Bond’s big toys, which he inevitably destroys in the future. An ideal DBA in an enterprise technology framework may surely be saddled with the management of about fifty or more than that database, situated along with many development stages. 

All these distinct and often rogue databases tend to battle for the same storage and computing resources. The majority of the database admins come equipped with their management and reporting tools, and if these fail or crash, then there may be a larger array of responsible factors. In the current situation, databases’ growth is difficult to tackle even for companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS). It will make it possible for the developers who try to create one. 

In light of this scenario, the over-burdened DBAs may often fail to notice the actual problems, which may ultimately lead to data loss or missed insights, affecting the efficiency and business output. So, if you fail to implement policies that will further help regulate the database growth, it is high time to look for ways to help the DBAs stay informed, up-to-date, and happy. Here are some ways.

Increase the focus and ward off any unwanted disturbances

DBAs may sometimes be taxed with broader and overarching IT roles like backup, recovery, system upgrades, and even help desk. You may not probably keep them over-stretched as you will not do to your developers. So, always given a chance for the DBAs to move beyond the basic fire-fighting role to focus more intricately on improving the application’s performance. While looking at the bigger picture, this approach will help prevent any emergency firefighting on the go. 

The modern-day databases serve both storage and analytical purposes. The database administrators need to go beyond just being the safe keepers to be more innovative and functional. So, the technology decisions makers should always bring in the policies by giving more room to the DBAs and the others down the line. Providers like RemoteDBA.com understand these facts and always try to keep the industry best database administrators in their panel of remote DBAs. Know more about Microsoft Access Online from Hosted Virtual Desktop providers.

Ensure your DBAs get continuous database training

The database is a continuously evolving workspace, and the DBA’s need to keep themselves be updated about all these evolving technologies and strategies. While taking care of the wants and needs of the database admins, you may also try to eradicate any external distractions to the DBAs and give them more time and opportunities to extend their knowledge across various traditional databases like MySQL, Oracle, or MS SQL to the most advanced databases like NewSQL DBs. Encourage them to explore the open-source databases too like Cassandra, Couchbase, and PostgreSQL etc.

Centralize database monitoring tools

Management tools that come out of the box with most modern-day databases may offer a very restricted view in the wider environment. On the other hand, centralized tools can offer better visibility across the complete stack of application tools, making it easier for the DBAs to be aware of the same and make use when needed.

A centralized toolbox will show how the given databases co-operate with the other community resources and may also help reveal interdependent features which may lead to performance compromises and that disaster. Centralized tool will also let an expert DBA to run an instant assessment of all available databases from a single panel and decide which will require the most immediate attention.

Empower DBAs and work with them to implement strong database procedures

You may give the authority to your DBAs for assessing and controlling the databases they handle. This will be challenging if you restrict the DBAs to the customary database operations. If the databases of our times cross all these customary boundaries, then the DBAs should also be. They must be entrusted to assess the databases, which may be unproductive, unnecessary, or impractical.

What we discuss here is about offering the DBAs more capacity and room to say no to the unwanted databases unless they have an undeniable argument as to why one such DB has to be created. The DBAs should also be provided with the opportunity and capability to build a set of metrics, objectives, and Service Level Agreements that must be met by the databases.

Consider your DBAs as superstars

As of late, it is now becoming more challenging to recruit and deploy talented DBAs, particularly those who can handle and upkeep a multitude of DBMS platforms. There is a potential shortage of skilled DBA professionals in the job market, so overtime is considered one of the hottest and most demanding IT careers. In a survey conducted last year, CNN Money ranked DBA as the No. 9 Best Jobs in the United States. Employers also need to give keen attention to database administrator candidates and do everything to maintain and keep them satisfied.

So, if you want your data and databases to sustain an important and decisive role in your business success, give your DBAs also as much acknowledgment and credit as the developers and other front-line IT professionals. Remember that behind each successful developer, there is the effort of an unrelenting and skillful DBA, which helps to keep the applications and data always up and running at the top speed.

Selecting a good database is vital; it is one of the best ways to ensure that the administrators do their job well. Invest time and money for the best.

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