Do’s and Don’ts of Disposing Cooking Oil From Your Home: A Guide

You can use cooking oil for frying or deep frying to improve your dishes’ taste and consistency. So although cooking oil is useful, you must safely dispose of them. Cooking oil disposal benefits the environment only when disposed of in an eco-friendly, safe and effective manner. And here, you can look at the different do’s, and don’ts of disposing of the oil; the following are a few of them:

Do Check With Your Local Waste Disposal Company

You can also check with your local waste disposal company. They may be able to take the oil and turn it into a valuable resource again. They may want to reuse it or recycle it, depending on the type you have and the amount you are disposing of. It’s always best to call ahead before you go, so they can make sure there is space in their system for your shipment, but if they don’t have any plans for your used cooking oil, then they might have some ideas of where else this could go that would benefit both parties involved! And if none of these options works out, composting might be an option for some people who live close enough together that one person doesn’t need an entire truckload full.

Don’t Dispose of the Used Cooking Oil Down the Drain

Cooking oil is a valuable resource; it can be used to make soap, skincare products, biodiesel fuel, or biodiesel. So, you must not use a sink to dispose of cooking oil. In addition, don’t use a toilet to dispose of cooking oil (unless you have one of those fancy bidets). And don’t pour it down your kitchen drain, either! You could clog your pipes and cause even more damage than just making an unpleasant mess on your hands, floor, table, or whatever else might be nearby when this happens. Also, it’s actually not very effective at getting rid of all the fats and other ingredients in your grease trap. Hence, instead of letting these things go down the drain where they can pollute groundwater or lakeside ecosystems, consider taking this oil to a restaurant for proper disposal! Moreover, don’t use a microwave or start a fire trying to dispose of cooking oil.

Dispose of Used Cooking Oil in Containers

When you’re done using your oil, you can dispose of it in a compostable container. This will help keep the environment cleaner and reduce waste. Meanwhile, you must keep in mind a few things when deciding how to dispose of your used cooking oil, such as:

  • Make sure that the container is easy to open and close so that it doesn’t get stuck on something during transportation or storage. For example, plastic squeeze bottles are good because they’re sturdy but flexible enough for convenient use.
  • Choose an appropriate size for your purposes, and this means choosing one that’s big enough so you won’t have any trouble carrying it around with you wherever needed (like at home) but small enough so as not to take up a lot of space once opened up again later on down the road (like at work). You’ll also want something durable enough to withstand regular use over time and survive even being dropped onto hard surfaces repeatedly without breaking apart first!

Cooking oil disposal is easy with the tips listed above; there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to get rid of your cooking oils in a way that won’t harm the environment or yourself. Additionally, if any of these tips are new to you and help reduce your wastefulness as an individual and member of society, then they’re worth considering!

Chromatography: All About 3 Types Chromatography

Chromatography is a method used in the laboratory to separate a mixture of different components. There are two different phases in this technique. The mobile phase refers to the solute compound, which moves along the stationary phase, which does not move. As the mobile phase passes through the stationary phase, each component in the mixture flows at different speeds according to its affinity and is absorbed in the stationary phase. This fundamental principle changes according to gas chromatography, ion exchange, affinity, etc. Many complicated components can be distinguished easily and quickly with chromatography. It can even differentiate components with similar properties. It detects drugs, alcohol, or any form of volatile substances present in the blood.

Types of Chromatography

This method has been employed in the field of science for various purposes. There are different types of chromatography attesting to varied requirements. Some of them are as follows,

  • Gas chromatography
  • Column chromatography
  • Paper chromatography
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Thin-layer chromatography

Gas Chromatography :

This method is entitled to separating or adsorbing volatile or harmful gases. This technique is suitable for components with high volatility, low molecular mass, thermally stable properties. The standard mobile phase in this method is Gas. The stationary phase can be solid or liquid. Helium is used to move the mobile phase.

Gas chromatography is used in pharmaceuticals, forensics, alcohol detectors, and so on.

2 Type of Gas Chromatography :

  • Gas-Liquid chromatography (GLC)- where the liquid is the stationary phase
  • Gas-Solid chromatography (GSC)- where solid is the stationary phase.

Column Chromatography:

This method is also employed to separate components or remove impurities. The stationary phase used here is solid, which is inexpensive but possesses qualitative adsorption properties. When the mobile phase passes through, the components with less affinity move fast and can be collected first from the column; the high absorption component will move slowly and can be eluted only in the end. This method is used in food, beverage, chemical, forensic industries.

Types of Column Chromatography

  • PARTITION COLUMN CHROMATOGRAPHY – liquid is used in both mobile and stationary phases.
  • GEL COLUMN CHROMATOGRAPHY – Gel (solvent) is used as the stationary phase.
  • ION EXCHANGE CHROMATOGRAPHY – Ion-exchange resin is used in the stationary phase.

Paper Chromatography :

This method uses partition and adsorption techniques. These are mainly used to detect contaminated foods or beverages, cosmetics, consumption of drugs in animals and humans. This chromatography is done by first choosing suitable paper or strips and filters. Once the sample is spotted on the sheet, it is dipped in the mobile phase, and it moves with the help of chromatogram development. Paper chromatography was the primary method used back in 1855. It is categorized as follows,

Types of paper Chromatography

  • Ascending paper
  • Descending paper
  • Ascending – Descending
  • Radial or circular
  • Two Dimensional

Liquid Chromatography :

In this technique, a solid stationary phase is used, and the mobile phase is liquid. It is commonly used to separate molecules, acids, proteins, and many more. Each component has varied absorption, partitioning, ion exchange, size, and momentum, which interferes with the stationary phase and gets distinguished. This is used on a small scale to isolate and remove contaminants from any mixture. High-performance liquid chromatography is available with the pressurized granular absorbing stationary phase in many laboratories and medicinal research centres. It also includes other types,.

Types of Liquid Chromatography

  • Normal phase
  • Displacement
  • Reversed-phase
  • Size exclusion
  • Aqueous normal phase

Thin Layer Chromatography :

This procedure is an upgraded version of paper chromatography. As the name suggests, this method functions on the surface of mediums like plastic, glass, aluminum foil. On top of that, a thin layer of absorbent is coated. Commonly used absorbent layers are aluminum oxide, cellulose, and silica. Once the sample spots are marked in the layers, the plate is placed inside the chamber, and the solvent or the mobile phase is emptied into the chamber. The components get segregated with their diverse retention factors. This type is used in food, beverage, medicinal, cosmetic industries, analyze natural resources like oils, volatiles, alkaloids, and so on.

Chromatography Application :

  • All these methods are used in pharmaceutical, research, broadly in science sectors. It evaluates different substances, detects adulterants, removes contaminants.
  • It helps in qualitative and quantitative examination of water. Also exposes certain harmful volatile gases with the help of Gas chromatography techniques.
  • It is utilized in food and beverage for nutritional standard verifications. Also detects any form of contaminants and added preservatives.
  • It is applied in forensic science to detect and analyze crime scenes, blood, or hair samples collected, which may lead to some possible clues.
  • It can separate mixed components, remove impurities in an analysis.
  • One can derive satisfactory analysis, purification, and separations.
  • It is cost-efficient and requires only a small amount of samples.
  • Also, this technique is adopted in molecular studies and research institutions to examine proteomics, nucleic acids.

Word to PDF: How to Convert Using GoGoPDF’s Converter Tool

There are a ton of reasons why you should choose to convert your Word documents to PDF files. Some reasons include compatibility issues. Some of you may already know that whenever you access a Word document on a different version of MS Word, you wouldn’t be able to open it or access a Word document on a device with a different operating system.

These are just some of the reasons why PDF files are easier to use compared to Word documents. But the reason you should really consider is security. Most PDF files may potentially contain some sensitive information regarding the owner. So, would you want it to be safe and secure? Of course, you do. So, with GoGoPDF, you can quickly and effortlessly convert your Word documents to PDF files in a short amount of time. But wait, what is GoGoPDF?


GoGoPDF is a free platform that can enable you to easily manage, edit, and convert your files into your chosen file formats. It consists of 20 tools that are ready for your disposal, making it a convenient platform since you don’t have to move from one platform to another just to find the tool you require for your tasks. You can convert your files from Word to PDF, HTMl to PDF, JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, PPT to PDF, and vice versa since GoGoPDF offers reverse conversion as well.

But wait, it doesn’t only offer file conversion. It also offers a variety of tools that makes handling PDF files easier, including PDF repair, unlock & lock, split, merge, compress, edit, and many more. We guarantee that whatever you need for your files, GoGoPDF has everything for you. The best part of it is that you don’t have to use any third-party programs or install any app or software on your device, making it a practical way of handling your PDF files.

GoGoPDF Four-Step Word to PDF Conversion Process

GoGoPDF’s Word to PDF conversion process only has four easy to understand and quick steps. Nothing too technical or complicated about these steps as they are already simplified and are straight to the point. It would only take you a maximum of two minutes to complete these steps from the beginning until the end, making it one of the most reliable and quickest ways of converting Word documents to PDF files.

First Step

The first thing you have to do is typing into your web browser “” and tap on the Word to PDF tool. Upon clicking, you will immediately be redirected to a new web page where you can upload your files, images, and documents. You can do this in two simple ways:

  • By clicking on the “Select Files” button, and choose the files you want to convert.
  • By using GoGoPDF’s drag-and-drop feature and dragging it into the conversion box.

Second Step

GoGoPDF will then immediately start the process of conversion for your Word documents. During this time, you might think to yourself whether your files are protected, or the files you have uploaded will be safe in their hands. The answer is a solid YES. They have installed a Secured Socket Layer that automatically encrypts and secures your files as you transmit them online. Also, your files are automatically removed from their system after an hour of uploading them. This is to ensure that no one will have access to your files.

Third Step

All you have to do for the third step is wait until the conversion process to be completed. GoGoPDF is a powerful and reliable platform for file conversion. So, it doesn’t take much of your time to convert your Word documents to PDF files, as it would only take a matter of seconds before it is completed. With this fact, you are already saving so much time since you don’t have to wait for a long time.

Fourth Step

The last thing you have to do after the conversion process is complete is to download your newly converted PDF files into your chosen file storage device by clicking on the downloadable link given to you by the platform. You can also share it with other people through a unique shareable link through your social media accounts or your email. Just as we have mentioned above, it would only take you two minutes to complete converting your Word documents into a high-quality PDF file.


Without a doubt, GoGoPDF offers a much more superior platform than anything you will ever find on the internet. It isn’t only easy to use, has quick conversions, but also able to manage your files securely and safely. Everything you are looking for checks out.

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5 Best Free Tools To Convert Word To PDF Online

One aspect that makes PDF files more convenient when sending documents to others is maintaining the file’s excellent quality and format. Whether you’re sending an email, invoicing clients, or any other thing you need to be done at work, using a PDF file is a top choice. if you are Looking for user-friendly Free Tools To Convert Word To PDF Online. here is the list of tools to convert word to pdf online are following.

Nowadays, there is multiple web-based software that can easily access. There is no need to put much pressure on yourself when searching for the best one since we’re about to share the best five free tools to convert Word documents to PDF files. Just keep scrolling for you to find one!

PDFBear : Word to pdf converter

Today, one of the best tools to convert Word to PDF online is PDFBear. This tool offers quick conversion in just a few clicks, making it easy and accessible. You don’t have to worry and essential data is not being transferred during the conversion process. This tool preserves all the Word documents’ text, paragraphs, tables, columns, and fonts.

When it comes to the conversion process, everything is done online. You don’t need to think of extra software installation as you can have all the website access. Plus, keeping the users’ privacy and security is one of the main features that the software offers. As based on privacy and security compliance, all of the files you have uploaded are permanently deleted after an hour of using the tool. They provide free access but to experience more, and it’s also good to opt for a premium subscription.

ILovePDF : Convert word to pdf online

Next on the list is best known as the most straightforward PDF converter tools online. This software adopts the minimalist approach when it comes to PDF conversion. It offers multiple FREE services such as PDF processing tools, merging the file, covering file conversions, watermarking, and many more.

You have to register to access and use more features of this tool. But to experience all of the elements with no ads, it’s also a better option to go for the premium version. Having the opportunity to access the iLovePDF mobile app and converting the highest file per task are among the features you’ll get after subscribing to the premium version. You can always be assured of precise and reliable conversion with this ILovePDF tool.

PDF2DOC : Word to pdf Convert Online

The PDF2DOC is a user-friendly online tool that can instantly convert your Word document to a PDF file or vice versa. The good thing about this tool is it’s free to access and works on mobile devices. It also keeps the original texts, fonts, and layouts of the file even after the conversion process. Another impressive feature it offers is that you can convert up to 20 files and has the option to download them one by one or all at once in ZIP archive format. On the other hand, the only downside is you’ll be experiencing many ads while using it.

WPS PDF to Word Converter

If you’re looking for the quickest conversion tool online, the WPS PDF to Word Converter is the answer. You can process any conversion of your choices, such as converting word documents to PDF files or the other way in batches. Although it’s being processed in bulk, the file’s quality, text fonts, and layout weights are still kept and secured.

The good thing about this tool is there is no need to register for immediate conversion, which only means that if you’re in a rush to convert your file, it’s hassle-free to use. You can convert any file up to five pages in the free version of the app. But, if you’re hoping to use it without limit, opting for the premium version for only $19.99 can be the best choice.

Online OCR: WPS PDF to Word Converter

As the name says, this tool is accessible to convert your Word document to a PDF file online. If you’re not familiar with OCR, it stands for optical character recognition software, an essential tool to recognize foreign characters during the entire conversion process. With the OCR technology feature, an OnlineOCR converter is a useful tool for anyone looking for a converter tool intended to be used for documents with foreign languages. It’s available to convert files from Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. As devices have more than 45 languages, this tool will work and meet all of your needs.

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This tool’s only downside is that it limits up to 15 conversions per hour for every new user. If you have bulk assignments that need to be done for more than an hour, this tool may not be the best service you’re looking for.

In Conclusion 

With the constant advancement of technology, you can do everything with just a single click. That’s why if you’re facing some difficulties in your installed software for conversion of files, looking for alternative tools online is such a piece of cake. There are many conversion tools available online today to help you convert your Word document to a PDF file. All you need to do is choose which one among the options best meets your needs. You can freely access most of the available conversion tools, but opting for the premium version will let you experience all the features that tools offer. Why not consider choosing our first tool on the list. Just simply visit the websites to discover its fantastic features about to offer to you.

App Security: Why app Security is important?

At the advent of the Internet, insecure communications in operating systems and networks have created the bulk of the hacking. Through time, operating systems and networks were fortified, but there can and still can be destructive threats, including a recent ransomware attack in Germany against a hospital that may have triggered the death of a patient. Yet malicious parties work on third-party applications and computers almost as easily as vulnerabilities in one region are resolved. As a consequence, the data is most at risk from the network’s weakest connection, which is frequently smartphone and web apps.

What this means is that a mobile phone app with a network connection will become a portal open to hackers. This is a general justification for the need for app protection. If you build an app and use it privately, sell an app or purchase an app doesn’t matter. It is critical not only that the open door is closed but also secure. Want to know more about the importance of app security let us first help you understand what it is and how does it work for your business efficiency. 

What are the business goals of app security?

In an environment in which everything connections to the internet, the apps are an essential part of doing business. Businesses use the software on the Internet of Things, hyper connection, and consumer demand.

Online and mobile technology help to link an organisation to mobile, peripheral, network and wired devices. You can gather a lot of information, provide customers and workers with ease of use and make a difference in dynamic markets. Company priorities should then address:

  • Reduce risk — like third-party risk
  • Protect Brand Name — Project protection and avoid leakage
  • Customer trust security and building — The rivalry contributes to customer service
  • Secure and protect your personal and client data
  • Enhance client, creditor, and lender trust — Minimizing vulnerability increases confidence for both parties
  • Regardless of the business, confidence, picture, and risk, three themes need attention. Companies flounder without any of these things.

The challenges faced by cyber threats: App security

An article detailing threats to iOS apps was produced in 2017 by PC Magazine. News reveals that app protection is weak. The essay by Tom Brant highlights the emerging risks to the protection and mobile data of a vulnerable link. Hackers could read information sent by iPhone and Apple devices via this vulnerability. Hackers can regulate the data flow by the control of the Wi-Fi link in principle.

Even with HTTPS hackers monitoring Wi-Fi links, data transmitting and receiving is possible via mobile devices. Brant describes that hackers simply route input and output data through their server and circumvent HTTPS protection by issuing fake TLS certificates. Such an agreement will therefore not be identified.

There was no change in the situation by 2020. 43 percent of all data breaches were attacks on mobile apps, according to the new Verizon Data Breach Investigations survey. This was a doubling of the 2019 numerical form. Moreover, 86 percent had financial motivation for both offences.

Different tips to boost the mobile app security

Data encryption mechanisms are disabled or vulnerable many times which can lead to the transfer over the internet of confidential data. Both of these concerns will be taken care of until the protection of the mobile app is complex and the framework assessment is better guarded. We offer some excellent tips and a variety of different forms in which you can create secure and safe smartphone apps for your companies or organizations.

Write the code of security yourself

The encryption code is the most insecure feature of any smartphone app. It is more likely that hackers will access it. So, writing a stable, dynamic code for your applications becomes extremely essential for you. Several studies estimated that approximately 11.6 million computers are vulnerable to attack due to code problems. Therefore, a high-quality authentication code that guarantees the applications are not under attack is the best standard that needs to be implemented here.

Encrypt the data that you have

Encryption is the mechanism by which information in data form can only be accessed by certain entities and translated into a hidden message. Encryption consists of an algorithm for making the data readable and then decrypting it. This is one of the most successful ways of ensuring that it is not maliciously exploited.

Make sure you use the libraries very carefully

There are certain times when a mobile app code for code creation includes third-party libraries. Because most libraries from third parties are unstable, you do not have to rely on them to create applications. Try first to test the library code to crash the device bugs without using malicious code.


You should still note the approved APIs in your software code can deter hackers from using confidential information. Since attackers will use authorization data catches to access and authenticate the whole system, experts are therefore strongly encouraged to provide a central authority for the whole API to achieve optimum security in the mobile application system creation.

High-level authentication

The authentication mechanism is the most critical aspect of mobile app security. Poor authentication will insecurity and the susceptibility to security threats for your mobile applications. User authentication constitutes one of the most critical components of the safety system for a developer. But you must use a solid password that hackers cannot quickly crack and apps protection remains intact.


If you are a corporation in the company and did not have to do much with smartphone apps, the headline would definitely not scare you much. Sure application security is important, you add, but only for those businesses that produce mobile apps. You rightly say that the companies who create apps have a tremendous responsibility to ensure the safety of mobile applications. This isn’t the full picture, though. You may not know it, but mobile devices are more prevalent in a modern business than any other medium, and you must pay attention to the value of safety in mobile apps and why they are important to your organisation.

3 Legitimate Ways to Convert Word Documents to PDF Files

Many people usually convert their Word documents into PDF files, either for school or for work, and there are several reasons people still perform this process. One would be because there are only a few edits that could be done on a PDF file, which preserves several important aspects of the document such as the format, lettering, and font of the file. 

Therefore, the content of the document will not suddenly be altered when opened on a different device which makes PDF files great for printing and file sharing. Hence, there are tools and software that help in converting Word documents to PDF files, such as a Word-to-PDF converter website, as well as Microsoft Word and Google Docs. This article will explain how each method works.

Method One: Using a Word-to-PDF Converter Website such as PDFBear

While using a website to convert Word to PDF is one of the most legitimate ways to perform this task, many people are not aware that it is possible to process this conversion online. Several websites, such as PDFBear, enable users to convert Word documents into PDF files in just a few steps:

  1. Upload the Word document you wish to be converted by either dragging the file on the website or clicking the “Select File” on the web page.
  2. The website will then scan your Word document and start the conversion process. Normally, this would take a few minutes to finish.
  3. After the conversion, you will now be able to download the PDF file of your document. 

One of the biggest advantages of using a website to convert Word documents into PDF files is that you can do this anywhere and anytime since websites only need to be loaded on a web browser on either a mobile device or a computer to be accessed. This means that an Android, iOS, MacOS, Chrome OS, Windows, or even Linux user could convert Word documents to PDF files without having to install special software or mobile app. 

Another advantage of using a website to convert Word documents to PDF files is that you do not need to create or sign in to an account or even pay to access them. They could be accessed immediately and free of charge in any web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari whenever you are using a mobile device or a computer to convert Word documents to PDF files.

Method Two: Using Microsoft Word 

Microsoft Word is one of the most, if not the most widely used word processing software in the market. While it is most commonly used in Windows computers, Microsoft Word can also be downloaded on Android and even iOS devices. Microsoft Word is often used to write documents and then save them in Word format but is also possible to download or even convert Word documents into PDF files and save the file in a different format using the same software. 

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Depending on the version of Microsoft Word used along with the platform where the software was installed, there will be differences in the steps on how to convert Word documents into PDF files using this software. But the steps below for converting Word documents to PDF files will apply for Microsoft Word that is installed in Windows computers, regardless of the version of both the software and the operating system:

  1. Open the Word Document you want to be converted
  2. After doing the necessary edits, click the File tab.
  3. When the tab is opened, you may find the “Save As” option
  4. You may pick the location you wish to save the Document (e.g. Local Drive, a folder, desktop) on the “Save As” screen of Microsoft Word. Alternatively, a pop-up window will appear showing various locations where the Document could be saved. 
  5. No matter which screen shows up, a drop-down menu will be on the bottom of the “Save As” screen or pop-up window. Click the drop-down box and select PDF (.pdf).
  6. Rename the file, then click the Save button to save these changes. 
  7. Go back to your Word document, and the new PDF file should open after the Word document has been converted.

Method Three: Using Google Docs

Google Docs is another popular word processing software that could either be downloaded as a separate software especially on mobile devices or could be opened on a web browser as a website, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Since Google Docs is connected to Google Drive, which is Google’s cloud storage application, it is possible to access Word documents that were saved or uploaded on any computer or mobile device, especially Windows and Android devices.

  1. First, upload the Word document you want to be converted to Google Drive.
  2. After that, you may open the Word document using Google Docs.
  3. Then, click the File tab and then click “Download As.”
  4. Soon, a drop-down of the list of formats where you could download the file will show up. Select “PDF Document.”
  5. Finally, a file of the Word document in PDF format will be downloaded to your computer, which you may check after the download process.

Alternatively, you may also upload the Word document to Google Drive and convert it into a Docs file on Google Docs, before downloading it in PDF format. This method works in the Google Drive and/or Google Docs app on an Android device, but this could also be done on a Windows computer. 


There are different ways to convert Word documents to PDF files, each with its own advantages or disadvantages. But regardless of the technique chosen, if you are looking for a website that could help you convert Word documents to PDF files easily, quickly, safely, and for free, definitely give PDFBear a try! PDFBear has multiple features that make it possible to swiftly and securely perform this task without requiring any sign-ins or even payments.

Why You Should See Cybersecurity from The Strategic Lens?

The memories of that day are still vivid in my mind like it was yesterday. It was 27 June 2017 when more than 80 companies from Ukraine and other parts of the world came under a cybersecurity attack. When their employees turn on their computers, they are greeted with a message saying, “Your files are encrypted.” The cyber attacker asked for a bitcoin payment to decrypt these files.

Before businesses could even figure out the gravity of the situation and react, the damage has already been done. Malware has reached that server. Everything from communication, file, and customer data, and even the manufacturing systems are all brought to a grinding halt. The result was an economic loss of $10 billion.

Despite the increasing frequency of such incidents, most companies are still unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with such cybersecurity attacks.  They don’t have cybersecurity systems or DDoS protection in place. Even though most executives consider cybersecurity as important but what they do not realize is the damage these cybersecurity attacks can do to their business both at a financial and operational level. This happens because business executives do not really see cybersecurity from a strategic perspective. 

In this article, you will learn why your business should stop seeing cybersecurity from an operational lens and start seeing it from a strategic perspective.

Clear Direction

The first thing you need to do is to create a cybersecurity strategy. This will help you secure your critical assets and business processes. Additionally, it will also allow you to take full advantage of strategic opportunities that come your way. Most importantly, it will give you a better idea about what your strengths and weaknesses are so you can bolster your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. With a well-thought-out cybersecurity strategy, you know exactly what your goals are and what are the steps that you need to take to achieve those goals.

Give you a Competitive Advantage

As mentioned before, most businesses look at cybersecurity from an operational perspective. This means that if you start seeing cybersecurity from a strategic angle, it will automatically make you stand out from the crowd and give you a competitive edge over your competitors. Despite its advantages, most businesses never pay attention to this. Due to this, they not only become the target of cybersecurity attacks every now and then but also miss out on an opportunity to distinguish themselves from other players in the market.

Improve Cybersecurity Resilience

In today’s cybersecurity landscape where hackers are one step ahead of security professionals, it is not about whether your business becomes the target of cyber-attacks or not but about when your organization will become the victim of one of these attacks. That is why it is important to boost the cybersecurity resilience of your organization. 

Here are some of the ways you can adopt to improve the cybersecurity resilience of your organization.

  • Invest in endpoint security solutions: like identity and access management
  • Increase cybersecurity awareness of your employees
  • Protect your DNS connection
  • Regularly back up your sensitive data
  • Evaluate how effective your incident response plan really is

According to Stephane Nappo, Global Chief Information Security Officer at Société Générale, “The five most efficient cyber defenders are Anticipation, Education, Detection, Reaction, and Resilience. Do remember: “Cybersecurity is much more than an IT topic.” He further adds, “Threat is a mirror of security gaps. Cybersecurity threats are usually a reflection of our weaknesses. Businesses need a vision for digital and behavioral gaps in order to ensure consistent cyber-resilience.”

Enhance Organization Capacity to Learn

When a business with a cybersecurity strategy is affected by a cyberattack, they learn from it as the weaknesses are made evident. Numerous studies have shown that executives that have a cybersecurity strategy can enhance organizational learning and offer new opportunities to capitalize on. 

Unfortunately, things are a lot different for cybersecurity leaders without a cybersecurity strategy. Moreover, cybersecurity strategy can also pave the way for process improvement, innovation, external collaboration, and partnerships as well as leadership development.  When a business adopts a strategic approach to cybersecurity, it will open doors for closer integration and collaboration of IT and business teams, which would benefit the business in the long run.

Stay Proactive

One of the biggest mistakes business makes is they wait for cybersecurity attacks and then react to it. Instead, they should adopt a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Since most businesses see cybersecurity through their myopic vision, they suffer even more. You should be expecting the best but should be well prepared to handle worst-case scenarios. Having an incident response plan is also critical. There is nothing worse for a business than to see their employees looking at each other with a confusing face with nobody knowing what to do in a crisis. An incident response plan saves you from that kind of situation.

Change Your Mindset

If you want your business owners to look at cybersecurity from a strategic point of view, you will first have to change their mindset from threat-driven to opportunity-driven. They are used to analyzing cybersecurity from an operational standpoint. Yes, it would not be easy and the change won’t happen overnight but if you stay consistent and tell them about the benefits of seeing cybersecurity from a strategic perspective, they will surely think about changing their approach to cybersecurity. After the shift, they will stop seeing cybersecurity as a lose-lose investment that they previously did.

Overcome Bias

Irrespective of how much you improve the processes and tools, they are still managed by humans who are subjected to different types of biases. Most executives will set different strategic priorities based on the specialty. They tend to divert funds and make investments in areas that they are experts in. This narrows down their vision and limits the possibilities for an organization while leaving vulnerabilities exposed throughout the organization. Executives are better off defining cybersecurity issues based on the potential impact a cybersecurity attack could have on their organization.

How does your business approach cybersecurity? Share your approach with us in the comments section below.

Robotics: Fiction vs. Reality

Robots are an iconic part of popular culture. Stories like I, Robot, Blade Runner, RoboCop, and Star Wars have enthralled people and taken over the public imagination for decades and decades. While some fictional representations of robots are positive and aspirational (think Pixar’s Wall: E and Optimus Prime from the Transformers franchise), other representations are more paranoid and paint robots as a threat. 

In truth, existing robots are much less dramatic, and most are simply used to assist in carrying out work functions! 

What Are Robotics Really Used For?

Many different industries use robotics—from basic robotic arms to fully autonomous drones—to carry out various tasks more efficiently, quickly, and safely than humans can. 

For example, the manufacturing industry is one that has really adopted the use of robotics for a variety of functions. Robotic arms on production lines can increase efficiency, and automated forklift trucks can transport large volumes of goods in a safer way than human drivers can. 

It is not just manufacturing where robots can carry out potentially dangerous tasks so that humans don’t have to. Drones are used extensively for military purposes, and bomb disposal robots are often used by law enforcement agencies so that the lives and safety of human workers aren’t put at unnecessary risk. Automated robots can also monitor potential crime scenes and carry out “patrols” in order to detect issues and report them to human police officers.

Robotics also plays a significant role in agriculture, where automated machines can fertilize crops, spray pesticides, plant seeds, pick fruit, and carry out many other farming tasks. This can increase production and efficiency by many times.

Robots are also being used in the hospitality industry, from robotic chefs that produce pre-programmed recipes to smart refrigerators and dishwashers. 

There are very few industries that have not been influenced by the field of robotics in at least some small way!

How Could Robotics Shape the Future?

There is clearly a huge number of uses for robotics across many different industries. While this technology is currently extremely expensive and limited to only the most advanced businesses and organizations, it is certainly likely that the use of robotics will dramatically increase over the next few decades and become a part of all of our daily lives. After all, just think what happened with computers—the huge computers used to carry out pioneering scientific research a few decades ago have been overtaken in power many times over by the smartphones most of us now carry in our pockets!

For the owners of large companies that can afford robotics, the potential future applications of robotics could be hugely beneficial. However, a potential disadvantage that robots may bring is that of replacing human workers—if robotics technology follows that of computers and becomes many times more powerful and less expensive, the number of jobs available for human workers could dramatically decrease. In the future, different economic models may have to be tried to tackle this problem. Robotics is a hugely promising technology for society, but it will have to be used in the right way!

What are the differences between real robots and fictional robots?

But the difference between real and fictional robots is the level of consciousness, autonomy and physical look. Many fictional robots are shown to acquire emotions and other human capabilities as in the movies Chappie, Transformers and Terminator.

Is Robot A science fiction?

What is Robot Science FictionRobot Science Fiction is, as its name indicates, Science Fiction that has a central theme of roboticsRobots, Androids, and Artificial Intelligences are related types of technology that are significant to Robot Sci Fi. A robot is an artificial device, or being, that is mechanical.

Does robotics have a future?

According to a Forrester report, robots will eliminate 6 percent of all jobs in the U.S. by 2021. McKinsey’s assessment is even more expansive — they believe that by 2030 one-third of American jobs could become automated

What is the difference between a robot and a machine?

Robots are self-governing machines capable of making decisions without an external trigger. A machine, on the other hand, has to be operated by a human to act. For example, some robots have rain sensors that trigger them to perform a pre-programmed instruction like turning on an umbrella

What 5 characteristics do most robots share?

Intelligence. Human intelligence is derived from the elaborate and interconnected network of neurons within the human brain. …
Sense Perception

Who was the first fictional robot?

In Lyman Frank Baum’s children’s novel Ozma of Oz, the first-ever introduction of a humanoid-appearance mechanical man that would satisfy the later “humanoid robot” definition occurred in 1907 

Unique Gift Ideas for kids: Best Gift options 2021

The first things that pop into anyone’s head when they hear about kids’ gifts are toys, candies, playsets, gaming consoles, and cute stationary or art supplies. But kid’s jewelry is last on the list. Many people think that kids and jewelry do not go hand in hand as they are carefree, as they should be, and are not responsible enough to look after expensive jewelry.

But despite these reasons, kids, especially little girls, love dressing up and tend to express an interest in jewelry and owning pieces. Kids wearing jewelry is not a new trend. Many different cultures love to adorn their children with jewelry and different accessories from a very young age. They also signify milestone moments such as first birthdays, first communions, and religious festivities. However, one needs to be very mindful of the kids’ safety and well-being before purchasing accessories or jewelry. Any jewelry comes with its own sets of risks such as choking, rashes, and irritation. It also should be age-appropriate and tasteful.

Here are a few dos and don’ts while picking up jewellery as a gift for kids. 


  1. Pay close attention to the metal. It is important to make sure that the metal chosen does not cause any allergies or rashes. When making a purchase, it is advisable to opt for sterling silver, fourteen karat gold, gold plated jewelry, or platinum. While platinum may be a tad expensive, another option is enamel jewelry. It is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors and shapes. They include stones with different colors and shapes and are a lovely option for kids.
  2. Consider how active the child is while purchasing jewelry. If a child is very active and fidgety, then a lightweight earring or a bracelet that can be securely clasped can be a good option. This is important because though children love particular types of jewelry such as charm bracelets, they may not be a practical option if they are very active as they get caught in other items or clothing.
  3. Less expensive is the way to go! Children being children are prone to misplacing or losing a lot of jewelry. We have all lost something or the other! This is why it is important to consider less expensive stones such as cubic zirconia. One can replace them after the child grows up.

4 Ways to make Mom Feel Special


  1. Kids’ gifts should be kids friendly. Do not gift adult jewelry. Kids’ jewelry is special as they are not over the top. Kids should not be wearing heavy dangling earrings or statement necklaces as they make the kids look older. The jewelry and accessories should be age-appropriate and tasteful.
  2. Avoid jewelry with sharp, pointy ends as they can get into clothing or poke and hurt the child. Some jewelry with jagged edges can also irritate the skin. 
  3. Check the material of the accessories before purchasing. Young children, when compared to adults, absorb harmful chemicals such as cadmium, nickel sooner. And these toxic substances are often present in jewelry. Hence one should be very careful about the material of the jewelry. Furthermore, one should not give accessories consisting of small charms or trinkets to toddlers or infants as they tend to put them in their mouths. 

Hopefully, these dos and don’ts will help while choosing the best gift for the kids!

Author bio: Helen Harry is a freelance writer and extremely fond of anything related to Digital Marketing and Business. She is writing Technologies as well as fiction, likes good music, loves her cat, and eats too much. More than anything, She loves to share the knowledge of Technology. 

Best Gifts for New Parents

If you’re visiting the hospital because your family member or friend just welcomed a new addition, then you most likely will go with a gift. It feels odd to visit without anything in your hand. After all, welcoming new life is always a momentous occasion that always calls for a celebration. If you need some inspiration, take a look at the following suggestions. This list contains popular baby gifts, as well as presents for proud parents. 

Say It With Flowers

Show your joy with hypoallergenic flowers. Carnations, daffodils, hydrangeas, and orchids assure that you don’t have to worry about itchy, watery eyes and runny noses. These flowers are the least allergy-causing, making them the perfect gift. A pretty bouquet will lighten up everyone’s day because the vibrant blooms elicit so much happiness. Give it with a note and gift card so the parents can buy what they like for the baby. 

Try a Live Plant

If you want something creative, give an actual living plant (The Best way to Choose Flower in Market). A small succulent in a pretty bowl makes the perfect gift. It doesn’t require maintenance, so the new parents don’t have to fuss over it. They’ll love this because the little tiny cactus can grow with their little one.

Another great low-maintenance one is a fortune plant. This thrives indoors and requires only a little attention. Besides, the meaning behind the gift assures that the new family will receive bountiful blessings. And of course, don’t forget a thoughtful gift card so they can buy stuff for the baby. 

Give a Baby Layette

This baby set stays on top of baby gifts registries for a reason. It includes everything that babies need, like blankets, bibs, socks, soft shoes, and burping cloths. Since it comes in a coordinated set, it is both fashionable and functional. The new parents will certainly appreciate it because babies are fussy creatures that love to make a mess. Hence, parents need a lot of extras for changing. This thoughtful gift will be much appreciated!

Purchase a Backseat View Mirror

Most new parents forget this functional mirror. If you want to have a better driving experience with a little one, this mirror is a MUST. For anyone with an infant, the law dictates that babies must sit in a rear-facing car seat. If you want to see your baby as you drive, this mirror assures that you can see your baby anytime.

It hooks into the seat securely with sturdy straps so that it won’t get out of place with unexpected bumps. Best of all, this mirror is shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any accidents. This thoughtful gift provides peace of mind for new parents when they are on the road. 

Give a Phone Mount For the Stroller

Finally, go the extra mile and give a stroller phone mount. Most new parents forget this gadget. But any veteran mom or dad will tell you that this is a must-have. Attaching this mount to your baby’s stroller assures you can readily access your phone no matter where you are. 

Whether you’re jogging or walking around in the mall, this handy-dandy mount assures you can access your phone easily. It comes with a very sturdy clip that will securely mount your phone into the stroller handlebar. It doesn’t require any complex installations, just clip it, and you’re good to go. With a new addition, the parents will most likely use this mount for at least three years. It is indeed a thoughtful and functional gift that most new parents won’t think of buying for themselves. 

Author bio: Helen Harry is a freelance writer and extremely fond of anything related to Digital Marketing and Business. She is writing Technologies as well as fiction, likes good music, loves her cat, and eats too much. More than anything, She loves to share the knowledge of Technology.