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Business Card Trends: All You Need to Know

In the area of networking and creating lasting impressions, business cards maintain their vital function. But like every other aspect of business, business cards evolve and can become more stylish over time.

In this article, we’ll look at four popular business card trends that can improve your networking.

Sustainable Materials:

Presenting an Environmentally Conscious Image

Sustainability has grown in importance in recent years. In this green revolution, business cards are not an exception. The days of plastic pollution and paper waste are long gone.

photo: PPC ID Card Solutions

Recycled Paper
This is a great material to use if you’re looking to ensure that your cards are professional while also demonstrating your dedication to the environment.

Plantable Cards
These cards have seeds in them and are one of the most sustainable options out there. What’s great about these cards is that recipients can plant the cards after using them – leading to a lasting impression!

2. Accessible and Inclusive: Making a Connection with Everyone

Braille Business Cards: This is a unique one but having Braille on your business cards can help those that are blind or visually challenged to have a better understanding of who you are and what it is that you do.

Multilingual Cards: In an increasingly interconnected world, linguistic boundaries have a high tendency of occurring. By printing several languages on your card, you can be assured of individuals understanding the details on your card!

3. Texture and Feeling: Using All of Your Senses

Embossing and Debossing: These unique printing methods provide depth and refinement to the surface of your card by creating raised or recessed designs that are interesting to the touch!

Printing on letterpress: For something that looks great but also creates an impression such as a textured look, you’d want to go ahead and print on letterpress. With this, the inked metal type or plates are pressed into the paper!

Soft-Touch Lamination: If you’re looking for a smooth and velvety textured card that’s pleasant to touch, you’d want to go with soft-touch lamination.

4. Experimental Materials: Thinking Outside the Card Box

If you want to try something different, gone are the days when you can only use paper and plastic to create business cards. Nowadays, there are also many other interesting materials that you can experiment with!

Metallic Business Cards: Made of copper, aluminum, or stainless steel, these cards are highly durable and create a statement.

Leather and fabric: Your card will be remembered thanks to these materials’ elegance and charm. You can also cut these to a smaller size so that individuals with your business card and easily slot them into their wallets!

Translucent Cards: When held up to the light, translucent plastic cards expose only a portion of their contents, adding a mysterious touch.

Edible Business Cards: You heard correctly—edible business cards! Some companies are producing edible business cards, such as those made of rice paper or chocolate.

Getting Started with Business Cards

In order to adapt to the shifting values and times, the business card industry is always evolving. Who says business cards have to be boring? There’s so much that you can easily experiment with – be it materials, textures, and more.

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