11 Major E-Commerce Trends in 2022 for Accelerating The Business

These days the global e-commerce industry is constantly evolving on a rapid rate. To stay competitive and relevant, the online businesses need to keep up with the latest e-Commerce trends and the ever-changing expectations of the customers. Below are mentioned the various E-commerce Trends of 2022 for accelerating the business:

Mobile Commerce

Nowadays, more and more customers are shopping for smart phones. Increasing mobile penetration is fueling this trend further. According to the report of Deloitte, by 2026 India will have 1 billion smart phone users. Smarter mobile shopping tools and apps enable customers to shop anywhere 24/7. A company without Smart phone solutions would be missing out on a huge opportunity due to the prevailing trends in smart phone buying.

Innovative Subscription Model

Subscription models have grown rapidly. Many e-commerce platforms encourage customer retention by combining subscriptions with innovative offers such as entertainment packages, rewards points and loyalty programs. The attractive plan also allows ecommerce players to plan inventory and sales in advance.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning enable customers to have a personalized, automated shopping experience. AI is constantly collecting data about how customers shop, when they shop, and what they’re looking for in a product or service. It’s a technology that really can’t be replicated in a store.

Growing Volume of Voice Search

Not only do more people have smart speakers, but they also rely on voice assistants to perform everyday tasks. As more homes adopt smart speakers, more consumers will use voice search to shop online, order food and organize their lives. The rise of voice search creates opportunities for keyword and content.

Online Marketplaces

If you have already robust for E-commerce app or website, one should still consider offering the products on online marketplaces. The various market places provide various products, free shipping, and returns. These online marketplaces are considered more convenient than multiple online stores. 

In case the brand is new, one should sell it in the top marketplaces of that area to take the advantage of the heavy traffic. In case the brand is established these marketplaces help to sway the customers. Like one can offer discounts when purchased from the website.

Different Ways of Payment

Customers have individual needs for payment methods, but they can cancel a potential sale if they can’t pay via email the way they want on the ecommerce site. Offering multiple payment methods is a great way to increase conversion rates on mobile devices. If customers can store their payment information on your site, they can checkout even faster the next time they shop.

Focus on Sustainability

A renewed focus is on e-commerce sustainability. It is a global phenomenon that is also increasingly reflected among Indian consumers. As consumers become more environmentally aware, e-commerce companies are turning to low-carbon logistics services and using eco-friendly packaging for their products.

Personalized Experience

A personalized experience allows visitors to receive suggestion of products offers and targeted emails campaigns based on past activity.

More than 60% of consumers are more likely to become repeat customers if a company offers a personalized shopping experience. Customers expect companies to be proactive in offering products they need in near future.

In addition, product recommendations represent up to 31% of ecommerce revenue. If a company offers a good quality personalized experience, it can attract and retain the customers without any kind of additional marketing strategies.

Content Creation for Marketing

This is not a new ecommerce marketing trend; content marketing is worth your time. It is a type of marketing strategy that uses creative content such as articles, videos and social media posts to engage educate and solve problems of customer.

For an e-commerce store content can also be a long-term investment. If customers can find a solution to a problem by engaging with your content, they will spend more time on your site. In addition, the credibility of your company will also increase.

Customer Support on Priority

Customer support is and remains essential in any start-up business. Problems with products or services can deter potential buyers and it is the company’s responsibility to provide assistance.

Conversational Chat Bots

Chat bots can now communicate with users more efficiently and perform more complex tasks, such as personal assistants. Personal assistant chat bots help simplify online shoppers’ journey from acquisition to retention. For example, a chat bots can alert shoppers with promotional offers and convert them into leads. It can also answer frequently asked questions, collect user feedback, and make recommendations that encourage purchases.


Keeping up with the e-commerce trends doesn’t mean to copy someone else’s business strategies or implementing new ecommerce solutions without any adequate planning.

It has to keep up with the times and change customer expectations. This allows us to provide customers with a richer shopping experience and maintain a healthy business.

Author Bio- Saumya Das is a blogger by profession and currently associated with She has done glisten honors from a well known university in India.

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