How to Choose the Right Type of Badge Holder

How to Choose the Right Type of Badge Holder

When it comes to identity, the badge holder – also known as an ID card holder, is the unsung hero who makes sure your credentials are not only safe but also stylishly displayed. All of these important criteria need to be taken into consideration when selecting the right badge holder.

How Will Your Badges Be Used?

First things first, consider the goal. Will your badges be used as part of an ongoing employee identification program or just for a one-time event, such as a conference? The kind of badge holder you require can vary significantly depending on the usage circumstances.

Simple, affordable options may be adequate for short-term occasions, but long-term use necessitates the purchase of sturdy, reusable holders.

How Long Do You Need Badges For?

Time is important. For short-lived events, such as one or two days, a simple vinyl or plastic holder could work well for your badges. However, using sturdy materials like metal or stiff plastic for badges that must endure over time guarantees durability. Select a holder that corresponds with the anticipated amount of use to prevent your badges from withering under strain.

What Is Your Badge’s Orientation and Thickness?

There are many different sizes and forms for badges, and selecting the appropriate holder depends largely on how the badge is oriented. Do your badges hang horizontally or vertically?

This seemingly insignificant element has a significant impact on the badge holder’s overall appearance and usability. Think about the thickness of your badges as well. Select a holder with enough room to fit them comfortably if they are thicker.

How Are You Going to Wear the Badges?

Let’s now discuss style. Your choice of holder may depend on how you wear your badges. The best option for you might be lanyards with clear badge holders if you like the traditional around-the-neck method.

Badge reels with simple extension and retraction are a great option for a more understated appearance and are ideal for fast swipes or scans. For those who prefer simplicity, wearing badge clips that fasten firmly to your clothes may be the best option.

Choosing the Right Badge Holder: A Quick Checklist

Think About Usage:

Permanent Identification or a temporary event? Select a holder based on how long your badges will last.

Assess the Durability:

Use robust materials, such as metal or hard plastic, for badges that must endure over time.

Orientation and Thickness of Badges:

Make sure there is enough room for thicker badges without jeopardizing the integrity of the holder, and align your badges in the holder in the proper orientation.

Think About Style:

What style of badge wear do you prefer? Embroidered around your neck, fastened to your attire, or offering the ease of a retractable reel? The kind of holder that works best for you depends on how you wear it.

Selecting the Right Badge Holder

Just like the badges themselves, the selection of badge holders is diverse. You can sort through the possibilities and locate the ideal holder that not only stylishly secures your credentials but also fits your needs by taking into account parameters like usage, duration, orientation, thickness, and wear style.

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