5 Types of Incidents That Are Most Common in the Workplace

5 Types of Incidents That Are Most Common in the Workplace

Do you want to make sure that your employees are safe in your workplace? Thanks to all of the technological upsides of modern life, many workplaces have higher risks of certain types of incidents.

Some of these incidents include violent and non-violent acts. Learning about these types of incidents and how to reduce their risks is essential for ensuring the safety of your workers.

Not sure what to watch out for? Then be sure to keep on reading as we give you a complete breakdown of different types of incidents that are most common in the workplace!

1. Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips occur when one loses their balance, usually due to a slick surface or uneven ground. The most common slips are those that cause one to lose their balance and fall back, either onto the ground or onto an object.

On the other hand, trips happen when one’s foot becomes stuck on or catches on an object, commonly resulting in a fall onto the ground. Falls are the result of slips or trips, leading to one crashing onto the ground. 

2. Being Struck by or Caught in Moving Machinery

This type of incident is most common in production, manufacturing, or industrial settings where workers come into contact with moving parts or equipment.

Moving parts from machinery and equipment such as conveyor belts, lathes, milling machines, drills, presses, saw blades, and more can pose a danger to unsuspecting workers.

Certain safety measures, such as guards, barriers, and sensors, are in place to help prevent this incident. Make sure to follow a reliable guide to industrial hygiene data to decrease the hygiene hazards for your team.

3. Vehicle-Related Accidents

The most common type of incident in the workplace involving vehicles is a collision. This is typically between two moving vehicles. This type of accident usually involves operators of cars, trucks, or vans that have been driving in the same general direction.

Other types of vehicle-related accidents include loose debris on the roadway, malfunctioning vehicle components, or unsecured cargo falling off vehicles. To avoid these occupational injuries, make sure to put up preventive measures as soon as possible.

4. Fire-Related Injuries

Fire-related injuries are some of the most common occupational hazards to watch out for. These types of injuries result from fires that can start from several different sources, such as faulty wiring or combustible materials.

Fire-related injuries can include smoke inhalation, burns, lacerations, fractures, and even death. Prevention is one of the best ways to decrease the risk of these dangerous and often tragic incidents. 

5. Stress and Overexertion

Stress and overexertion are two of the most common types of incidents that can occur in the workplace. Stress is often caused by a combination of physical, psychological, and situational factors, which makes it difficult for an individual to successfully manage the demands of their job.

Overexertion can occur when employees attempt to work more than their bodies can handle. This results in physical injuries such as sprains, strains, and muscle fatigue. In addition to the physical risks, stress and overexertion can have a profound effect on an individual’s mental and emotional health. 

Preventing the Different Types of Incidents in the Workplace

The types of incidents that most commonly occur in the workplace range from potential safety hazards to behavior violations. Employers need to be proactive in recognizing and addressing these incidents.

This is to ensure a safe and productive work environment. So, to make sure that your workplace is compliant, consult with a professional health and safety organization for advice and guidance.

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