04 must Have features for WordPress theme | How to Choose a WordPress Theme?

Choosing the right WordPress theme defines more than half the chances of whether you will succeed with your online venture or not. Based on the industry you are catering to, typical content type to be uploaded, expected website traffic, and factors such as affiliates and ads, you need to pick the most effective WordPress theme. Due to incorrect theme choices, many website owners need to make changes via HTML code in their theme and then convert HTML to WordPress theme.

This hassle can be avoided if you account for the theme elements that will make the difference in the long run. You will come across a plethora of WordPress themes and the number of USPs will leave you startled yet confused. 

Paying attention to these 4 factors can help save up on plenty of future trouble with your website’s theme:

Responsiveness and Mobile-Friendliness

Responsiveness and Mobile-Friendliness

The internet is a global platform. People and companies from all over the world will have the option to access your website. Anyone with an online business would want maximum visitors, a higher visitor to leads conversion ratios, and increased traffic for all snippets of their content. The fact that the whole planet has access to the internet means that you should have a WordPress theme that can be accessed by various devices across various languages spread throughout the globe.

All your graphic and textual content should be compatible with all screen sizes, be it a smartphone, desktop, or tablet. Above all, there must be no form of sacrifice on content quality. For a prospective client, spending a few seconds to access your website and failing to come across an easy user experience may be reason enough to back off.

Also, look to make your website highly responsive. Each page should load within a maximum of 1 to 2 seconds. Try and compress graphic content files and use techniques that substantially reduce your page’s loading time. The good news is that hundreds of WordPress themes will inform you of the page responsiveness upon downloading itself.

Make A List of The Required Features

Make A List of The Required Features

Identify the key elements of your website plan that can be accelerated by WordPress theme features. Rather than having to hire a WordPress developer and hard-coding your essential features into an existing theme, you should look for those features from the theme selection phase. This saves up plenty of time and money.

The frequency at which your theme gets updated is considered as an indicator of your theme’s development process. Check out the changelog to get an idea of this value.

You also want to use a theme that comes with quality and reliable support. In case of running into any glitches, errors, or server downtimes, a quick customer support team should be present to help you resume your business tasks without further disruptions. 

Usually, if you take a paid theme you are almost always assured of a prompt reply from the support team. Whereas unpaid or free themes receive non-expert and novice level replies to questions, that too in sporadic durations.

Simple Customization

Simple Customization

Theme customization assists in providing timely updates of website navigation for visitors. Make sure you have access to several layouts, each of them customizable to the maximum possible extent. The troubles you will face when accessing your theme’s HTML code and inculcating the customization options you wish to have at your disposal, will be dreadful. Often, if your need to convert HTML to WordPress themes, you will face excessively long downtimes in your online business.

Choose a theme that almost eradicates the need of learning PHP or CSS. Easy theme customization makes it simpler to cater to your constantly developing business and also maintain a constant level of user satisfaction.

Suit Your Industry

Suit Your Industry

This is probably the most important element one must pay attention to when trying to decide on a WordPress theme. The theme must radiate your industry type without much website navigation. There are plenty of themes designed specifically for sports businesses, product review affiliate channels, E-commerce business models, and even agencies such as legal, digital marketing, or talent acquisition.

Once you get an industry-specific theme, it becomes simpler to decide upon the background, content placement, and brainstorming to set up the whole industry-relevant aura on your website.

Some themes made for Media and Entertainment businesses come with showreels for showcasing the portfolio, testimonials, services, etc. Whereas, some wildlife themes come with blue underwater or pristine green forest backgrounds. 

The best part is that many of these themes can be customized even further to acquire the ideal background and navigation experience you want to offer.


Never compromise on your WordPress theme. As you build and dig deeper into the website management sector of your business, you will begin to realize the strength of the wings of WordPress themes.

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