The 10 Best Web Development Frameworks In 2021


In this technological era, web development technology is getting mature day by day. And on the other side, the adaptability of the online space is swiftly growing. Developing an application with advanced features is significantly becoming more complex and challenging for the developer and company. 

Nowadays, it’s not that easy to convince your customer by offering them an essential online presence. As today’s customer is more intelligent and everyone want the best, updated and latest technology web development services for their business to gain competitive advantage. They want to walk with the current market trends and don’t want to lose their position in the market. 

Thus, the significant amount of load can be reduced when someone works with developers on the latest and best web development frameworks and technologies, Such as blockchain development, VR (Virtual Reality), chatbot development, and much more. Currently, several web development frameworks are easily accessible. It can be a challenging task for you to select the right web developer for your next project. On the other side hiring the best and efficient web app developer is another difficult task for business owners and companies.


So, in this post, we will understand the most popular web development frameworks that big companies use. So, that one can get more quality work done in less time and cost. But let’s learn first that what is web framework is?

What is a Web Framework?

The multi-layered and high-functioning web application is very crucial for almost every business and e-commerce. The web application development process is time-consuming and requires more ability, time, and multiple skill sets to work on it. 

So, the use of a web development framework facilitates the procedure. You must be thinking, what is a web application framework?  In simple words, an application framework helps the developer develop web apps and services. Along with the proper understandings, skills, and knowledge, the web frameworks can be customizable. That allows to input more unique features and tools. There are multiple frameworks for web development. We have listed two prominent types of frameworks, the front-end and the other is the back-end frameworks.

Front-end Web Frameworks

The front-end of a website or application is the area of the site or application with which visitors communicate directly. Previously, coders had to build code manually to order these interactions and activities. Frontend web frameworks make this task easier by providing pre-written code from which developers can create.

Back-end Web Frameworks

Backend web frameworks are also known as server-side frameworks. It also aids in the development of web apps. On the other hand, the Backend web frameworks assist with the development of web tasks. Such as safety, user authorization, database interaction, and URL routing. In contrast, the other frameworks focus on the visor-facing side of web applications. To understand more in-depth about commonly used web frameworks, continue reading, which we have discussed below.  

Top Front-end Web Development Frameworks

Angular JS

It can be challenging or complex for someone to understand that there are two types of frameworks. The original angular.js framework or model is in Long Term Support mode now. It means no new functionality (features) 0r innovations will introduce soon. The new Angular framework is what you’re looking for. This platform, which Google is developing, is rapidly evolving and offer developers several pre-built solutions to help a developer to create web applications quickly.


React.js is an open-source front-end library that is a common alternative to Angular. Compared to Angular, it has many more community backing and plugins as it is an open-source platform. It also has a familiar design standard framework named Material UI that can be used with JavaScript or Typescript. React.js development framework almost offers the same benefits and tools as Angular. These two have the same adoption and usage figures.


For 2021 and many years to come, this will remain one of the most common or popular web frameworks. Many developers now consider this small, fast, and feature-rich JavaScript library vital because it offers many tools. jQuery has grown in popularity because many people are unable to distinguish between vanilla JavaScript and jQuery.


It will be one of the top front-end frameworks for 2021, right up there with Angular and React in popularity. The learning curve for Vue.js is less steep than these web development platforms such as Angular and React. Vue would be much easier to understand and learn if you already know and you have knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

The best part of this framework is that it isn’t dependent on any other platform because of its lighter weight. It is easy to execute. Even you can implement this in small chunks. Like it allows you to implement as a full-featured or as an individual framework. 


It is the best framework for web development technology, among others. This framework offers developers an interface for Java-based apps. This system, which focuses on the “plumbing” of enterprise apps, was created to develop the middleware (Level) tier for web apps.

Top Backend Web Development Frameworks


CakePHP is a PHP-based open-source web development platform. Since its inception, it has risen in popularity. It is developed on the idea of model-controller-view and association data mapping concepts. Therefore, CakePHP allows Professionals to create web apps in a standardized and rapid manner easily. 

The best part, or we can say the most significant advantage of using CakePHP, is that it offers detailed documentation and a guide that helps the developer in coding. In simple words, it makes the process easy to code for the developer. Therefore, they quickly develop web apps by using this framework.


The key concept behind Node.js is to use non-blocking and event-driven I/O so that they stay lighter and effective against real-time applications with large volumes of data running on distributed devices. To put it another way or in simple words, Node.JS is used for particular purposes to meet specific requirements.


When we or any developer talks about the back-end web development technologies or web frameworks, one name comes first to mind is Laravel. It launched in 2011, and from its initial stage, it shows the bright ways to the developers. Laravel is also an open-source PHP web framework introduced to help the developer build unique and high-tech web apps following the MVC (model view controller) design patterns.


This web application framework offers a robust middleware system to such applications based on the Node.js framework. Focusing on productivity and performance provides the prerequisites of web app API development sans becoming too difficult or complex and confusing features too much.

Ruby on Rails

The RoR (Ruby on Rails) is the most favorite framework of developers. It makes the developer happy during work. Ruby on Rails comes under a funny programming language. But instead of that, some of the big brands are using it like Airbnb and Hulu. On the other side, Basecamp built their sites with it (Ruby on Rails).  

Final Note

Before ending the discussion on this entire blog, let us remind you that that never goes for the number of features a framework offers to you. It’s all about the functionality a framework provides you. The other thing is that how web app developers are utilizing these functionalities for specific requirements. So, always select the framework as per your project requirements. It saves your time and cost by taking advantage of custom software development services.

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