What’s New in the World of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has shifted wildly in the last couple of years, making this an entirely new landscape for advertisers. Whether your company is newer or you’re trying to set yourself up for the best year possible: these are the top trends hitting search engines this year. 

No-Click Searches on Google

Google has recently boosted no-click searches as a way for users to find answers without having to visit the websites. This can be rough for companies for obvious reasons, which is why you need to create value within your site that will entice people to click anyways.

Although it can be hard to pin down every search and keyword, it’s a good idea to know your main keywords so that any information around them will make viewers see the value in your site so they’ll click anyways.

Google Verified Listings for Local Companies

Google has changed how local businesses appear in their searches, which can complicate things for companies that don’t have a physical address. Google boosts companies that have verified their physical location. If you’re able, try to verify your company with Google as soon as possible.

These companies get boosted ahead of others in an effort to curb Ghost Kitchens and companies that work through drop shipping, which can be a major blow to some small business owners.  

The Hands-Off Approach

Many companies realize there’s a lot of SEO and digital marketing that’s changing every year and now every month, and it’s a full-time job just to keep up with that. Instead of making their entire business into them tracking these numbers and trying to keep up, many companies are turning to an online marketing agency.

The right agency takes over knowing what trends are important, what search engines are offering you, and what you need to keep in mind while creating an ad. Taking the work out of your hands, they help your company succeed without having to worry about investing all of the time needed to learn the trends. 

Voice Search Popularity

How people search when they’re typing is a language all its own that’s been developing over the last thirty years. How we ask for things while talking is entirely different. When typing, you might search ‘ice cream near me,’ yet when asking via Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you’re far more likely to phrase it as ‘hey Google, where’s the nearest ice cream place?’. This means that the keywords you need to use will need to shift with this, covering both voice search and typed searches.  

Reviews Are Boosting in Importance

Reviews and word of mouth have always been important factors in ensuring your company succeeds, but in 2022 they’re more important than ever. Not only are companies with more legitimate and good reviews popping up sooner in results, but they’re also getting more emphasis from search engines. If you don’t have your company available for Google Reviews, you could be placing yourself out of the race before it even begins.

Advertising Is Shifting Rapidly in 2022

Whether you’re starting your company this year and want to advertise the best way possible: or your company is older, and you want to fix your failing advertising, it’s vital to keep up with this constantly changing landscape. Keep these shifts in mind when planning your next advertising campaign.

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