Immediate Steps to Follow After a Car Accident

According to Car Accident Statistics, every year, there are six million traffic accidents in the United States. About three million people are wounded as a consequence of these incidents in the Transportation sector.

If you are involved in a car accident, you could be forced to miss work and face costly medical bills. If you intend to sue the negligent party, the settlement you collect will be able to compensate you for your damages. 

However, do not worry because your Lake Charles car accident attorney will take care of all your doubts and reassure you in your stressful time. Here are three things you can do right away if you have been in a car accident. 

1. Prioritize your safety

After a car accident, you can feel disoriented and shaky. That’s perfectly natural. Take a deep breath and concentrate. Then, if possible, switch on your hazard lights and pull your car into a safe spot out of the way of traffic. If you smell gas coming from your engine, get out of it right away. If you don’t think it’s possible to drive your car, leave it there.

In any case, prioritize your personal protection. Often, make a point of staying at the accident scene. Leaving the scene could put you in danger. It could also make it more difficult for you to file a claim later.You may face serious legal consequences if you leave a traffic accident where someone was hurt or killed.

2. Check for injuries

While you’re waiting, evaluate your injuries. Were you injured badly enough that you needed medical help? If this is the case, dial 911 so that emergency personnel can be dispatched. If you are safe to pass, check on the other drivers involved in the accident to see if they’re okay. But don’t bring up the accident in conversation with them. 

In certain circumstances, you will not experience pain from an injury for several days after the accident. This is because your adrenaline is normally working overtime right after a car accident. Sometimes you won’t even feel pain or realize you’ve been hurt until you’ve calmed down. This could happen hours, days, or even weeks later. A Lake Charles car accident attorney can handle all the discrepancies of your legal car injury case and till then you should rest at home or consult medical help.

3. Call the cops

After you have moved your vehicle to a safe location, call the authorities and inform them that you have been in a car accident. You are legally obliged to report the accident in certain US states. An accident report will be registered by the police, which will aid an attorney in deciding the legal case. This report will describe the incident, document all parties involved, and include all the details that an attorney will need. 

Also, try to get the name and badge number of the investigating officer, as well as the report number, so you can get a copy when it’s ready. As you wait for the cops to come, avoid small talk. It’s also critical that you refrain from expressing your opinion about what caused the accident. Instead, share the requisite details and await the arrival of the cops. Try to calm your nerves from anxiety and be clear in your statements if you try to make any. 


Car accidents and the related injuries are undeniably the most difficult hurdles life can throw at you but that does not mean you need to suffer. Contact a Lake Charles car accident attorney to help you to bargain your claim. They will support all your responses legally and aid you in reaping good compensations during the process. 

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