Speed Requirements for Gaming Platforms and Tips to Increase Speed

Online gaming is not going slow and its popularity is increasing day by day. More and more gamers are getting addicted to it and spend countless hours playing online games. The increase in popularity of online gaming is due to the emergence of gaming consoles, internet speed, and lucrative internet packages. After reading the speed requirements here, you should dial the spectrum customer service phone number and all the Internet Service Providers that are available in your area to learn the prices and plans they are offering. You will be able to differentiaite which ISP is most suitable for you and if there is any plan particularly being offered for gamers then that can be the best bet provided if it suits your needs and budget. 

There are plenty of concerns when it comes to online gamers, and one of them is speed. No matter what speed plan a user has subscribed to, the average speed won’t be equal to the advertised speed. If you are facing similar problems, you are definitely not alone. There are plenty of other gamers whining on the same issue. 

In this post, we are going to reveal how much speed you need for different gaming platforms and how to improve your gaming speed. Let’s dive in.

Speed That you need

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Choose an Internet Plan Wisely

Choose an Internet Plan Wisely

With the myriad of Internet Service Providers available, you can’t judge right from the wrong. Although every Internet Service Provider offers best for its users, still there are plenty of factors such as data caps, download limits and extra charges. 

If a number of gamers need to connect to the same network, you need to look for a bigger plan. Furthermore, you need to look for other connected devices that won’t be eating up the bandwidth. For instance, if you own smart home with multiple devices running at the same time, you can’t afford to have a slow speed internet plan. 

Various ISPs like Spectrum, Cox and Mediacom offer a wide range of packages with low to high download speeds. Moreover, the prices also vary depending on the package. Check the prices and download speeds, and select the highest one depending on your requirements. For instance, if you have only two gamers at home, you won’t need a package above 100Mbps. 

Buy a Dedicated Gaming Router for Optimal Speed 

Dedicated router Speed Requirements

Most of the internet subscribers only have one objective in mind i.e. playing online games. If you are also a hardcore gamer and require the best speed for gaming online, make sure to invest some money in buying a dedicated gaming router. If you search on Google, you will find plenty of gaming routers from manufacturers like TP-link, Netgear, Asus, and Linksys. 

Not only these gaming routers are integrated with the latest features, but they also help you experience lag-free gaming. Moreover, the best part is that they also offer greater coverage – they don’t leave any dead spots in your house, no matter how big it is. Before you buy a gaming router, make sure to read the reviews in order to know the pros and cons, and customer’s feedback. 

Select Appropriate Place for Router 

Select Appropriate Place for Router

If you are using Wi-Fi for connecting to the internet instead of Ethernet, you are likely to face disconnections and slow speeds often. Although if you have invested in a dedicated gaming router, you won’t find any issue. However, if you are still owing a router provided by your ISP, make sure to relocate it. For the best position, it is advised to place it in the center of the home. 

If relocating your router has not solved the problem, make sure to buy a Wi-Fi range extender. Investing a little amount would help you to enjoy stress-free gaming. Especially, if your sole purpose is to play online games, it won’t hurt you much. 

Encrypt Your Wi-Fi Network  

Speed Requirements

If you have not encrypted your wireless network with a password, make sure to do it now. Maybe someone sitting outside your home has found an open network and enjoying surfing. As long as your Wi-Fi network is encrypted with a password, no one will ever be able to use it without your consent. 


If online gaming is your passion, make sure not to compromise on anything, no matter how much effort and money you have to put. Follow the above tips and enjoy stress-free gaming.

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