Advantages of buying a Gold Wedding Rings

Wedding rings play a significant role in marriages. Rings are said to be a symbol of commitment for the couples. RIngs are made up of different metals like gold, silver, tungsten, platinum, palladium, etc. Gold wedding rings are popular amongst the couple.

These rings are designed sturdy because they can be worn almost anywhere and every day. Gold rings come in different forms like white gold rings, rose gold rings, black gold rings, etc.

Let’s look into some of the pros of a gold wedding Rings Gold is an alluring metal!

Gold metal has been the metal of choice for both men and women since ancient times because gold rings provide a stunning and timeless look. The gold ring intensifies one’s personality.

The golden color also enhances the appearance of the wedding rings. The diamond stone provides an add-on feature to these rings. Both men and women enjoy the neutral color that suits everything.

Gold rings are less expensive than platinum rings

Many people prefer choosing gold wedding rings over the platinum rings, as the platinum rings are costlier than gold rings. Gold rings are less expensive than platinum because the gold metal is mined more as compared to platinum per year. Around 2500-3000 metric tons of gold are mined, while 60-100 metric tons of platinum are mined each year. 

As platinum is a rare metal, it makes gold metal popular amongst the couples. In addition to this platinum rings becomes much heavier and denser when mixed with other alloys, while on the other hand gold rings are much light weighted.

Gold wedding rings have a wide range of designs

Since gold is less expensive than platinum and is one of the most traditional gold wedding rings metal options, there is a slightly wider range of gold ring types available as compared to other metals, such as tungsten, palladium, etc.

The gold wedding rings are available in thousands of styles. Every designer and vendor has a unique style of designing gold wedding rings. For gold, the sky is a limit!

Gold wedding rings are versatile

Gold is flexible, whether you add gems, or prefer simple metal jewelry. It’s available through a number of jewelry styles. White and Yellow Gold both will work alone or in combination with Platinum. 

The hardness of a ring is determined by the metals alloyed with the gold. Alloys that are added in gold rings are much lighter and softer than compared to platinum rings. Thus this is the reason, gold rings are popular amongst the couple.

Gold wedding rings have a great market value

Gold manages to maintain its core value and thus is it popular amongst the investors. Even the scrap value of gold remains elevated. Thus this attracts most of the investors.

Most of the investors prefer investing their capital in gold. During an emergency situation the gold can be a valuable asset.

Gold wedding rings have a great finish

A rhodium-plated finish gives an astonishing and new look to the gold wedding ring. The finish on the gold rings is much more resistant to scratches as compared to platinum rings. The rhodium-plated finish delivers the whitest finish of all.

Though the rhodium plate finish fades away over time, it is relatively easy to retrieve the finish in the gold rings.  

Gold rings are flexible in strength

Gold provides great strength and protection for holding the diamond stones. Although platinum is a common option, the gold provides a perfect medium for placing a diamond into the ring. Gold is more flexible than platinum.

Other metals such as Palladium need heavier, more durable claws to provide the same degree of protection already provided by gold rings

Gold rings are more durable than other metal rings

Gold, compared to platinum which has a similar shine, is more durable because it is actually a softer metal. Every time the gold ring is scratched, a little dirt of the gold falls off and is lost, making it look more shiner.

Gold rings are easy to clean

Gold rings are easy to clean as it does not tarnish easily. The ring can be cleaned with a cloth as well it can be polished. The shine of the gold ring can be obtained through the polishing wheel as well. The polishing wheel gives a new look and feels to the ring.

Gold wedding rings look elegant when handcrafted

Gold has a property of flexibility. This property of gold helps the designer to create different and elegant designs of rings.

Various jewelry designers prefer hand-crafting the ring. There are various hand-crafted rings available in the open market.

Gold wedding rings can be resized

Gold is bendable and thus this makes it easy to resize. Due to the resizing property of the gold rings, most of the people choose it. The simple gold rings without the gemstones are easier to resize.

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