Top Features to Look For in Crypto Trading Platforms

With cryptocurrency being accepted in most nations, the world is witnessing hundreds of exchange platforms emerging daily. You can be easily confused about which platform to use while trying to trade. To ensure you use a top platform, it is essential to look for the reliability of the website.

Websites like Swyftx crypto trading platform offer some of the best features available in the market. However, before relying on any online platform, you must research the crypto market. The following information will help you understand the crypto market and how to select the right crypto trading platform.

Types of CryptoCurrency

A good platform will have at least a few types of currencies that you can trade. You must look for a platform that lets you have a diversified portfolio.

If you are new to trading and looking to trade only on one particular cryptocurrency, you must research and understand which exchanges support it.

For instance, while most platforms support popular coins like Bitcoin and ETH, not all exchanges support trading in the less popular ones. In cases where you want to trade in more than one currency, you must look for an exchange with a more extensive selection.

Security Measures

Security measures are essential criteria when looking for a platform. The government barely regulates cryptocurrency, so the black-market and other unwanted entities may create fake platforms to scam users.

Check if the platform uses two-factor authentication and other advanced features to ensure the security of your portfolio and information.

You should ensure that the platform protects you from data breaches and thefts. A platform that provides offline storage or cold storage is a great way to protect your data against hacking and online thefts.

Processing Fees

With increased activity in the world of digital currency, the fees in the industry fluctuate often. But if crypto investors research well enough, they will be able to find the industry standard. Make sure your exchange doesn’t charge you high fees over commissions called extra commission costs or trading costs.

Some exchanges offer commission-free trades, and others charge a fee every time you make a deposit and withdrawal. Ensure that you are protected by understanding the standardized costs.

Legally Sound

Another important thing that you need to check is whether your country or state approves certain exchanges. The laws of the country may state that crypto exchanges should be registered.

Make sure your platform does not compromise any of the state or national regulations that can end up making your transactions illegal. Ensure that your platform keeps you up to date with the changing laws.

Trading Options

Buying and selling cryptos may be one of the standard functions provided by the platforms. But some platforms allow you to conduct crypto-to-crypto trades. You should identify your needs and select the one that fits you.


The wallet is an integral part of cryptocurrency trading. Though wallets are not mandatory to invest in crypto, having one and managing one makes your trading more convenient and smooth.

Ensure that the platform provides you with a wallet and a cold wallet. Cold wallets are used for additional security, especially when holding a significant amount of crypto.


Some crypto platforms like the Swyftx crypto trading platform offer you rewards as a bonus or interest on your holdings. This is intended to encourage you to hold the money on their respective platforms and become a boon as some platforms offer rewards of up to 10% upon maintaining the minimum balance.

Mobile Applications

Ensure that your platform doesn’t hinder you from trading while traveling or on vacation. A platform that provides you with a user-friendly and smooth user interface across all the mobile platforms (android and ios mainly) will boost your trading instances.

Final Thoughts

Another thing you need to ensure is that your platform has 24×7 customer service. This will come in handy if anything goes wrong with your account or if you need additional info regarding the interface or an exchange. Good customer service from the exchange should be part of the crypto trading experience.

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