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DesignCap is an online tool to create images or graphic designs from a template or scratch. Up to 5 models can be saved in your free plan and exported in JPG. All templates are customizable in terms of images, texts, backgrounds, icons, etc. And DesignCap can also be used for commercial use.  

The graphical interface is immaculate and very easy to use; in a few minutes, you will be creating very attractive designs.

What can I create in DesignCap?

Virtually any document can be created with its tools, it can be from a personal document such as a resume to advertising. You do not need to be a graphic designer for your projects because you will have at your fingertips an infinity of templates that undoubtedly one or more adapts to your idea.

Among its categories, you will find designs for any project:

  • To create Charts
  • Infographics
  • Presentation Design
  • Time organization
  • Curriculum Design
  • Reports
  • Greeting cards
  • Invitations
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Food menus
  • Logos
  • Advertising Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook cover
  • Facebook posts
  • YouTube thumbnail
  • Twitter cover
  • Tumblr cover
  • E-mail
  • Instagram posts
  • Pinterest posts

And if you can’t find a template that suits your project, it doesn’t matter because you can create your idea from scratch.

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What are the DesignCap requirements?

You only need a Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari browser. So you can use it on Windows and Mac.

Does it have a watermark?

DesignCap has two types of elements, the free elements and those included in the payment plans. If you use the free ones, you will not have a watermark, and if you use the premium ones, they will have the watermark.

 If you want to know it here, you can see it in the following basic tutorials for DesignCap.

Something that strikes me and is quite useful is that you can create statistical graphs directly in the application. That is to say, in its Graph menu or Chart, you select the image that you like, and a table is displayed where you can add the values ​​and format the graph.

Cool designs collection Designcap

You can also add graphic elements such as lines, geometric figures, and a wide variety of icons that you can customize with the color you need. As for the stock of photos, you will find millions of royalty-free images.

The interface is amicable; on the left side, you have all the elements that you can add to the graphic composition. Just click or drag to place it in position. Selecting any item displays the edit bar of what you can change. 

Export formats

Once you have finished the design, you can export it in .jpg, png, or pdf in different resolutions. And if you need to export it in.PNG with a transparent background, it also allows you. 

Sometimes a specific resolution is required for the project to define the height and width in pixels. For example, in the following video, an Advertising Banner and an Overlay for OBS were created. 


As for the price, you have three options, the free plan, the basic and the plus. The main difference between the three plans is the number of own images that you can upload to the platform and the number of designs that you can have stored in the account.

Besides that, in the free plan, there is a limit of templates of images that you can upload, and you can only export in JPG.

If you want to see the prices on their website, in this link, you can see them.

Designcap online design tools | Cool designs collection

In my opinion, DesignCap is a very good tool at a reasonably affordable price; if you don’t want to invest a lot, go for the Basic plan, and if you are going to create many designs go for the Plus. 

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