How to grow as a valuable person?

Who doesn’t need to grow? Who won’t wish to be a valuable person? It’s a fact that your self-worth has a direct relation with your relationships, finances & fame.

Maybe, you won’t believe it but in that case you should search in history, valuable people are always successful and productive. That’s not enough here, valuable people are always rich that’s what a man can dream for. It means as you work on your self worth as net worth will increase magically.

Like, there is a real story of two guys who got education from same college and university. They were living in the same society and faced same difficulties in life. Luckily they got job in the same company with same designation. But one is getting higher salary than the other one. What’s the reason?

The reason is quite simple, one was more valuable than the other. If you search around you, you will definitely get a lot of such stories.

But the question that might arouse in someone’s mind is that how to grow as a valuable person? How can you work on your self worth and increase it?

It’s possible that your circumstances, your finances, your relationships, nothing is supporting you to grow. You’re caught in domestic issues, and you can’t leave them, so how can you improve yourself?

Is there any way to invest in yourself and be valuable person?

You won’t believe me until you experience it, it’s just an illusion that your circumstances or domestic issues are hurdles. There is always one hurdle that can stop you becoming valuable, rich or famous and that is your mental approach. Once you change it, everything will change for you.

As Jim Rohn has said in one of his books that everyone has problems in his life but the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the attitude towards those problems.

As most of the people think that they can’t get rich, but once they learn to grow rich, they claim that it was never hard, if they were guided appropriately.

Similarly, your circumstances, your finances, your domestic problems can never stop you from achieving something until you’re committed about it.

If you’re committed enough to invest in yourself, it means soonest things will change for you. So if you’re ready, then here are the most effective ways to grow as a valuable person.

Find a mentor

An expert gives right direction to your efforts and saves time. – Junaid Raza

It’s the first step from where you should start to grow your personality. Your self-growth mostly depends on your mentor.

If you’re learning about something from an expert in the field, you will automatically grow like him.

And if the person who is guiding you isn’t good himself in the field, then how can you expect your growth?

So try to find a good mentor who can guide you in the areas that you want to grow. For example, to build your finances, you need a finance expert, and to improve your relationships, you need a relationship expert.

The question may arise in a mind that from where someone finds a mentor? The most feasible answer for all is to read books.

Read books

Many of the experts in the fields have written tons of books. Their cases, eBooks are available on the internet. Once you’re ready to invest on yourself and become valuable person, you will easily find books on all topics that you’re focusing on.

First of all, you should clear which areas of your life you should improve and then start reading books or listening to the cassettes in that area of life.

For example, when I started working on my personal development, I started reading and listening to Tony Robbins, and I found him the best mentor for my life.

While growing as a valuable person, you must focus on the following areas of life.


It’s one of the most important things that you need to focus on because all of your successful life depends on people.

That’s why you must be too conscious about it.

First of all, you should try to read or listen to free books on relationships. There are some apps that give you access to free books and most famous one is Audible, and maybe Youtube can help you with that. 

Reading or listening to free books will give you an idea whom you can better understand and who should be your mentor. After that, read all writings of your mentor. Follow everything whatever your mentors inquire you to do and that will be enough to make you valuable person.

Well, until you find your mentor, I can help you improve your relationships with the following suggestions.

Listen to others

As you are working on your relationship, it’s far most important to keep in mind that people love those who listen to them. So you can be loveable if you listen to others.

Be helpful

Listening isn’t everything if you don’t help people when you can help them. So always try to help others if you can solve their issues. You will eventually become a valuable person.

Be humorous

Not every time but people love humorous people. If you search on Google, you will even find the funniest quotes by successful people.


The second most important area of your life that you need to focus on is your finances.

If you want to be valuable, you should invest in improving your finances. 

Find a financial expert, and listen to his words. If you follow him, you will see magical changes in your finances. You could also be able to help others to improve their finances.


It’s also one of the most critical areas of your life that you should never forget.

All of your successes depend on your mental & physical health. You’re sick; then you can’t achieve anything in life.

If you follow all of the above suggestions, you will start growing as a valuable person.

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