Landing Page Optimization Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Landing page optimization is one of the most important things to convert visitors into customers. Many business owners complain that they get many leads but the conversation rate is very low. Due to this reason, your marketing budget can go high and it will heavily impact the profit. Here we will explain the top landing page optimization mistakes and how to fix them.

Contact Form

The first mistake is about the contact form. Most websites have a contact form on their landing page. But it should be small and require only important information to contact the seller of services or products. Asking too many questions in the contact form is one of the common landing page mistakes that website owners do. If you provide a free ebook or free trial then you can ask the customer’s name and email. You can get more details after making a customer relationship. Many users do not want to give their mobile number when they visit a website for the first time, So mentioning a mobile number as a compulsory detail in the contact form is the first reason for the high bounce rate.

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Slow Loading Time

The loading time of page opening is very important. Check your landing page loading time in Google PageSpeed Insights. If your page loading time is more than 4 seconds then you need to improve it. Remove unnecessary plugins. Also, compress images that are uploaded to the page. Most visitors do not visit pages that take too much time to load. Also, remove ads if you are using a landing page. Ad impressions also slow web pages.

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Webpage design and details

Always make landing page design attractive. Also, put all links related to your business. Customers should know that you are a genuine seller of services. Also, publish customer reviews to get more trust from customers. You can check themes of other business websites like yours and implement them on your website.

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Call to Action widget

When organic traffic comes to your website then the users have specific requirements. Make page design attractive but simple. Call to Action must be clear. Users can easily find where to click for contact business sales teams or for other requirements. Also, they can easily find your contact details like phone number and address of your business.

Get help from a good website designer and tell them about your business and what you need from your website visitors. For better visibility, you can change the color of clickable elements that do not match the background and other text.

Use dark colors with a light background is the best color option for clickable elements. Also, you can use graphics to get the attention of visitors. Use images or arrows that point to the call to action button is great.

404 Error on pages

Check all pages and posts have no 404 error. Most users do not check other pages of a website if they get 404 errors in their website. Check broken links in your website with Broken links checker. You can also take help of Google Search Console for this error.

Selection of Image

The selection of images is also important for landing page optimization. Many websites we see publish content with irrelevant images. Many visitors return back after checking images on the landing page. Because without reading anything, they thought that they came to the wrong page. So use the image that is most relevant to your business.

When you use stock photos for business landing page images, you may confuse what you search for and what you get as a result because there are many tags in this type of image. So, always check properly before downloading images for the landing page. 

Mobile page optimization

Check from where your website traffic comes. You can check it with Google Analytics. If most of your website visitors come from mobile traffic then you should implement AMP for better user experience. You can also check your landing is optimized for mobile users or not with the help of Google Search Console. There are many tips available on internet to implement AMP in your website. Apply these tips for better user experience.

We hope you will fix all these landing page mistakes and will get more customers after creating new landing page design.

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