Reasons To Opt For Wood Effect uPVC Front Door

uPVC or Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride is an inflexible plastic that is exceedingly hard and rigid. The building material of uPVC is substantially low-maintenance and largely used as a substitute for wood. Since timber is such a costly product, uPVC serves as its ultimate substitute. uPVC is primarily manufactured using a vinyl polymer that is bonded with chlorine. This provides unparalleled strength and versatility and enables homeowners to cut down on their ongoing costs. 

This cost-effective material is the ideal choice for homeowners looking for a hassle-free and cost-effective option for their front doors and windows. If one looks at things objectively, it will become clear that uPVC has completely eradicated the need for timber doors. uPVC front doors have now become the epitome of strength and elegance. These doors are not only pocket-friendly but also cheap to install. So, let’s discuss in detail the benefits of opting for uPVC front doors.

Minimal Maintenance

We are all aware of the scale of maintenance required to keep a timber door in its best shape. However, when it comes to opting for uPVC front doors, you can rest assured that you will not have to spend a fortune keeping them in the right condition. 

All you need to do to maintain your uPVC door is to wipe it with a non-abrasive cloth dipped in soapy water, and it’ll be as good as new. On the other hand, if you are looking to maintain a timber door, you need to yearly schedule a painting job, pay for termite protection, get weather coating done before each season, and much more.

uPVC doors are the ultimate solution to all your maintenance problems, allowing you to invest your finances towards more productive activities. So, think carefully before choosing the front door for your home. 

Customizable choices

Today’s world is actively shifting towards hyper-personalization. Everyone wants their life to play out in a manner that complements them. Now, we all know how tempting it is to decide the color of the walls in your home, and basically planning for any aesthetic nitty-gritty. How would you like to have a door that is largely customizable and offers you the choice to make it as personal as you deem fit? 

Since uPVC is a versatile material, it can be customized in line with the customer’s needs. You can easily have your uPVC doors in a timber finish, or if you are looking for something edgy, you can get it made in popping colors or however you may like. You can also get your handles, locks, knockers, or hinges customized according to your needs. 

Suitable option for all settings

Most people when envisioning their dream home think of a big wooden door that leads them into an elaborate hallway. Well, we all know how difficult it can be to make that dream come true, especially on a limited budget. But, in this day and age, there is hardly anything that you cannot get on a limited budget. 

With markets booming with a constant influx of new products, there is a chance for you to make all your dreams come true. Wish for an elaborate wooden door? How about we offer you the same aesthetic appeal but at a significantly lower cost? Right! With uPVC, you will get everything you want and more! 

Wood effects in the doors are all the rage these days. Thanks to their chic look and classy finish, they are widely preferred over their timber counterparts. These doors are perfect for every setting, be it a beautiful country home or an urban house, or a flat. The wood effect on front doors makes them even more appealing and helps harmonize with their setting. The clear straight lines running through the frame add the extra oomph to your door making it look like something right out of Architectural Digest or Elle Decor. 

All-weather doors

uPVC is a sturdy material and can also be used in places with harsh climatic conditions. If we compare uPVC doors with wooden finish with wooden doors, there is no way a wooden door would seem like the right option. Wooden doors have several drawbacks when it comes to weather conditions; their polish can quickly fade away because of continued exposure to the sun, resulting in the door’s chipping. 

Wooden doors are also not an ideal option for places with heavy rainfall as the wood expands in the rain and begins to rot from the inside. On the other hand, uPVC doors with a wooden finish are UV and water-resistant, allowing them to stand firm in any weather condition. If you wish your dream home to be future-proof, uPVC is what you need to opt for as they provide the best insulation compared to metal and timber doors. 


Since wooden doors are generally made of tropical hardwoods, they are ecologically dangerous and can significantly affect the ecological balance of their production areas. On the other hand, metal doors can lead to the depletion of resources and require an enormous amount of energy to produce. This is where the uPVC doors come into the picture. 

Since they are not made from any material that can disrupt Earth’s biodiversity or require large amounts of energy to produce, it makes them the most environmentally sound choice. Now, if you are one of those who strive to save our beloved planet, and believe in making choices that are beneficial for you as well as the environment, uPVC is your cue. 

Several benefits roll in with your selection of uPVC doors. Their light built and ultimate strength further adds to the list and provides you with the best alternative to timber doors. Apart from all the advantages mentioned above, a uPVC door is also budget-friendly and high on aesthetics. So, if you are looking for installation at an affordable price get in touch with London Locksmith 24h and visit our website to initiate contact. Your dream house with that beautiful wooden-finish door awaits you! 

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