There are many ways to describe BTS; the hottest celebrities on the news, the biggest boy band in the world, the first Asian artist to chart at Billboard Hot 100 no.1, the musicians holding remarkable records like 101 million views on YouTube in just 24 hours, and the list would go on forever, but, these successes are not who BTS is. These triumphs are the ways the outside world sees them and knows them. They are much more than just the boy band from Korea who took over the world and made history.

The best way to describe BTS is by its name, BangtanSonyeondan.

As J-hope, rapper, and dance leader of BTS, once explained: the word Bang tan has a profound meaning; it means to be resistant to bullets. He explained that the bullets symbolize the stereotypes, criticism, and expectations aimed at adolescents. Therefore being bulletproof represents them, preserving the ideals and values of today’s adolescents. 

BTS is an inspiration, driving force, a voice for today’s youth, and a ray of light in this dark tunnel. They are many people’s hope and happiness. They stand for positivity, self-love, and greatness. And no, I am not exaggerating. Their impact is quite noticeable through their tremendous fan base called ARMY. BTS has millions of ARMYs, and it is safe to say that the majority of them continue to spread this love and message of positivity provided by BTS. Recently ARMYs donated $1Million to the Black Lives Matter movement, following in the footsteps of BTS. Often ARMYs are seen donating money, food items, Sky Seller clothing, etc. to people in need. BTS spreads the importance of love for the ARMY and brings them together because teamwork makes the dream work.



Being a celebrity is never easy. It is a general perception that celebrities get whatever they wish for; love, support, money, fame followings; what else would one want? But no one thinks about the downsides that come along the perks of being famous. Being under the spotlight continuously can be very exhausting. It is hard to satisfy everyone, and therefore you face constant harsh criticism from all different sides. Often celebrities are hated for no reason as well. Going out for a casual walk without some paparazzi bombarding you with questions and asking for pictures is quite impossible. No doubt, it is hard to be a celebrity.

BTS is well known worldwide for its smashing records, outstanding performances, and catchy songs. They are praised for breaking the language barrier and pushing through the general stereotypes regarding boy bands. Despite their huge success, there are still people out there who cannot stand the idea of a Korean boy band being acknowledged like this, all because of the deep-rooted xenophobia and toxic masculinity. It is quite ironic but true that people frequently despise BTS for the same stereotypes they have been trying to break.

Life as a celebrity has never been a piece of cake for anyone. It comes with many issues and hardships, but it is important to remember that becoming a celebrity has never been easy either. Let’s continue to see things from BTS’ perspective.

BTS Youtube Feed

Before debuting, BTS members practiced for almost 18 hours straight every day in hopes of being able to perform on stage someday. Coming from a small company, they struggled to find places to perform at, no radio channel was ready to play a song from a small rookie boy band, and no one wanted to give an almost new boy band a slot to perform at. Instead, they were cut out of radio shows, laughed at, and told that they would never make it big. Despite all this, BTS kept going. Slowly they started gaining fans abroad in Western countries, and their album and song sales peaked, which led to people finally noticing them. And over time, they claimed their spot as the biggest boy band in the world. The journey was not simple, like a bed of roses for them, and they never took their success for granted.

Being a celebrity is never easy.



One might wonder what a boy band has in relation to the movie world. You would be surprised to know that BTS’ movie Bring the Soul; the movie broke the box office records with $24.3 Million gains worldwide following their first-ever film, which grossed $18.5 Million. Bring the soul also became the widest release for cinemas by playing in 5000 movie theaters. The movie was played in cinemas across Pakistan as well and sold out all available seats in no time.

Break the silence; the movie, by BTS, is premiered to release soon in 70 countries. It is rumored that BTS’ company, Bight Labels, will be releasing a movie based on BTS’ life story and journey as well. It is a bummer that BTS won’t be the actors in the movie, but nevertheless, it’s going to be a hit.

BTS movies are quite apart from our ordinary everyday movies. They do not have a storyline, but instead, their movies are fragments of their stories. We get to a see sneak peek of behind the scenes of their everyday life, them as people and not performers; we see some really emotional but equally essential moments and some funny scenes make the cut too. They are quite entertaining and exceptional, speaking from experience.

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What role does photography play in the career of BTS? Is it just every day paparazzi snapshots and nothing more?

Well, BTS love to have a concept and theme in every release or comeback. They explore some fantastic ideas to use for the concept photos and present them in the best way possible. Like, for example, in the photo shoot for their release of Boy with Luvs, they explored the reel photography.  These concept pictures are like a synopsis of the comeback. These photographs often hold many hints for the ARMYs to find out so they can make unbelievable theories out of them.

Apart from this, photography plays a vital role in capturing the behind the scenes of celebrities’ lives.


The entertainment world is like one big industry. Movies, celebrities, photography, music, etc. are all a part of it, and they all cross paths in some way. Even though every story or journey is not like the other, they align at some point. As for celebrities, we see them as entertainment, but humans have real emotions and feelings.

In the words of Kim Namjoon, leader of BTS:

"Like a rainbow, I don't care if you're red, blue, orange, green, purple, or whatever."

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