The way to choose flowers in the flower market

Friends, do you also want to buy a pot of flowers to decorate your living room or conference room? Do you also want to give flowers to your friends and relatives? (Send flowers to China) This is a wonderful imagination, but we usually encounter a short period of time to raise the plant dead perhaps we are a hidden “flower killer”? Don’t be discouraged, maybe the problem is not in your body, there may be a problem with the flowers, the flower market needs us to be more careful to choose flowers, some flowers bought back is very difficult to live.

Just change the soil of the flowers

Generally speaking, most of the flowers in the flower farming base are raised in the simplest plastic pots, from seedling to flowering, the plants have adapted. This way of breeding saves money and space, so it is adopted by many breeding bases.

When the potted plants leave the breeding base to the flower market or flower store, some merchants usually change the pots for the potted plants in order to make the flowers look better. In this process, it is dangerous if the flowers are moved over the soil and then put into a pot that is not the right size and not breathable!

We all know that changing pots in the middle of a flowering season is a very damaging thing to do to a plant. It is about to bloom, but you tossed the root system, the flowers are bound to dry up and fall, especially like azaleas, camellias and other such plants are most affected. So, when buying a potted plant, make sure to buy flowers that have not been moved (soil and pots are untouched) How can you tell if a potted plant has just been changed? You can choose to ask the seller, and you can also observe the soil on the pot yourself: generally speaking, the soil that has just been changed will be thin and loose, and the soil of a potted plant under normal circumstances is relatively firm.

The Replacement pot is not suitable

The right pot is important for plants! People are always attracted by beautiful and tall pots and ignore the needs of plants. It is best to choose pots that are breathable and of the right size for raising flowers. Some pots that are too thick and too tall are not suitable for raising flowers, especially for people who have no previous experience in raising flowers.

When you buy a potted plant, pick a pot that is breathable, such as a ceramic pot, tile pot. Beautiful heavy porcelain glazed flower pots are not unselectable, it is generally suitable for raising some drought-resistant, leathery and well-kept flowers. You also need to pay attention to the size of the pot, not too big and not too small, to pick the right size of the plant rhizome can be.

Leaves with brighteners

In the flower market, we usually see green foliage plants are very attractive, some leaves oily green can reflect as a mirror to use. Beware of such green plants, because some sellers may have used a secret weapon – brightener, an item that is specially rubbed on the leaves of the plant to increase the degree of leaf oil shine.

In the flower market, the selling of plants is very important, and badly grown leaves have to be trimmed off at any time. When the leaves don’t look that good, rubbing on the brightening agent can bring them back. However, this chemical prevents the foliage from breathing and is more harmful than beneficial to the plant.

Of course, not all businesses do this, and most sellers are honest. This is told here only as a reminder to try not to spend money on plants that are unusually oily and not quite normal.

Water and soil

In addition to these reasons above, the biggest reason for not keeping the flowers alive is the unsuitable soil. You should know that the flower culture base inside are high temperature and high humidity environment, very suitable for plant growth, but our house is not the same. There is no way to compare the temperature and humidity indoors with those in the greenhouses and flower markets. Generally speaking, plants need to grow in an environment where the temperature is above 10 degrees and the humidity is above 30%.

So it’s not good to have plants that are too cold, and it’s not good to have plants that are too hot and dry. We are raising flowers, must be combined with their own environment, if your home temperature is low, the flowers will be put in the sunlight during the day to warm up, and moved indoors at night, covered with plastic bags to keep warm and moisturized; if there is heating is too dry, you need to spray water to the flowers in time to humidify.

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