Tips For Starting A Tech Blog

Most blogging startups tend to choose tech as the niche for their content. Technology grows every day; new technology gets discovered every hour or day, or week. Before you start your blog, here are some of the things to consider. 

Choose your niche 

Most people think starting a tech blog involves launching a new smartphone review platform. If you want to be successful, you need to think way beyond that analogy. Tech itself is a broad niche, and he should be particular about whatever you choose. You will need to niche down. Accord9ing to the, in case you decide to blog in a specific tech field, Google will trust your content and consequently will rank you higher in search results. Since technology is an ever-changing platform, you need to choose an anticipation sense that will prove your site in the future when disruptions happen. 

You can utilize Google trends to determine if whatever niche you are going after will serve in the future or not. After choosing your place, look through other posts and read what the topic is all about. 

After having an interest in the topic, you can go ahead and select your niche. For you to beat the ranks, you should lunch and authority site. Doing this will enable you to show your expertise, especially to Google. We should therefore rank your site highly. 

A technology blog will need frequent updates. 

In case you choose to cover the latest technology news, you will roughly publish somewhere between 6 to 10 posts daily, and you’ll have to be the first person to publish the information. To do this, you’ll have to have some passion in you because if you lack the attachment, you’ll not sustain the blog. In case you choose to cover Android programming, you will have to write about three posts every day for your blog’s success. Therefore, this means that for you to get noticed, you’ll have to post frequently. 

The shelf life of tech content is generally low since technology grows at an exponential rate. If you publish content on some of the best computers or laptops, they will be outdated in the next three months when a new machine comes into play, whereas a smartphone will last no more than one month. You should check the shelf life of your content and be consistent with your updates. Cover the latest trends to boost your organic rankings and drive massive traffic. 

Decide on how to monetize 

To get money from your website, you’ll have to monetize it, and therefore you should decide on the manner or way you will do just that. In case you are in a niche with high traffic, running advertisements will make you a lot of money. If you are in the business of promoting or reviewing products, then go for affiliate marketing. 

In case you have chosen WordPress as your platform, you can run advertisements and do affiliate marketing in your blog. You may also sign up for many advertisement networks depending on the type of traffic you receive in the niche you are writing your content. The last two years have seen Adsense CTR and CPC drop drastically. Therefore, it is clear that the revenue you get will depend on how much traffic you can drive. Ensure you target the viral keywords in your niche. 

Research your keywords 

Before you start a tech blog, ensure that you are almost close to perfect in finding or conducting keyword research. If you write a blog and sit back to watch your traffic grow, it will be a bad investment. Consider ranking for keywords with high-CPC. A higher CPC means that whoever advertises on your content will pay more, which should translate to your revenue skyrocket. Ensure that you have a specific idea for each blog post that you write. You should also be sure to target the keywords with higher CPC. 

It takes time 

You should understand that good thing do take time. You, therefore, will spend some time before you see some excellent results. Blogging is directly dependent on what traffic you drive and the number of clicks on your content for revenue. It, therefore, means that organic traffic is a permanent requirement. For you to achieve this, you will need to update your blog frequently. Ensure that you drive organic traffic by working hard to achieve the authority of your blog. In case you had a part-time blogger, you need to choose only a single technology blog. If you are dealing with multiple blogs, the best advice would be to stay away from launching a general technology blog, which will demand frequent updates. If you stray and head on to do the opposite, you may lack time to handle your other blogs or even have time for yourself. 

Having niche blogs will immensely help you in getting quicker results without having to use much effort. You should understand that blogging is not all about posting and commenting. There are two things that you need for your blogs are search engine optimization and promotion. Use 80% of your time to promote your blog posts and the remaining 20% to writing the actual blogs when you are starting. 


In case blogging is your full-time job, you may not have a problem launching a tech blog because you will have time on your side. On the other hand, if you are a part-time Blogger and set aside two hours daily for blogging, you may need to consider starting a technology blog. If you have only about 3 hours to blog every day, it will be a bad idea to mix that with managing multiple blogs. The best advice would be to launch a niche and work your way up towards it. If you put your head around a particular place, you will most definitely cultivate more and appealing unique ideas.

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Therefore, you should ensure that you streamline your focus on whatever you want since this will help you write content that people will engage with, and consequently, it will fetch you more traffic that will add more revenue to your pockets. Instead of concentrating on launching a general blog that will consume much of your time, get focused on starting A blog that will focus on a particular technological niche. That will help you draft more creative content for your audience. Try doing all the above, and you will become successful in your endeavors.  

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