Top Payment Methods to Use for e-Commerce Website in 2020-21

Apart from selling the right products, you have to consider several aspects if you want to start an e-Commerce website. It is advantageous if you know the best ways to accept payments because it plays an integral role in any business, especially for an e-Commerce website.

However, there are a lot of factors to consider when searching for the best payment method for your business. In recent years, e-commerce payment solutions have quickly evolved with retailers and consumers, like the best payment methods, turning to digital methods of online cost, mobile dominance, and website growth.

It is important to have one way to accept payments in the competitive online marketplace, but having multiples might put you at an advantage. Here are some of the best payment methods you can use for your e-Commerce website.

Top Payment Methods to Use for e-Commerce Website

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Square
  • Helcim


Paypal Top Payment Methods to Use for e-Commerce Website in 2020

In terms of this, Paypal has been in the industry for quite some time and is already known because it’s a reliable platform. Instead of charging a debit or credit card, consumers can use their PayPal balance to shop. You may use various payment options, such as credit, debit cards, and PayPal credit.

PayPal is safe, simple to use, and very reliable and is, therefore, an excellent choice for your website for e-commerce. It is an online payment processor commonly used in the U.S. and global market, serving more than 200 countries in 25 currencies.

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Furthermore, while there are no start-up costs or termination fees for PayPal, extra monthly fees, known as PayPal Payments Pro, for on-site processing capacity can be bothersome. Also, you can use this to send Flow top-up to your family and friends all around the world.



Stripe is a newcomer to the industry and manages billions of dollars internationally with 100,000 plus companies. Stripe is recognized as a full toolkit for e-commerce and currently covers 25 countries with global expansion plans in all countries to be completed soon.

In addition to that, Stripe doesn’t have its platforms segmented into tiered plans, unlike PayPal. Its payment processing, regardless of what functionality you take advantage of, would be the same.

It will cost more depending on which services you choose to use. But the good thing about this is that, as opposed to paying for a package that contains the software you don’t need, you’re just going to be paid for the features you want. With only one quick integration, you can easily add Stripe to your eCommerce site.

For the card payments, you can pay 2.5 percent + $0.30. There will be an extra 1 percent charge for international cards. You can pay a maximum charge of $5 and a 0.8 percent rate per transaction for ACH transfers.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay Top Payment Methods to Use for e-Commerce Website in 2020

Digital commerce has invaded mobile wallets, providing a way to simplify checkout across desktop, mobile web, and apps. Wallets such as Apple Pay minimize errors and improve conversions to remove the need for oppressing addresses and credit card numbers.

Apple Pay can be set up and used conveniently by anyone using an iOS platform, thereby removing the need for a long process of filling out credit card details. As Apple Pay will keep it for you, you also get the benefit that your customer data stays secure.

Once individuals set it up on their computers, with only one click, they can pay for products. It is fantastic news for your e-commerce store. Also,  filling up long-forms will never be an issue. They will finalize the payment by either using a fingerprint or facial recognition for users who shop on your web platform or mobile app.

Google Pay

Google Pay Top Payment Methods to Use for e-Commerce Website in 2020

It’s very easy to incorporate Google Pay into your e-commerce site. Just access the API and connect your site to it. It will run smoothly after some tests. They design Google Pay for in-person checkouts, smartphone apps, and e-commerce stores.

Furthermore, Google Pay has also been applied to their checkout processes by industry leaders, including Airbnb and StubHub. It is also essential to know that Google Pay can be used to integrate other payment methods on your websites, such as Shopify, along with certain other payment methods.

To get customer payments faster, easier, and more convenient in your company or online, you can use Google Pay for Business. Anyone with a UPIC (Universal Payment ID Code) can use Google Pay to pay for products and services.


Square Top Payment Methods to Use for e-Commerce Website in 2020

Square is closely linked with its in-person payments POS schemes, but you can also use it for your e-Commerce website. Just like other payment methods, it charges you 2.9 percent and an additional $0.03 per transaction.

Furthermore, it is a perfect alternative for those of you who have physical retail outlets and want a Square POS system online. It’s also an excellent choice to open retail outlets alongside your e-commerce store.


Helcim Top Payment Methods to Use for e-Commerce Website in 2020

For your payment needs, Helcim is a one-stop-shop solution. From amazing point-of-sale hardware to their e-commerce payments, they have everything you need to start selling. Merchants can now easily build a completely hosted online store with only a few clicks, built-in to the Helcim framework.

They also offer a dedicated store for food ordering, just in case you’re a restaurant looking for a good way to handle pickups and orders for delivery. They’ve got you covered if you already have an online shop.

Also, their fully hosted payment pages allow you, without any coding expertise, to add payment options to your site. They can integrate their solution with some third-party applications that you may already use, such as QuickBooks, Drupal, and Magento.


Bear in mind that your e-Commerce website will be of no use when you don’t have an income, which means you can’t get paid. You have to categorize your niche based on your preferences before you use a certain payment method.

As compared to manually typing out their payment details, it is simpler for clients to use these alternative payment methods. We hope that you’ll be able to get information on what payment method to use for your e-Commerce website.

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