What To Look Before Choosing a Food Logistics Company?

The distribution of products manufactured by a company is an essential part of the firm’s overall process. It doesn’t matter how good your product is or how good your customer service is; if the distribution system is not adequately planned, it will confine you from delivering the product to the right person or customer. There are various types of products distributed with proper precision and care, but when it comes down to the distribution of good products, extra care is required.

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If you manage the distribution of food items manufactured in your firm then along with on-time orders and shipping cost and shipping accurately, you also have to deal with food safety, regulatory compliance, and other different types of logistic challenges. This makes food distribution quite complicated, so companies prefer to choose the best food logistic company.

But with so many options in the market, choosing the best food logistic company can become quite tricky. This is why, in this blog post, we will look at what to consider while selecting a logistic food company for your firm.

Top-notch sanitation

Although there are many different things to look for while choosing a logistic food company, one of the first things to consider is top-notch sanitation. It is necessary to seek third-party verification to ensure high cleanliness standards in the logistic food company, just like in Highbury canco reviews.There are many auditors out there, but AIB International is undoubtedly one of the best third-party auditors of good grade DCS. You must understand that AIB International uses a 1,000 point scale to review the cleanliness of logistic food companies, and anything below 700 means below-average cleanliness.

To make sure that you are working with only those food logistic companies with top-notch sanitation, choose only those firms with high AIB International ratings. In addition to this, you can also ask for documentation of recent inspections in terms of cleanliness.

Temperature monitoring

Different food items require different temperatures to maintain their original state. This is why ensuring the food logistics company you choose is using a proper temperature monitoring system is crucial. Considering temperature monitoring is necessary to ensure the high quality of the product until they are sold.

To ensure temperature monitoring, you can take a tour of the food logistic company and check whether proper temperature control devices are being used or not. In addition to this, you can also ask whether temperature and humidity logs are checked remotely or not. You can also request a good logistic company to get any alarm whenever the temperature starts falling below or above the required standards.

Proper system for stock rotation

All the food companies need to increase the shelf-life of the product so that the need to push products with near expiry dates with heavy discounts can be avoided or minimized. To do so, most of the good logistic companies use an adequately designed advanced warehouse management system.

This type of system manages LIFO, FIFO, and FEFO along with all the other types of stock rotation protocols. You must ensure that the system being used by the good logistic company can keep tabs on expiration dates based on lot numbers, report on the remaining shelf life, and even manage inventory according to your method.

The system should be able to manage recalls

All the previous standards for triggering a recall have entirely changed due to the Food Safety Modernization Act’s arrival. Instead of credible evidence, now the FDA demands a proper reason to believe that the health of the public will be compromised by mismanagement in the food supply chain.

This means that both you and the food logistic company you are using should find the source along with the final delivery point of the product as soon as possible. If this will not happen, then recalling the product will become challenging.

Well, a food logistic company can do so only if it has a proper warehouse management system. Following are some of the most common questions that you can ask your food logistic company to get surety about the adequate management of recalls:-

How long do you take to track the exact location of a recalled product?

Does your company practice regular recall mocks, and can you share documentation of your recent recall mock? Can your company track individual recall?

Analyzing food logistic companies based on the aforementioned parameters allows you to choose your firm’s best logistic company. Just make sure that you are giving proper time to analyze all the options you have in hand, just like in the case of Highbury canco reviews. 

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