Where to Find the Best Afghani Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is home to ex-pats from around the world, and one of the critical financial and tourism centres of the world. The multi-cultural city has many fine-dining restaurants as well, which offer a world of culinary delights and choices. You can also dine at the best Afghan restaurants in Dubai and relish native and authentic cuisines like stews, chapli kababs, and Kabuli pulao, among many other exclusive, authentic, and delicious recipes and dishes. Below are 6 of the best Afghan restaurants in Dubai, offering the best of native cuisine and mouth-watering dishes.

Afghan Khorason Kebab

Located opposite to the Dubai Bowling Center, the no-frills dining place is known for its savoury kababs. You can also choose from a wide range of other kababs and dishes here, including the Shinwari kababs and the tikka kababs. If you are fond of the Kabuli Pulao, this is one of the best Afghani restaurants in Dubai to taste it. The parking capacity is enormous, and hence you can visit the place comfortably. The restaurant is located in Al Quoz, Dubai.


Sthan offers the best cuisines and dishes from India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. From the chapli kababs to the Pashtuni Taftans, the meals are just excellent and will make you ask for more. The homely flavours of dishes like the kormas boast of authentic spices. The restaurant is located on the Zabeel Road in Al Karama.

Afghan Kabab House

Located in Al Naif, the Afghan Kabab House complements its delicious food with the best and most courteous service. While the menu may not be extensive, the dishes are well prepared and boast of superior taste and aroma. Whether you try the pulao, the tender kababs, or the stews, every preparation is commendable. The restaurant is located in Jumeirah 3.


The best of Shinwari cuisine can be experienced at the Wakha restaurant. Apart from the Pulao, you can taste and enjoy some of the delectable curries here. The use of authentic spices makes the dishes stand alone. The restaurant is located in Al Barsha.


The restaurant serves Afghan as well as Mediterranean cuisine and is located on Jumeirah Beach Road. Lamb chops served here are a delight to experience. You can also try the Kabuli Pulao and the chicken tikka kababs, which make the highlights of the menu as well. The restaurant is located in Jumeirah 3.

Kabul Darbar

Kabul Darbar has an extensive menu on offer and manages to prepare all the dishes in a commendable way. The menu list includes the lamb, carrot and raisin dish, pulao, and the tender kababs. The curries are delicious, and there are Barbeque options as well. The soft and tender nans will only add to your dining pleasure. You can slow try different kinds of seating arrangements, including the regular-seat style and the majlis-style of seating. The restaurant is located in Al Naïf, Deira.

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