Unlimited Graphic Design Vs Freelance Design Agencies

Graphic designers are the need of the hour!

Life has become so fast-paced that people no longer have time to focus on large amounts of text. People now hardly read; they just scan. Therefore, businesses have to find visually attractive ways to convey their messages to their target audience.

Graphics are vital for establishing a brand’s image and identity. A brand needs pictures, images, info-graphics, and other visual elements at every step of its marketing plan. To build and promote your brand, a graphic designer can do the following for you:

  • Create a powerful logo
  • Draft marketing materials like stationery and brochures
  • Design for digital platforms like websites and social media accounts

Besides the above factors, businesses need graphic design services in a lot of other domains. But do you know the different ways in which graphic design service providers operate? How to choose the right kind of service package for your business?

Continue reading to figure out what will work the best for your brand!

What is Unlimited Graphic Design Service?


The kind of agencies that provide you with unlimited design concepts and revisions in return for a fixed monthly fee. Their services often extend to custom illustration, graphics, and photo editing.

How does this agency operate? They hire a team of graphic designers, experts in different fields like typography, visual arts, webpage layout, and UI design. Once you hire them, they assign your brand to a graphic designer who can fulfill your requirements the best. The assigned designer then completes your tasks one at a time.

Unlimited Graphic Design Agencies are a great option for marketing agencies and big businesses. Why? Because they require graphic designing services frequently. Getting a dedicated graphic designer at a flat monthly rate gives them the maximum value for their money.


  • Elimination of Hiring Process

Hiring an unlimited design agency gives you relief from the trouble of hiring and onboarding a new employee. Hiring a permanent employee requires more cost, time, and effort than working with an agency on a monthly basis. You can spend the saved time, effort, and money on other important tasks.

  • Cost-Effective

The business model of an Unlimited Graphic Design Agency is really simple and cost-effective. They work at a flat rate per month which is much more affordable for businesses than pay-per-design service providers. Moreover, isn’t it satisfying to know you are not being overcharged if a monthly fee is fixed? Fixed pricing allows you to allocate your budget accurately.

  • High Flexibility

Working with an unlimited design agency is really flexible because there are typically no long-term contracts. It means you can cancel their services whenever you want. Plus, a dedicated team working with you for the whole month allows you to dedicate your time and attention to other crucial concerns of your business.


  • Limited Communication

The teams of Unlimited Graphic Design Agencies usually operate from abroad. Hence, time differences may not allow you to be in touch with them at all times. If you prefer to stay connected with your designer constantly, especially over the phone, this might not be the option for you!

  • Stagnant Style

These agencies assign a designer to each of their clients. Even though they give you a designer who can understand and meet your requirements, it is still likely that you don’t like the style of the designer working for you. Some unlimited design agencies let you switch designers easily, while some do not operate that way.

What is Freelance Design Service?

Freelancers are professionals with versatile skills who work with different organizations on a project basis. They are not a permanent employee of any organization. Instead, their services extend to organizations willing to avail their services at a mutually agreed rate, usually on per hour or per-project basis.


  • Specialized Individuals

Freelancer designers maintain a portfolio so that clients can see the areas of their expertise. It becomes easier for businesses to evaluate whether the style and skills of a particular freelancer match their requirements or not. No need to worry about their performance once you see what they have created previously!

  • Quality Work

Freelancers are remote resources. They operate in an independent environment, usually in their home offices at their own time. Working in such convenient and relaxing conditions enables them to focus on their tasks better than the employees working at a fixed place and time. Simply put, freelancers work at maximum productivity, ensuring high-quality performance.

  • Affordable Prices

The best part of hiring a freelance designer? You can choose someone who offers you the rates within your budget.

Although unlimited design agencies provide a flat monthly rate, it might still be costly than the overall cost of hiring a freelance designer. Why? Because freelancers often work on flexible rates to get as many clients as possible. Moreover, an agency has to pay their teams along with taxes and administrative costs, so they charge their clients according to their expenses.

Conclusively, the rates of an agency may be considerably higher as compared to a freelancer.


  • Hard to Find

Hiring a freelancer isn’t easy! You have to consider several factors before selecting a person to work for you. Firstly, you have to match the skills of freelancers to your requirements. Then you have to ensure that their rates fall into your budget. Finally, you have to look for reviews from their past clients to check their reliability.

Plus, you have to go through the process of finding one again after the completion of every project.

  • High Risk

Hiring freelancers is risky because they are independent third parties.

Numerous cases have been going around where freelancers did not take their tasks to completion. There is always a chance that you hire someone with an undisputed work ethic, ones who disappear during or just before the due date. Comparatively, an unlimited design agency is more reliable where you can contact the management if their designer does not deliver acceptable results on time.


Freelancers and Unlimited Graphic Design Services both come with some significant advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing one, think about the kind and frequency of graphic design services your business need.

Does your business face recurring design projects? If yes, Unlimited Graphic Design Service is the best option for you!

Unlimited Graphic Design Service is the perfect balance between freelancers and agencies. They offer you low costs and flexibility of a freelancer together with the quality and accountability of an agency.

They hand over your tasks to an individual designer. However, that designer comes under the supervision and facilitation of the unlimited design agency. Overall, an unlimited design agency operates flexibly to provide you with a great experience.


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