Thinking About Suicide – Don’t Do It and Here Are Some Reasons Why

Regardless of how painful your current circumstance might be, do not think you are alone. A lot of people feel inclined towards suicide at some dark point in their life. Don’t let anyone convince you that it is a character flaw or you are insane, weak-minded or deplorable in some sense. The only reason behind these thoughts is that you are feeling so overwhelmed with pain that coping has become impossible. However, with time and avid support, all issues can be overcome and the self-harming emotions will pass away.

Some of the most admired, talented and intellectual individuals in the world have had thoughts about suicides. Thoughts of taking one’s own life loom in people’s mind when they are extremely depressed and have lost all hope. But depression is curable and hope can always be renewed. 

No matter how worse is the situation, there are others for whom you are important, places where you can bring a difference and experiences that make life worth living. Real bravery is facing death and stepping back right from its brink. That courage can be used to face the problems in your life, learning skills to cope with depression and developing the strength to move forward.

If you are ever having suicidal thoughts then think about these points:

  • Our emotions are ceaselessly changing. How you are feeling today will not be how it is tomorrow or a few days or months from now.
  • Your decision to take your own life is going to be the cause of extreme anguish and grief for your loved ones.
  • There are many things to look forward to and achieve in your life.
  • There are experiences in life that can uplift and delight you even under the most miserable of circumstances. 
  • The ability of a human mind to feel emotions that exude pleasure is as intense as feeling distressful ones, so let yourself feel the joy in all moments.

Reasons behind feeling suicidal

Reasons behind feeling suicidal
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Emotional suffering is the main cause behind a person feeling suicidal. Reasons for feeling pain are quite different for all of us as we have different tolerance levels and the ways we cope with it are also varying. Causes can range from anything to problems in education, relationships or social isolation. If it is about academic pressure which is usually the part of any student’s life, then assignment help 247 provides you with essays, articles and research papers on any topic and subject you require, that will ease your mind and earn you top grades in class.  

Do not assume that if you aren’t able to think of solutions apart from suicide, then there aren’t any that exist. It is just the fact that you are not in the right mindset to identify them at that moment. The intensity of the sorrow that you are going through is just distorting your thoughts process and make it difficult to see any immediate solutions or to reach out to the ones around you who can offer good advice and support. Give counselors, therapists and friends and family a chance to help you out.

Remember that the feeling is temporary about Suicide   

Remember that the feeling is temporary

Although it may seem that your unhappiness and suffering won’t ever end, it is crucial to remind yourself that any crisis is mostly temporary. Solutions can be found, feelings can change and positive events that are least expected are bound to occur. But remember that suicide is an act that cannot be reversed. Give yourself time for things to change gradually and for the pain to heal.  

Even hopeless situations are curable

suicide thoughts recovery

Mental health issues such as schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorders can all be treated by medication, therapy and changes in lifestyle. Most of the people who get help can recover and improve the situation they are facing. Even if treatment has been received for your disorder previously, or if attempts have been made at your end to solve the problems, you should be aware that often enough it takes more than one approach towards finding the appropriate solution. So do not lose hope before even giving the solution a chance to work. 

Steps that can be taken for recovery from suicide mindset

Some of the most admired, talented and intellectual individuals in the world have had thoughts about suicide

Identify the situations that trigger feelings of desolation worse enough for you to develop suicidal thoughts. It can be anything from the anniversary of a lost relationship, stress or abusive atmosphere. Try to avoid the people, places or situations that cause these feelings.

Eat a healthy diet and have a proper routine for mealtimes, sleep and exercise. A daily workout helps in relieving stress, releases endorphins and enables spiritual well-being. Surround yourself with people who are a positive influence and make you feel happy and confident when you are with them. All these steps are bound to help you towards gaining a healthy attitude towards life in general and dispel thoughts of taking your own life.

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