Winter Skincare Routine: 8 Mindblowing Tips That Will Change Your Life

Winter has come. It’s the time when you will feel the need to take much better care of your skin health. The skincare during summer is very different from that during winters. But not paying attention to it will lead you to multiple skin health issues both internal and external. So make sure that you follow these tips that I’m going to tell you about. I want your winters to be the best in terms of your skin health as well.

1.  Don’t Forget To Drink Water

I know we don’t get thirsty in winters as much as we get during summer. But that’s no excuse to not drink enough water every day. You do know that your body is made up of lots of water, it’s about 70%. And it requires water to purify your skin and keep it that way. So if you’re not drinking about 8-10 glasses of water per day, then please do it if you care about your skin.

2.  Moisturize Your Skin 2 Times A Day

Now don’t say “I have work to do” or “I don’t have much time”. You do have a lot of time, Patricia! And you don’t even need hours to get it done. Only 30 seconds 2 times a day is all you need to spare. And it’s super important because it’s winter and your skin will get dry a lot. The cold weather will keep taking the moisture away from your skin. So when you get up in the morning, moisturize your face before getting back to your daily routine. And before you go to bed, moisturize your face again. Oh, and if you’re having your makeup on at night and you’re about to take it off, you can use a moisturizing makeup remover (yes, that’s actually a thing, if you didn’t already know) and then you can go zzZ.

3.  Use Sunscreens When You Go Out

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I know it’s not summer but still, it’s the same sun in winter that was in the summer, so… Yeah. I want you to put your sunscreen on whenever you’re out in the sun even in the winter. The sun is still bombarding UV rays onto your skin and you need to avoid a lot of exposure to it. Make sure that the sunscreen you use on your skin is of at least SPF-30. SPF is actually a sun protection factor and the more it is, the better it will work in protecting your skin from the sun. You might not know but the sun can cause your skin to achieve hyperpigmentation which is a condition in which some areas of the skin get darker as compared to the other areas. This will happen if you let the sun hit its rays on your skin for a long time.

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4.  Don’t Spend Too Much Time In Hot Showers

Hot showers are great. They’re something that you wouldn’t want to come out of, right? Not only hot showers but also hot bathtub sessions, isn’t it so? Boy, I love them but here’s the thing: they’re not good for us. Yeah, really. They’re taking all the moisture away from our skin. You should completely get rid of taking hot showers and instead, try mid to lukewarm water for the shower. And please, don’t spend more than 10-15 minutes in there. You wouldn’t like the results.

5.  Get An Air Moisturizer

Basically, I’m asking you to get a humidifier. What it exactly does is that it increases moisture in the air in your room which is perfect for your skin. In winter, the moisture in the air gets really low – there’s very low humidity which is why your skin starts to get dry quickly. But since you have the humidifier running in your room, your skin will be thankful to you. Also, it will help you get rid of your cold and flu symptoms like blocked sinuses as well.

6.  Keep Your Lips Exfoliated

Remember that lip condition when there are skin flakes on it and it feels super dry? That is because due to the cold winds, the moisture from the lips gets removed completely. And because of that, your lip skin will start dying and appear as little flakes that can be peeled off. To get rid of that dead skin, you must exfoliate your lips using a clean toothbrush. Make sure that you’re super gentle with your lips since it is a very sensitive skin area. Exfoliate gently.

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Once your lip skin looks okay again, use a moisturizer before you put that lipstick and lip gloss on. And make sure that the lip gloss you choose is a good one and not an ordinary one. If it was covered in amazing-looking custom lip gloss boxes, then this shows that the brand got these boxes from Dawn Printing which is a wholesale packaging distributor company. Putting makeup on without adding a moisturizer underneath will do no good to you and keep your lips dry and patchy.

7.  Avoid Windburns

Wind Burns are just like sunburns but the name makes it obvious why both of these conditions happen, right? Sunburns are caused by more-than-enough exposure to the sun whereas wind burns are caused by cold winds in winter. When you’re out there for too long without covering your skin and the cold winds are hitting you like crazy, then you’ll definitely get windburns. You must avoid them if you love your skin. For that, make sure that you cover your exposed skin properly like your face, neck, hands, feet, etc. It’s best if you keep your skin warm as well. This will keep you from windburns and also from catching a cold.

8.  Eat and Exercise Properly

To make sure that your skin health is perfect, you have to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Healthy eating will not only give your skin a refreshing look and feel but also regulate other parts of your body and improve its functioning. Your overall health will boost up. And if you exercise regularly, your bodily functions will improve. Your blood will start to get purified, your blood pressure will be regulated, your heart health will dramatically boost, etc. Ultimately, your skin will keep looking perfect.

The Bottom Line

Your skin should be the primary thing you should start taking care of when you think the weather isn’t good for it. Winter can be horrible for your skin if you don’t actively fight against it. This is why I listed all these points so it could be easier for you to know what you can do to prevent your skin from any kind of damage. Make sure that you follow this winter skincare routine so this winter doesn’t prove to be disastrous for your skin.

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