Aluminium for Electric Gates

Why is aluminium such a great option for automatic gates? Aluminium gates are durable, attractive, and free of rust or corrosion. It’s one of Mother Nature’s marvels, but it’s lightweight and easy to cut and shape. It may be welded, bonded, riveted, or bolted together and will last for years without maintenance in all types

Low maintenance and corrosion resistance are some of the reasons why aluminium gates are so popular. They come in a range of colours, from white to cream or brown, and in many different designs.

Why Choose Aluminium for your automatic gates?

Aluminium is readily machined, moulded, and constructed to appear identical to beautiful wooden or steel fences.

The high gloss, solid wood and laminate furniture can be found in a variety of RAL colours like grey, green, white, blue, and black to create a smooth surface in both steel and iron finishes.

Because they are resistant to corrosion, aluminium gates will not rust, bend, twist, or warp and just require a light cleaning with water on a regular basis.

Longevity of aluminium gates

Linkcare aluminium gates are coated with a top layer that provides the finished design and appearance of your selected gates while also providing an extremely durable protective layer. Linkcare’s aluminium gates come with a ten-year warranty as a result of their Qualicoat quality standard for aluminium coatings.


The fact that aluminium is light makes it possible for your gate motors to open and shut the gates with less force, making them safer and more cost-effective.

Strength of aluminium gates

All aluminium alloys are light and durable, making them superior to steel or wood gates of the same weight.

This implies they don’t require hinges or locks capable of handling heavier gates.

Price of aluminium gates

Aluminium gates are one of the most cost-effective gate materials available, based on longevity, low upkeep, and purchase price.

Why aluminium is the best choice for automatic gates

Aluminium is a great option for gates, as it has the following advantages over other materials used in this application:

Aluminium gates vs wooden gates

Wood, like aluminium, requires regular care to keep its natural beauty. Regularly, wooden gates must have the old flaking varnish removed and fresh varnishes, preservatives, or paint applied.

Wood may also bow, split, decay and warp, making it difficult to open or shut your gates.

Oil is often used with iron and steel fixings on wooden gates to ensure that they move freely and that any rust is treated with an appropriate rust inhibitor. A fresh coat of paint is generally applied at the same time.

Aluminium gates vs steel gates

Steel and iron gates have intricate patterns, making them tough to keep clean and attractive.

Steel, iron, and aluminium contribute significantly more weight to a gate than steel or aluminium. In addition, steel and aluminium require considerably sturdier fittings in order to be installed.

Automated aluminium gates are not as strong as their manual counterparts, so more powerful motors and greater electricity usage must be considered. Because lighter forces are required to open and shut automated aluminium gates, they are safer than wooden ones.

Aluminium is an excellent material for manual or automatic gates in essence.

So why not explore the most cost-effective, attractive, low-maintenance alternative to traditional gate components that will look and function exactly the same?

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