Modern Coffee Machines: 5 Innovative Features

Coffee is a favorite drink for millions of people all over the world. Many individuals can’t imagine their lives without having a cup of delicious and aromatic caffeine drink in the morning. Most coffee enthusiasts also use coffee machines at home to get an opportunity to prepare various drinks anytime with no need to spot at the local cafe. If you would like to join a community of those who love preparing caffeine beverages at home, this post is right for you. Discover the top features you need to know when choosing the best all in one coffee machines for your cozy kitchen. 

Advanced Customization 

Innovation is hitting all modern kitchen appliances. The coffee makers are not an exception to this rule. Many makers can now boast of having advanced functionality to suit the needs of individual consumers and big families. Here is where customization takes place. 

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You will be amazed to know that not only computers and laptops are now having personal profiles of different users, but coffee machines have them, too! The most up-to-date solutions allow adding up to eight user profiles. What does it mean? Each member of your family can make their favorite perfectly balanced drinks in a blink of an eye. Just choose a particular profile and enjoy having a cup of coffee made according to your individual preferences. 

Most modern appliances have a user-friendly design, so you can set up different profiles in no time. Just use a large colored screen and follow the guidelines described in the manual. 

Number Of Drinks 

In most cases, the higher the price for the coffee machine is, the higher the number of drinks it can make for you. For example, you can effortlessly prepare your favorite kult coffee or other popular drink with a couple of button clicks. Moreover, some makers offer an advanced menu of caffeine beverages you can prepare. This includes:

  • Espresso macchiato
  • Flat white 
  • Ristretto 
  • Double ristretto
  • Double Cafe Crema
  • Lungo
  • Scandinavian Americano
  • Hot chocolate
  • Red Eye
  • Triple macchiato
  • Cappuccino mix

The number of drinks available might significantly vary in different machines. Furthermore, you can make numerous adjustments, such as change the volume of foam and milk, temperature, and other parameters.

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Wi-Fi Control

Most modern kitchen appliances support a Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, this function is becoming a must-have functionality for many coffee makers. Wi-Fi connection is developed to allow the customers to control their favorite kitchen appliance remotely, get fast access to technical support, and enjoy making coffee with the help of dozens of amazing receipts available online. 

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It is also worth mentioning that many appliances have an in-built Bluetooth module that allows taking advantage of communication at up to 60 ft distance. Many of the best coffee makers for under $200 allow using a handy Smart Connect feature. There are also many apps for your favorite coffee machines available online. For example, DeLonghi, Saeco, Melitta, Jura, and other world-known companies have their own apps. 

Coffee Brewing Functionality 

The coffee brewing technology is one of the functions most companies are constantly experimenting with. The reason is that the quality of any caffeine drink significantly depends on the chosen brewing method. Like Saeco and Jura, many producers come up with innovative brewing technologies to attract a wider number of supporters. This includes new injection systems, systems of distribution of coffee streams, and improving the extraction depth of the aroma. 

Some coffee machines that support making espresso take benefit from using the pump in interruption mode. This method significantly increases extraction efficiency and boosts the customer experience. Moreover, there are also many appliances that can select the type of coffee beans and prepare perfect drinks according to the bean’s major properties. 

Advanced Usability 

Being user-friendly and understandable is a must for any kitchen appliance. According to the latest market research, the most convenient coffee machine brands are usually the most competitive. What innovative usability features can the leading producers offer to their customers?

There is nothing new that most coffee makers are complex and multi-functional appliances that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Most of them are designed to prepare various caffeine beverages, including drinks that contain milk and foam. The main goal of most coffee machine manufacturers is to make the process of cleaning the appliances as simple and fast as possible. 

Thus, you can now find some solutions that contain the Automilk cleaning systems that can make your coffee machine shine with no effort. Most appliances use powerful hot steam to clean all the parts of your machine. Although this function is not automatic but requires manual activation, it is considered one of the most promising features for modern coffee machines. Therefore, the new options and auto functions are likely to hit the market of coffee makers in the nearest future. 

How To Choose The Best Coffee Machine For Your Needs

What coffee maker’s features should you consider when choosing a new appliance to use at home? Most experts believe these parameters should be taken into account for successful shopping. 

  • Size. Make sure your new appliance will fit your kitchen. Avoid purchasing too big models if you have a limited amount of free space;
  • Capacity. How many cups of coffee can a chosen appliance make within the shortest terms? This parameter is extremely important for big families.
  • Type of maker. Will you use pods or capsules? Pick up an alternative that perfectly suits your needs.
  • Menu. What drinks are you planning to prepare with the help of your coffee machine? If you are an espresso addict who doesn’t like other caffeine beverages, there is no need to pay extra money for advanced functionality that offers to make other drinks. 
  • Advanced features. These are a timer, Wi-Fi connection, customization options, and other additional functionality. 


The number of different producers and models of coffee makers is surely impressive. The prices for various appliances also vary, starting from budget-friendly models to the most innovative coffee makers with a huge number of excellent functions and options. 

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