How to Use Instagram Live to Generate Leads

Instagram has become the most popular social media marketing platform as it surpasses Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.  The number of Instagram followers is increasing rapidly since Facebook-owned it. Around one billion active users are monthly visitors on Instagram. That is the reason why people are taking an interest in social media marketing on Instagram.

Although 25 million businesses have met with success using Instagram business marketing platform, the fashion & beauty industry got many advantages of Instagram.

You can learn a lot from these auto industries, how they have utilized this platform. And which tactics they used to succeed in optimizing their account.

Instagram is famous for its popular visual content. Images & videos are more powerful contents than any written content to drag the follower’s attention.

Instagram does not offer services to download photos & videos. Third-party services are reliable tools such as Instagram Photo downloader and Instagram video downloader.

Plan to Generate Leads on Instagram

Plan to Generate Leads on Instagram

It is not possible to generate leads on Instagram without any preplanning steps. You cannot succeed in any walk of life without planning. Here are some steps; you need to take for generating leads:

Avail Instagram Lead Generation Ads

Avail Instagram Lead Generation Ads

First, you need to create a Facebook page and an Instagram business profile before availing Instagram lead generation ads.

Now go to ad Manager to begin developing your ads. Then choose the marketing targets.

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Create Audience Similar to Facebook

Create Audience Similar to Facebook

Create an audience similar to Facebook, as it would be an effective step in optimizing your Instagram profile.

  1. Everyone who engaged with your Instagram profile
  2. Only those who visited your profile
  3. Only those who engage with your content or advertisments
  4. People who sent a report to your business profile
  5. Those who saved any of your posts or advertisments

Enhance Your Bio

Enhance Your Bio

To enhance your bio, you need to do simple three things:

  • Post an attractive Profile image
  • Create alluring Content
  • You need to post Link

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Get Engage With Your Audience

Get Engage With Your Audience

If you are keen to generate leads through Instagram, you need to get engaged with your audience. Here are some tactics to engage with your audience:

  • Post emojis
  • Share relevant photos
  • Reply with a funny GIF (available in stories only)
  • Type a follow-up question

Post-User-Generated Content

Post-User-Generated Content

Posting user-generated content on your account is a tricky way to win social proof. Most of the people give value to the opinion of other people on any brand.

However, you need to share a cluster of user-generated content to optimize the value of your brand.

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Go Instagram Live

Your followers wait for your response to living on their mobile phone, so you must keep in touch with your content posted on Instagram. Keep updating about your brand/industry by following the ways as mentioned below:

  • Share Big announcements
  • Update New product teasers
  • Sneak Peeks
  • Social Contests
  • Be ready for live Q&A

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Post Instagram Stories

For generating leads through Instagram, you should post interesting creative stories. Stories play an active role in getting engage the followers. They stay for a long time on your post for reading the stories.


For using Instagram to generate a lead, don’t forget to take some planned steps. Otherwise, you may fail in achieving your goal.

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