Things NOT to do after a work injury in Cedar Rapids

An unfortunate work injury in Cedar Rapids can leave you grappling with many things at once. While you would expect to get the workers’ compensation benefits soon, that may not happen. You should understand that these benefits are paid by the insurance company and not the employer. As such, you have to be careful when dealing with the claims adjuster, and it is best to engage a Cedar Rapids workers’ comp lawyer to understand the process better. Here are some things you should NOT do after a work injury.

Evading your duty

Just as your employer is required to pay for workers’ compensation insurance, you must inform the employer of your work injury within 90 days. If you fail to do so, your claim could be in jeopardy. Check with your lawyer how you can do that by adhering to the norms.

Finding your doctor

The insurance carrier has the right to choose the medical care you get, and you are expected to comply. If you find that the location is unreasonably far or you are not happy with the doctor, you can file a Petition for Alternate Medical Care. However, you should not skip seeing the doctor assigned by the insurance company.

Posting on your social media

Your work injury is not something to be discussed on social media. The insurance company will do all that it takes to deny or delay your claim, and therefore, anything that you do can go against you. It may seem small, but do not post anything related to the injury or your condition on your social handles.

Not following medical directions

After the initial review, your doctor will share notes and recommendations that you are expected to follow. If you don’t follow the medical directions or do something that you have been advised again, you may end up in a soup with your claim.

Not keeping an accident file

You are expected to keep an accident file, even if your lawyer has all the details. From your medical bills and treatment expenses to the work notes shared by the doctor and other losses that you have endured, you need to have complete records. Your lawyer may want to get some details later, and it is best to be prepared.

Final word

Check online to find a reliable and known workers’ compensation lawyer for your claim, and for most cases, there is no upfront fee.

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