Benefits of Using Red Light Therapy After Microneedling

Combining certain skin treatments with another is a scary attempt as it could lead to dangerous results that would later affect your skin. However, among all else, one combination of skin treatments that you can rest easy knowing is safe is combining micro needling with red light therapy.

Combining micro-needling with red light therapy will improve your skin texture, complexion, and pigmentations. Red light helps the skin reduce signs of pigmentation issues, scarring, and acne marks. Meanwhile, micro-needling helps deep clean your skin and prevents sagging and wrinkles.

Go through this blog post to learn more about red light therapy’s benefits after microneedling. Stick till the end to find out if this combination is for you.

Benefits of Using Red Light Therapy After Microneedling

Microneedling and red light therapy are both non-invasive, non-toxic, and safe treatments that target multiple skin problems together. When combined, they can do wonders for the skin.

We have mentioned some of the possible benefits one could expect to see from combining these treatments. Go through this section down below to find out –

Improved Skin Tones

Enhancing your skin tones can visibly improve the quality of your skin and ensure you look youthful and glowing. Upon using red light therapy after micro-needling, you will evidently be able to notice all the different changes in your complexion.

Microneedling will help clear your skin from a deeper level that causes bacterial growth, acne, and scars. Getting red light therapy right after micro-needling will help the skin calm down and appear healthy, glowing, and free from scars and marks.

Since it creates minor bleeding on the surface of the skin while it is already fragile, getting red light therapy right after can make good use of your skin’s condition. Getting red light therapy right after micro-needling can help boost collagen production. As a result, your skin will reveal a fresh, clean, and clear complexion.

Red light therapy will help control the bleeding and ensure the absorption of the serums applied are well absorbed through the skin. This light therapy helps the skin deal with all sorts of issues, such as wrinkling and sculpting; meanwhile, micro-needling helps maintain firmness when paired together.

However, knowing more about where you’re getting it done is crucial because some aestheticians don’t approve of combining micro-needling with red light therapy.

Reduced Skin Inflammation

Microneedling creates microscopic punctures over your skin that promote collagen production. However, as a result, you may be facing skin inflammation and redness all over. This is where taking red light therapy comes in handy the most.

Combining micro-needling with red light therapy can help ensure you get the best of both worlds. Your skin can heal from the inside out, while the inflammation, swelling, and redness can be toned down with the help of red light therapy.

Red light can penetrate through several layers deep into the skin, initiate cell regeneration, and produce more energy. This helps the cells work and function better to repair the damaged cells and ensure they are even toned and healthy.

Combining micro-needling with led light therapy ensures controlled skin damage that is properly and correctly taken care of. Red light therapy plays a significant role in amplifying micro-needling effects. This will help the skin calm down and prevent slowing down the process of swelling and bruising on the face.

Reduces Scars And Hyperpigmentation

The microscopic puncture caused to the skin surface will cause the hyperpigmentation underneath the skin surface to also puncture. Therefore, the part of the skin that has pigmentation will also suffer from punctures. In contrast, microneedling should be enough to reduce the visible appearance of hyperpigmentation.

It should also help with scars and bruises on the skin. However, getting red light therapy right after microneedling will ensure maximized effects and results of both procedures combined together.

With the combination of microneedling and red light therapy, you should be able to notice significant changes in your hyperpigmentation over a few sessions only. Hyperpigmentations aren’t the only problem that can be targeted with the help of combining both these treatments.

You can also notice changes in stretch marks, suture marks, cuts, and scarrings too. This combination of treatments will target multiple skin problems at once and helps reduce their signs visibly.

After a couple of treatment sessions, you will see an improved appearance of the skin, such as feeling supple, glowing, even-toned, and with reduced signs of aging. Red light therapy post microneedling will also help reduce sunburns and acne marks.

Bottom Line

There are so many skin treatments available in the market that it gets really scary choosing the right treatment for you. Choosing the right and appropriate treatment for your skin is extremely important and could severely impact the appearance of your skin.

However, you could always rely on getting microneedling done with red light therapy. Not only is it safe, but it is also highly beneficial for the appearance of your skin.

You will notice the changes in your skin with how bright, glowing, and refreshing it appears. Some benefits of red light therapy after microneedling include reducing visible signs of aging, pigmentation, and wrinkles.

However, you must thoroughly research properly to ensure it is the right and safe procedure for your safety.

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