Designing Airsoft Patches for Your Team

7 Tips for Designing Airsoft Patches for Your Team

Designing airsoft patches for your team requires inspiration, attention, and goals. Airsoft patches represent your team logos, goals, collective mission, and several other messages. For me, designing a comfortable artwork can better represent a team’s thoughts, feelings, and vision.  I’ve mentioned the top 7 work-worthy tips that will help you reach the best airsoft patch. 

Uniting your team through identity

Airsoft is a dynamic tactile sport that uses attractive patches on the team’s t-shirt, hats, and pants. I recommend Enhancing the team spirit in airsoft with distinctive patches from Patches4Less airsoft patches, adorning your team’s t-shirts, hats, and pants for a dynamic and visually appealing touch to the sport. Moreover, you can also display specific symbols that connect you with your club and pictures from the battleground can also enhance the grace of the custom patches.  

The right patch type and material matters

Next, you have to select the type of material for patch. There are three popular patches: embroidered, PVC, and woven patches. Embroidered patches are versatile, durable, budget-friendly, and available in contrasting designs. PVC patches are more soft and give a 3-D outlook to your patch. They are made up of polyvinyl chloride. It looks like a rubber patch. Woven patches give a classic look to your attire. They are best for outdoor adventures and competitions. 

Aesthetic simplicity for effective communication

Always keep the patch simpler and more vivid. Custom patch design should include contrasting colors, bold lines, and clear images. You cannot add everything on a 3″ or 4″ patch. The more you add items the more it gets complicated. Patches speak in place of you. So, for effective communication, it is better to adopt aesthetic simplicity. 

Personalization builds team bond

Personalization enhances proximity among team members. I’m an airsoft player and my achievements matter for me. Individual touches on the patch like one’s picture, achievements, awards, and rankings on the patches reveal a unified identity. Thus, team members can have a strong bond with each other. 

Strategic patch placement

Patch placement surely matters. It all depends upon the customization of patches. Some patches are customized in large sizes like a team’s collective picture or a player’s achievement in large photo size. These types of patches are placed on the back of the shirt. However, small-size patches are easy to place on hats, vests, or other parts of uniforms. The best patch placement improves the aesthetic look of the airsoft uniform.

Collaboration with expert patch manufacturers

Patches should be unique in design and durable for longer usage. So, never compromise on patch manufacturers. Always choose skilled and experienced manufacturers. However, if you are hiring any new manufacturer, it is better to check out their work portfolio. Manufacturer’s work quality is revealed through customer feedback and high-quality production.   

Quality control and feedback

Whether you place an order for a few patches or in bulk, never skip the quality control option. As a patch user, I’m strict about the quality of the patches. You should reject patches that are not up to the mark based on design, font, and clarity. 

The best way to place an authentic order is to check the sample patch first. If your team members like the final design, material, and outlook of the patch, then move to the final product order.  After the team member’s feedback and suggestion on a sample airsoft patch, it is recommended to place a mass order.  

How to get custom airsoft patches for your team?

Airsoft patch manufacturing is not limited to the patch type selection or material. I suggest choosing attractive colors that represent your club or team. Add logos and the title of your team. Your best designs and artwork on the patches may fail due to poor manufacturing. Keep the initial patch production under your control. As a patch user, I get feedback from the team before finalizing a patch design. It helps me to come out with the dynamic, unique, airsoft patches.

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