Growth Tools for Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most popular and effective platform for business marketing where people can boost up their brands. Billions of people are daily visitors of social media around the world. Only in the US 70% of regular users visit social media platform. Millions of businesses are projecting their business through the use of social media.

If you want to develop your brand/company through the internet, you can upload your content in the form of stories, pictures, and videos. It will be helpful for you to drive more traffic on your post as well as to get Twitter followers.

Various social media platforms are providing services to people for displaying and flourishing their brands and companies. Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp and more social media business marketing platforms used by businesses, brands, and companies.

Social media marketing

It is also true that many users do not know the proper way of using these platforms. Some marketing tools help people driving more traffic on their site and growing business online. In this article, I will tell you about the most effective marketing tools and tips to operate them.


HootSuite is a magical tool, which offers users to manage their accounts on social media. As many companies and individual traders are using more than one social media marketing platform, it is troublesome for them to handle them all manually. HootSuite helps users protecting their password, profiles, and login information. It offers users to manage their content smoothly. It also secures users’ content in the cloud, and it helps people for maintaining a strong social media presence.


With the help of Buffer, the users of social media can easily upload their contents on their sites. They can smoothly publish their posts automatically according to the schedule of their posting. It offers the facility of posting events and allows 25 members to add from the team and work together.


It is the 3rd most effective tool for social media marketing, which offers brands/ companies and others to interact with customers effectively and efficiently. It is a helpful tool for brands/companies to keep in contact with customers. It also optimizes the engagement with followers on your posts and across their social channels, websites, communities, and mobile apps.

Sprout Social Sprout

Sprout social sprout is a management tool, which assists users to find real and authentic connections with followers. It provides faster and smarter services for communicating with followers. In this way, you can get more engagement on your site by quickly respond to the followers. This fantastic tool offers a free trial for 30 days.


It provides brands to work on social media smartly by using artificial intelligence to grasp the behavior of the audience. Through this tool, businesses and companies can grow their followers. The users can know about the demand of their customers, and they post on their accounts what their followers want.

Tagboard Tool

Tagboard is a live tool, which provides you information about your live posts, the followers of the post and engagement on it. Tagboard uses hashtags for finding and collecting public social media within a very short time. It provides quick notification from social media sites.


With the help of this social media marketing tool, you can manage your social accounts easily to promote your business. This is the most effective tool for developing a healthy relationship between brands and customers. This tool also helps you to schedule your posts in prior time. It helps users to manage and respond to customers on social media.

Social Oomph

This tool guides users of social media to automate a considerable number of tasks across social media business marketing platforms and even their blogs. There are many companies and individual owners of small as well as large businesses that use this tool for the promotion of their own business.

With the help of this tool, you can manage your Twitter account and get more Twitter followers.  This tool invites you to schedule blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn shares. You can grow your Twitter follower lists via helpful recommendations from Social Oomph. This tool offers you to recognize influential Twitter accounts via keyword search.

Post Planner

post planner has made it easy for social media users to find and sharing content consistently to get anticipated, considerable, and exceptional results on social media.

It has also made it easy for the users to share respective content with a single click of a button.  With the use of this particular tool, you can manage your feeds and check out rating about your posts.


Those who use Instagram and Pinterest can avail this wonderful social media marketing tool for visual marketing. They will discover content, schedule posts, monitor conversations, amplify their reach, and analyze results using Tailwind. This tool is good to use for saving time by applying hashtag lists and many more shortcuts. With the help of this tool users of social media can find real people by selecting appropriate hashtags.


Sprinklr is a helping tool for users. It helps them with social engagement, social advocacy, customer care, and social advertising.

Sprinklr provides insight for monitoring your competition, tracking audience engagement, marketing trends, and measuring sentiments. Sprinklr guide users in collecting report metrics from various channels to guide you search out the effectiveness of your content.


Followerwonk is an effective and beneficial tool in the list that you can exclusively use with Twitter. If you have a strong presence on Twitter and run campaigns on it, then this tool will prove undoubtedly beneficial for you. You can search for Key Features and connect with the right people to grow your brand.


Dear users of social media, all these tools mentioned above are wonderful. They help you in getting more engagement on your account and driving more traffic on your site. These tools will help you boost up your business on social media business marketing platform. If you are using Twitter, you can get more Twitter followers with the help of these tools.

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