Tips To Find New Potential Client Use Social Media

It has been really difficult for businesses in the past to really engage with their customers on a very personal level and the only way that they could ever find out what the customer was thinking was to pay an external company to do a market survey or they might have been able to ask customers when they visited the store.

This was a very ineffective way to reach out to customers but now that we have social media, it has totally transformed the business landscape. Customers will readily admit to checking their social media page multiple times a day and so this is the very place where you can get to know your customers.

A large percentage of customers allow social media to dictate their purchasing decisions but they also need a little bit of help from you as well. Social media is an excellent marketing tool and it has become even more prevalent over the past two years when the covid pandemic began.

If you haven’t discovered or explored Facebook then you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to improve upon your overall brand and to create a digital strategy that works. The following are just some of the things that you can do on social media to help build better relationships with your customers and to dramatically improve upon your brand.

Show them who you are:

In order for you to be able to create long-term and loyal customers, they need to be able to have a relationship with you and your brand consistency. This is why it is so important to let customers know that there are actually real people working behind the scenes and so it pays to post about simple things that your staff is doing every single day. You can tell customers about your plans for the day or month and so they can get to know you, your staff and your company a lot more closely. You should encourage your employees to share such things as birthdays or anniversaries as this helps to humanize your company and it makes your business more transparent.

Use humour:

Everyone loves to smile and laugh and it isn’t always best to be too serious for business-like when it comes to your enterprise. You have to get it right so make sure that you consider your audience and try to figure out what it is that they would find funny. You should take equal steps to find out what offends them and then create some kind of post that is comfortable for all and it is something that they will share with their friends and family. Customers always appreciate a business that shows its human side like where all the staff went on their extended vacation and as long as you maintain the same tone and voice as all the other communications that you have made then this is a very effective marketing tool.

You can use Facebook to share all of your interesting content and provide customers with relevant information that they can use.

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