As an ingredient that first came to life in the United States of America in the 20th century and then spread all across the world, the ever-so-popular mustard has grown to become one of the most important condiments for certain food items.  Popularly used in hotdogs, burgers, and sandwiches, mustard for some reason remains confined to only a few dishes, despite having several other uses. The most common types of mustard used worldwide are Dijon mustard, yellow or American mustard, whole grain mustard, and honey mustard.

So, whether it is the Dijon mustard or the standard bright yellow mustard, all kinds of mustard have the ability to highlight many dishes.  With its spicy, pungent taste it is able to enhance food very well and is a great substitute for fattening products like mayonnaise, sugary ketchup or butter. It is known to aid in digestion and speed up the body’s metabolism.

Here are a few of the best ways to use the creamy, hot and extremely sharp flavors of mustard:

Salad Dressings

Creating a mustard vinaigrette is one of the best ways to use up the mustard lying around in your kitchen. Lettuce salads, egg or chicken salads, simple potato salads or even grain salads can get a brilliant tangy touch with some mustard

Dipping Sauce

Using mustard as a dipping sauce is one of the best ways to stop some regular meals from being monotonous and add a nice twist to them. From products as simple as pretzels, chicken, and pork to fancy nuggets or chips, using it as a dipping sauce is a great way to spice up your routine food.


Mustard lying around in your kitchen can also be put to efficient use by using it to spice up your regular stir-fry. It can be a nice variant to the regular chilly or schezwan sauces that you use and can add a great flavor to dull vegetables and turn out to be a very healthy meal.


Glazing is not specific to just Christmas or Easter. All you have to do is simply add just a little maple syrup to any mustard and you’ll have a fine mustard-brown sugar glaze. You can use it for salmon, potatoes, baked chicken wings, tenders, restaurant food supply and even for roasting vegetables.


A tad of herby mustard being rubbed right before roasting can help create a delicious, crunchy crust for pork loin, a turkey breast or a leg of lamb. It can add a spicy flavor to your usual pork or lamb. The mustard tends to tenderize any meat, especially chicken. On one hand, it provides you heat and on the other, it tenderizes it. This gives a fine, mouth-watering result on both fronts.

Whisking Honey Mustard

Just putting together some really simple ingredients like honey, vinegar, salt and vegetable oil along with yellow or grainy mustards, will make you end up with the perfect topping for salads or romaine. It can also be used to enhance your buttery chicken fingers.

Creamy Dips

Coming two delicious ingredients like mustards and mayonnaise can give you a yummy creamy dip or even a fancy dip like creamy parmesan dips with jalapenos or other spices. These can be used with chips, artichokes or crudités.

Devilled Eggs

Putting together some mayonnaise along with paprika, salt, and some Dijon mustards can create a very tasty filling for devilled eggs that can be enjoyed as a scrumptious breakfast or meal with or without a specific occasion.

Spicing up your dull potatoes

Scalloped potatoes with a brilliant combination of cheddar cheese and onions with dollops of Dijon mustard are the perfect food for any mood. It gives you a break from your standard boiled potatoes and gives you the chance to relish some tangy goodness.

Lamb & Chicken Variations

Gamey meat requires strong flavors to be consumed with it for the best possible taste, which makes whole grain mustard the best option for it. Lamb Chops with Mustard Sauce, Roasted Tomatoes & Pearl Couscous makes for an impressive dish for a fancy dinner. Using mustard as a baking sauce takes skinless chicken thighs to the next level. It provides a very tasty variant to chicken, even eliminating the need for marination. If you wish to marinate the chicken, you can use the mustard sauce for it and then grill it over a steaming barbecue.


Commonly consumed fish like tuna and salmon can be relished with a great mustards crust.  Before searing, it can be spread onto salmon fillets and then enjoyed as a tasty dish.

Sausage Fest

The perfect solution for a lazy, ‘I don’t want to cook much’ day some ever-so tasty sausages served along with some sharp, tangy mustards can give the perfectly glazed chicken sausages.

Barbecue Sauce

Carolina Mustard Barbecue Sauce is a popular recipe widely used everywhere. It is very tasty and is often poured over grilled chicken or pork.

Mustard Pan Sauce

The brown bits at the bottom of a pan called Fond, that are leftover after you sauté chicken breasts or after you sear steaks can be used to quickly whip up a great mustard-based recipe. Instead of simply throwing away the fond, adding a splash of red or white wine to it along with a big dollop of mustard can create a very tasty sauce which is called the pan sauce. This useful recipe can accompany your chicken or meat once in a while as a kind of variant to what you usually eat.

Hence, as you can see in the ways listed above, the mustard sauce has a plethora of uses. You can buy bulk honey mustard for all your needs. There’s no reason why after the summer season of hotdogs and sandwiches and burgers, your mustard bottle needs to be cooped up into your refrigerator. Using the various tips given above, you can use mustard almost all year round, and add a fun twist to your usual food items and restaurant food supply.

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