Wedding Giveaways eatable collection

Weddings although happen for you many times in a lifetime but for sure are the best occasions to enjoy. Weddings with them bring lots of responsibilities such as, getting married in a court is very easy, but if you’re planning on doing the whole wedding then it involves Flowers decoration, caterers, lots of food, but the most important part of everything that you do in a wedding is a wedding giveaway. Without a wedding giveaway, your wedding giveaway would be incomplete. Suppose if you were doing a court marriage then you can send cake and flowers to Bangalore to invite your guests to the wedding party if you are hosting any. 

Now comes the most tricky part that when you are inviting people for a wedding is that everything should fall into line that is on your wedding day everything should be perfect like the caterers should be available there should be a place for your guests to stay in a hotel. So when you are inviting them to send cake and flowers to Bangalore as an invitation. But if you are giving a giveaway apart from these invitations as well then you need to be sorted so as to what to give the people who are coming to your wedding or reception. And that is exactly why I have brought for you all a collection of eatables that you can give as a gift hamper to all your guests. It’s important to honor the people who have traveled miles for just you. Use an online cake & flowers delivery in gurgaon to order all the eatables in bulk. 

1) Mini Cakes

Mini Cakes

Nowadays there is a new way of making cakes. And that is in the form of mini cakes. Mini cakes are smaller versions of large cakes, they can be either made in smaller sizes or they could be cut into smaller pieces from larger cakes. 

2) Donuts 


Donuts are one of the best giveaways possible. They can be made in bulk at home or can be ordered online at home. So you can buy them in bulk and then give it to the people as a beautiful present for being there at your wedding. Buy a bouquet online of donuts for those who were not able to make it up to your wedding. In fact, you can get them made in different kinds of shapes that not only children but your friends would love to eat.  

3) A Basket of Muffins 

A Basket of Muffins

Who doesn’t love to eat sweets? And it becomes more amazing when it comes to you in the form of a wedding return gift. Flower bouquet delivery is available so you can use muffins to fill in the spaces left between and make it a proper bouquet to give to your loved ones. 

4) Gift Hampers 

Gift Hampers

Gift hampers are a combination of various gifts that are combined together. They include everything and anything you want to add. You can add all the eatables and give it to your loved ones as a giveaway of your love and also to show gratitude. Suppose if you are getting married nearby Valentine’s Day then you can add Valentine’s Day roses with the gift hampers to make it more suitable for the wedding. An edible gift hamper includes muffins, chocolate, donuts, cookies, etc. 

5) Home Made Chocolates

Home Made Chocolates

One of the easiest things in this would be made is a bar of chocolate. All you have to do is buy cocoa nibs online in bulk and roast them and then grind them in a food processor until they are properly mixed and the nibs have turned into a liquid. Now you can accordingly add either sugar or any other sweetening substances.  These chocolates don’t have to wait until your wedding. You can give it to your partner as a Valentine’s Day bouquet made up of chocolates. 

6) A jar of Cookies 

A jar of Cookies

We all love eating cookies with warm milk during the winter season. So suppose if you are getting married during winter season then you can give away your guests a jar of Choco chip cookies, gingerbread, dark chocolate and many more. And don’t worry you don’t have to bake them you can contact a local bakery to supplement these cookies to your loved ones and also for those who couldn’t attend your wedding. If it’s your birthday then give it as a return birthday gift to your partner with some birthday roses or if possible you are getting married on your birthday. 

7) Croissant 


Croissant is one of the best forms of dough-based pastry. It can be easily bought online and offline. And one of the best things is that they can be made out of frozen pie shells by adding any kind of fillings such as chocolates, jams, etc. Or you can call a bakery near you to make these amazing croissants for you. Suppose if you are getting married on your birthday then you can give these to your wife as the start of your marriage with a birthday flower bouquet or if you want you can make a bouquet of croissants. 

8) Pastries 


Pastries are of two kinds- bread-based and dough-based. So you can give your loved ones a basket of pastries from your local and famous bakeries. But make sure that they bake it fresh and avoid a last-minute hustle-bustle. These pastries can be wrapped up in beautiful baskets and then packed in beautiful boxes ready to be taken home. 

9) Tea Cakes 

Tea Cakes

Teacakes are less sweet than the frosting cakes we usually eat, primarily because tea cakes are to be eaten with tea and they hardly have any icing. Most of them are bread-based cakes. So you can order these cakes from a bakery whose products you have tasted and know that they won’t fool you. Buy a cake bouquet online or decorate cakes at home using natural flowers. 

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