Best 6 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO

Optimizing a blog post can be taken care of by an SEO agency or even a digital marketing agency is known to offer the Best SEO services. While a blog can be used for simply expressing your thoughts and feelings, your viewpoints and perspectives about a variety of topics, it is also used as a very effective marketing tool. 

But for a blog to achieve its complete potential, its posts should be seen by as many target audiences as possible. 

So, the posts should be optimized, keeping in mind that the best result can be obtained by showing up in the first few results pages of a search engine. A higher rank is a sign of the success of your post.

Research Is Important

For SEO, researching for the most useful keywords is very important. When you know what the consumers are looking for, you can easily include it in your post on the digital publication sites such as doe. If your posts are relevant, these are probably already a part of your post, but to ensure that you do not miss out on some of the valuable ones, research is essential. You can avail of several tools that are designed specifically for this and even lookup the competitor websites to know the keywords they are using.

List of The Best Long tail keyword Research Tool

Here are few best long-tail keywords search tools that anyone can use to search the best long tail keywords opportunities to write their effective Blog post.

  • HubSpot Content Strategy Tool
  • Answer the Public
  • SEMrush
  • KWFinder
  • Keyword Tool Dominator
  • WordTracker
  • UberSuggest
  • LongTailPro
  • SEcocpkit
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Google Trends

What is the long-tail keyword? How is it different from short-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords generally consist of more than 2 terms, and short-tail keywords include 1 or 2 terms usually.

Long Tail keyword Example: How to download Instagram video on iPhone 6?
Short Tail keyword Example: Buy iphone6

Make Good Use of Keywords

Make Good Use of Keywords

Once the keywords have been identified, use them in your post, but remember not to overdo it. Use them only where they add value; keyword stuffing is not welcomed by any search engine. Additionally, readers could lose interest if they are exposed to repetitive content or words. You can include them in the title, headings, introduction, conclusion and tags, and description. You can create links to your website and other relevant posts through the keywords as well.

Always make sure to use longtail keywords along with Focus keywords in a proper way. Don’t Stuff your article with keywords. Keywords Stuffing is one of the worst content optimization strategies For SERP manipulation. Create your content around your user’s search intent. Seach intent will provide you a way to write a quality article. Well written content must provide a solution to the reader’s problem.

Give the highest preference to users’ intent except for Search engine. we are writing for our users not for Bots to the ranking purposes. if we meet the standards to provide sufficient knowledge to our reader, The Search engine ( Google )will automatically rank that piece of content.

Use Images for Optimization

Use Images for Optimization - SEO optimization

Images add a lot of value to your blog post, but they aren’t essential. When you include images in your blog post, keep in mind the importance of relevance and connection with your readers.

Infographics are also very popular for presenting complicated information in a simplified manner. Avoid using random images that are beautiful by themselves but are totally unrelated to the subject. 

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To optimize the images, you can use the keywords by adding them to the description as well as the file name of the same. 

Create Links to References

The blog posts can often be made authentic and reliable by adding references to posts by other authors and sharing validated information from other authoritative websites. 

Whenever you do so, do not forget to give due credit. A good way of showing gratitude is to provide a link to their post or website in your blog. In exchange, you could be lucky enough to receive a link from them. Links coming from valuable influencers and authoritative websites are very important to achieve a good rank in SERPs.

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Grow the Number of Subscribers

Grow the Number of Subscribers - youtube seo

When you have a certain number of subscribers, you can be assured of your post reaching a minimum number of people. 

Through them, it could reach many more. Strategic placement of CTA buttons encouraging the visitors and readers to like, share and subscribe to your blog is important. 

The readers will also be more interested in subscribing to the post if they see relevant content being posted consistently. When they subscribe, they will automatically be notified and ensure traffic to your post. 

Employ the Power of Social Media

Employ the Power of Social Media - SEO

Several social medial platforms can be used to improve your SEO rank. Whenever you have a new blog post, share the link on all your social media pages. 

This will allow it to potentially reach all your friends and followers. If they like the post, they also might share it on their respective pages. 

This snowballing effect could help you most reach more people and potentially prove rewarding for your business.

Mistakes That Must Be Avoided while doing a Blog SEO

A blog is a powerful tool and must be used carefully. You must avoid making serious errors like keyword stuffing, providing bad links or links to unrelated pages. 

The language of your posts is also important. It must address your target group in the kind of language they are comfortable with. 

If you are targeting members of the same industry as you, using technical words and terminology is acceptable. 

If you are addressing others outside this niche, you must ensure that the content is easily understood by all.

If you really want your blog to help in improving your rank on the SERPs of various search engines, follow the suggestions above and avoid any of the common errors. 

Your blog has the potential to reach a lot of readers and impact your business positively. Post regularly and sincerely for your readers. 

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