Free Backlink Checker Tool: Guide on How to Check Backlinks [2021]

In search engine optimization (SEO), backlinks’ role is crucial to enhance the organic traffic to a website. The external sites leave links on your web pages that can make your content more authorized. Your site’s readers take the quality backlinks as a vote of confidence for your domain’s information.

You must employ a backlink tracker to check out the quality or standard of the backlinks present on your website. Not all the backlinks can help you get a high rank from search engines.  There may be some bad or low-quality backlinks on your site, which will cause a bad anchor list, low traffic, or under penalties by search engines. So, you must take a regular audit of your webpages using the best backlink analyzer tools. Let’s have a look at the different natures of backlinks.

Two major types of backlinks:

There are two main types of backlinks written as 

  • Outbound links
  • Inbound links

Let’s discuss both types briefly.

Outbound links:

There are a vast number of domains on the internet that are linked with many hyperlinks. The outbound links will enable a user to go to another site from your site. These links are more critical in the onsite improving procedure of search engine optimization. 

Inbound Links:

The inbound links can bring a user to your webpage from another website. These kinds of backlinks are the essential component of search engine optimization. Google will make the website more authentic, which contains more high-quality and useful inbound links. An inbound link checker can easily search the inbound links if you enter the URL of your site in the given space. 

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There are advantages and disadvantages of backlinks on the sites, so let’s look at both aspects.

Pros and cons of backlinks on your site:


  • These links can assist you in optimizing the ranking of your domain.
  • High-quality backlinks will let you enjoy more organic traffic to your webpages. 
  • It is easy to generate countless backlinks for your site speedily without any hassle.


  • Google will punish or rank you low because of wrong or poor-quality backlinks on your website. 
  • You may take it hard to search authentic and relevant websites for the sake of good quality backlinks. 

You have to consider some online tools that can assist you in examining your website carefully. Let’s see how to bring them to use. 

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How to work with a backlink counter?

It is useless to access a tool and work with it without knowing how to use it properly. So, you must consider the given essential steps when you check backlinks for your website.

  • There are many online backlink checker tools on the internet, but the main struggle is to access the best one.
  • You have to enter the URL of a specific site in the provided text box.
  • Once you have uploaded the required URL successfully, click on the “Check my backlinks” button.
  • Then leave the rest of the matter on the tool you are working with and sit back to get instant results.

The best backlink checker can effectively facilitate its users, so we must talk about its key features. 

Benefits provided by the backlink analyzer tools:

You can enjoy the following features:

  • These tools will enable you to track and discover those sites which are pointing you and giving backlinks.
  • They can easily take a proper audit of your site to analyze the quality of backlinks.
  • The best backlink checker will research and point out the best content from your website.
  • These engines may also point to the pages or keywords that bring more links to your site.
  • They will search for the most useful backlinks found on your competitor’s website. So, you may take an idea and follow the same pattern to get similar ranks. 

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You may find various backlink trackers over the internet, but we will discuss the more useful tools here. Let’s name some of them. 

Suggested the powerful online backlink analyzer tools: 

Backlink checker by SearchEngineReports:

You can use this free backlink checker to stay updated about all the new upcoming links on your site. It will ask you to enter the required website’s valid address to check for backlink analysis. Once you have entered the URL of your site or your competitor’s website successfully, you need to click on the “check backlinks” icon. It will enable you to improve your content quality by pointing out good and bad backlinks on the site. 

Backlink checker by SmallSEOTools:

It can carry out a proper analysis of your website without asking you to pay even a little amount. You will upload a specific website’s address in its provided area and press the “check my backlinks” icon. It determines to show you a detailed backlink report so that you may easily remove bad-quality backlinks from your webpages. You can find out the nature of backlinks that are either follow or no follow links using advanced options. It will offer you to check the rating of the website that links you back. 

Moz Pro:

Its Link Explorer tool will show you a detailed link profile of your domain. This quality committed tool permits you to compare it with the profiles of a maximum of 4 competitors. You can guess without any hurdle that what your competitors do differently from you. It can let you know the lost, deleted or removed backlinks on your webpages. You will pay $99 for a month after a free trial of 30 days. Its paid tool can let you have full access to its powerful options.


This backlink checker will also help you to examine your website like other tools do so. It can let you download 1000 links per site after signing in to its page. You will quickly filter the backlinks to find out whether these are nofollow or dofollow links. This free tool demands you create an account and sign in to use all its features without any hassle.  It is useful for those users who can’t afford an expensive backlink tracker tool.  

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